Why Your Brand Fails with its SEO Strategies and How to Fix Them

Why Your Brand Fails with its SEO Strategies and How to Fix Them

Search engine optimization is the best way to get organic traffic to your website. Many companies invest a huge amount in their SEO strategies and campaigns to increase their sales and popularity. SEO is a consistent method to get better ranking on search engines. To develop an effective SEO strategy, you need to know about the SEO world completely. Right from basics, tactics, types, and methods to the new trends in the market, you need to have deep knowledge about the field to succeed. But, companies often ignore this criterion and appoint inept staff to manage their SEO campaigns that can lead to a disaster.

There are many small businesses, which are doing many things to make their SEO strategies work but are failing at it miserably. With the availability of information from the internet, companies try various things to improve their strategy. But, what they do not know is that SEO has various aspects to be considered. Every tactic has a procedure and methodology that needs to be followed to succeed. Though you might be doing your best to make your SEO strategies work, there might be many reasons why your SEO tactics are failing.

Why Your Brand Fails with its SEO Strategies and How to Fix Them

Here are the most common mistakes Why Your Brand Fails with its SEO Strategies and How to Fix Them

1. Poor Quality and Low Quantity of Content

Content is the master of SEO strategies. There is no SEO without content. The most common and major mistake you would be doing is posting quality content in less quantity or poor-quality content in high quantity. Content quality and quantity go in parallel. You can find websites that post quite a lot of posts per day, but the quality of their blogs is very poor and useless. On the other end, there are websites that provide users with high-quality content, but the frequency of their articles is very less. In both the cases, users bounce to other websites that provide better content than your website. The only solution to this problem is to improve the quality of the present content of your website and make sure that you publish quality content regularly to keep your users engaged. Make sure that your internal linking is proper and the landing page is working.

2. Poor User Experience

There could be a time when you get good traffic to your website, but your sale rate is really low. This can be because of poor user experience. No matter how strong your SEO strategies are, the poor user experience can make everything go in vain. User engagement can give you an insight into your site’s user experience. Don’t let your statistics of user experience affect your search engine ranking.

3. Wrong Choice of Keywords

Keywords are the key to target audiences and get organic traffic for your website. The most common mistake that companies make is that they only focus on the present volume of the keyword. There are many other factors like competition and CPC that are to be considered while choosing the right keyword. Using the wrong keyword is wastage of resources. There is no point in producing high-quality content with wrong keywords.

Spamming the content with too many keywords can also be disastrous. Google considers such practices as low-quality tactics. You can overcome this by choosing keywords that are relevant to your content and considering high volume, low CPC, and low competition keywords to rank your content. If you do not know how to choose keywords for your content, you can take help from an SEO company in Hyderabad, Delhi or Bangalore.

4. Forgetting Website Optimisation

Another mistake you might be making could be forgetting to optimize your website. Optimising your website for search is very important. Many companies just post their content and do not focus on optimizing their content on-site. The title of the search results and the meta description are the two things that people get to see even before entering your website.

Users have a list of options when they search for something but you don’t. Your title and meta tags should be unique to grab the user’s attention. You can optimize your site with an interesting caption or a picture. You can also embed a video or picture with the link. Do not forget to optimize your page for mobile phones. Especially for e-commerce websites, eCommerce SEO demands regular optimization of the site for both desktop and mobile.

5. Slow Page Loading

Slow loading pages annoy the users. With the introduction of high-speed data, users expect web pages to load quickly to get access to the content faster. Fast loading is an important part of Google’s page ranking algorithm. Especially for an e-commerce website, if your product details do not load quickly, the user might go to another website to buy the product. Whether it is for normal SEO or eCommerce SEO, your page should be well optimized. To solve this issue, choose the right hosting and sufficient RAM for your website resources. Make sure that your landing page loads as quickly as possible.

If you want your website to rank well on the search engines, you need to have at least basic knowledge about search engine optimization. Taking the responsibility of SEO strategies into your hands when you do not have any idea about the subject can be risky. It can have adverse effects on your brand. If you are new to the business and are not aware of methods to utilize SEO, it will be better if you appoint an external agency to look after SEO for your website. You can hire an SEO company in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore or any other major city in India to get the best services. Outsourcing your company’s SEO functions will let you focus on other aspects of your business.

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