4 Social Media Content Types You Should Use to Wow Your Audience and Drive Engagement

4 Social Media Content Types You Should Use to Wow Your Audience and Drive Engagement

It takes more than posting photos to your social media feeds to engage your audiences. In this article we share 4 Social Media Content Types You Should Use to Wow Your Audience and Drive Engagement

After all, every other brand, user, and influencer on social media does that. 

If you share the same old types of social media content, your brand can easily get drowned out in the noise. 

You’ll miss opportunities to drive engagement. 

One effective approach is to post various social media content pieces. 

Creating engaging visual content on social media, from compelling videos to User-Generated Content (UGC), can keep your feed eye-catching and interesting to audiences. 

It can support your efforts to connect with and engage potential customers on social media. 

Continue reading to learn the four social media content types to include in your audience engagement initiatives. 

1. Videos

Videos are excellent content types to engage social media audiences because they can be more interactive than text-based posts. 

Videos are easier to consume than other content types since their format allows you to throw in many creative elements. 

Also, you can convey your message better with videos than static images and other visuals. 

Create various videos based on your social media platform, target audiences, and content and marketing strategy

Include social media videos such as:

  • Live Videos

Live streaming on Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook can help you connect with your audiences better and widen your reach.

Leverage live videos to interact with your audience, launch products, host events, or answer questions from your followers. 

For instance, you can host Instagram Live videos to introduce your new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product, such as robust UX design software, and answer some questions from the people watching. 

  • Behind the Scenes (BTS)

4 Social Media Content Types You Should Use to Wow Your Audience and Drive Engagement

Give your social media audiences a peek into your company’s inner workings by sharing BTS videos.

It’s an excellent way to humanize your brand, connect with your audience, and boost engagement. 

The short BTS video from bespoke furniture company Lightoaks Workshop gives a sneak peek into the brand’s wood polishing process. 

  • Tutorials

Sharing how-to and tutorial videos on social media can show current and potential customers the best way to use your products or services. 

Tutorial videos can help you engage your audience with useful content while promoting your products and services. 

Remember to include compelling descriptions in your social media videos. Follow reliable content writing tips to nail your message and captions. 

Whether you’re selling products and services or providing useful information, leverage your videos and social media content to build trust with your audience and website visitors. 

You can also learn from tips on how to boost your readers and web page visitors trust.

2. Photos and Images

When used strategically, images can amplify your audience engagement efforts on social media. 

Stunning and creative images can draw more eyeballs to your social feeds and, in turn, your brand. These can give you more opportunities to interact with and engage your followers. 

Captivating social media photos can reinforce your content’s message and offer, making them more enticing to potential customers. 

Learn from these quick tips to create and share engaging social media photos and images. 

  • Keep Your Text to a Minimum

Text overlays are great for getting your message across while keeping your audiences’ focus on your image. 

However, avoid going crazy with the text, or it could overcrowd or drown out your image. Stick to a minimum number of words and use eye-catching but not distracting fonts and colors. 

The Instagram Story image from beauty brand Laneige is a classic example.  

Social Media Content Types

  • Use High-quality photos

You don’t need to be a professional photographer to get beautiful pictures for social media. 

Leverage royalty-free stock photos and use free photo editing apps to turn your images into works of art. 

Additionally, use graphic design tools with professional templates you can easily customize to create your social media images and other visual content. 


Include your social media photos and images in your content tracking strategy. It can help you track and analyze their effectiveness in driving engagement.

3. User Generated Content (UGC)

UGC is any original, brand-related content created by a person (or another company) who isn’t officially part of your business. 

UGCs can be videos, images, reviews, and other content you can share on your social feeds (with proper permission and attribution). 

For instance, if you’re a SaaS company offering modern project workflow software, you could share TikTok videos from customers that show them using your app. 

The strategy allows you to leverage the UGC as a customer testimonial, which is always great for engagement.  

Add relevant hashtags to your shared UGCs, so more social media users can see the content. 

You can also use branded hashtags to help promote your brand while encouraging audiences to participate and share more UGCs. 

For example, clothing and accessories retailer Pull&Bear nails its UGC strategy. 

The brand hosted a giveaway that asked participants to share their OOTDs featuring the brand and include #pullandbearcommunity in the posts. 

Drive Engagement For Your Social Media Audience

The contest is an excellent tactic since it allows you to gain UGCs, promote your brand, and engage your audiences in one campaign.

4. Memes and GIFs

One of the best ways to connect with your audience better is to speak the languages of the internet: GIFs and memes. 

Include relatable memes and GIFs in your social media content strategy. 

SEOptimer’s Instagram feed has mastered the art of GIFs and memes by sharing relatable content like the one below.

Social Media Marketing

You can even leverage memes to entertain your audience and evoke emotions while conveying your message, offer, etc.

Plus, memes and GIFs are highly shareable, easy on the eyes, mobile-friendly, and most social media platforms support sharing and posting them. 

Your audiences are more likely to follow you and seek out your social media content, increasing your engagement opportunities. 

The strategy can do wonders for your audience engagement efforts—whether you are enticing people to buy SEO articles or simply adding fun to your followers’ day. 

Step Up Your Social Media Content Game

Take your social media content strategy to the next level by including various media, formats, and other visuals in your posts. 

Determine the best content types to leverage to drive audience engagement and boost your social media marketing initiatives. 

Take inspiration from the content types in this guide and include others that best fit your audience, brand, strategy, and social media platforms.  

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