5 Best High-Resolution Texture Sites

5 Best High-Resolution Texture Sites

Looking for high-resolution textures for your design projects? Check out these 5 Best High-Resolution Texture Sites.

When it comes to picking the essentials for a digital project, like textures, it’s crucial to have a personal list of the most valuable resources. 

There can be many types of textures: from some abstract visions with patterns to realistic ones reflecting nature or materials. Everything depends on your field of work, mostly saying that the actual photo-based textures would be more relevant for 3D artists, while textures of some materials (like plastic texture, added as a photo overlay) suit graphic designers’ projects more.

But there’s one thing, uniting the needs of every texture-seeker, it’s the high quality of a downloadable item. Without top-notch resolution, there’s no sense in adding this or that texture to your collection: the close-ups would be terrible, and any modifications wouldn’t be possible to make. Avoid these risks by checking out the top-selected websites, offering a great variety of textures! 


Claiming to be one of the largest scan libraries, Megascans offers tons of mind-blowing assets of the highest quality. The distributed files include textures and models, decals, brushes, and more odds & ends a designer might need. Thanks to the numerous scanning expeditions to the remotest biomes and ecoregions, capturing every slightest detail, you might enjoy the realistic resources for all kinds of work. 

Where should you start when visiting Megascans? Go to the Subscription Plans Panel to pick a suitable one for you. If you’re involved in teaching or studying, you can apply for free access on the same page. Moreover, you’re offered a free collection of assets to try out before making a final decision about joining the Megascans. But be sure to receive well-structured files, accessible via a clean website with a transparent navigation process. 



Patreon-driven project by Lennart Deme is a collection of more than 1,500 free textures and PBR assets. When choosing a downloaded file format, you can pick from 1K to 8 K resolution, JPEG, or PNG format. Browse through the categories, displaying patterns, materials, scenery, objects, plants, and more! This diversity of files is supported by the Creative Commons CC0 license, giving you the freedom to use your assets in personal and commercial projects. 

Lennart does all the work himself, constantly updating the library of products, so it keeps growing. If you’re willing to support the creator, you can subscribe to his Patreon, submit some donations via the “Buy a Coffee” button or spread the word by adding the credit to the used files. 



Here’s another subscription-based website full of creative materials for digital projects. It might be a 3D rendering, game design, animation, VFX, product rendering — you’ll find every required item to be applied to a creative process. No matter what software you use (4D, Maya, Max, Blender, Cinema 4D, and others), it wouldn’t affect the abundance of presented means.

That might be the case when using a subscription scheme isn’t convenient: no worries, you have a credit-involving plan to pay for resources you download. Just make sure you get the files you need: choose wisely as there is no refund policy. Dive into the free textures category first to have a distinct vision of a potential resource set. 

Poly Haven


It’s always challenging to discover a resource with free textures, being available in high-quality and a certain diversity as well. But every little bit counts, so meet the free public asset library Plus Haven, featuring HDRIs, models, and textures for rendering. The platform operates under of motto “the best assets that you can actually use.”

The latter category comes with more than 200 items, but that’s something. Besides, no smoke & mirrors here as every product is available at 8K and 16-bit resolution in PNG format. There exists an already-familiar CC0 licensing for personal and commercial projects. 



Having a pretty self-speaking name for a website, Textures gets the most traffic search for its high-quality assets. Speaking of textures, in particular, there are mostly construction sites & pavement materials, land in various seasonal options, metal, walls, and bricks, being united in a collection of over 100,000 images. Some of the named items come for free! 

This model of use won’t be new to you: subscription-based or credit-based website with resources covered by the CC0 licensing. Enjoy a badge of free elements, available without any subscription whatsoever, to understand your artistic needs better.

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