6 Effective Digital Marketing Trends to Use in 2022

6 Effective Digital Marketing Trends to Use in 2022

Thanks to the digital revolution, the marketing trends are fluctuating at a flabbergasting rate. However, where there was increased demand for unlimited flexibility, it nevertheless opened doors for more effective outreach to broader and more targeted audiences. In this article we share 6 Effective Digital Marketing Trends to Use in 2022.

But at the same time, it added certain limitations to the scope of marketing strategies. Now every campaign and trend tends to revolve around the changing behaviours of individuals and cultural shifts. This means the need for personalisation is more than ever before, with 2022 being no exception.

Keeping this into account, let’s have a look at some of the key trends that digital marketers around the globe are exploiting this year and how you can use them to level up your branding game!

1.  Use of No-Click Searches

Quite often, when you enter a specific keyword in the search engine, you must have noticed several snippets at the top of the page with a short paragraph following it.

These featured snippets, in most cases, consist of useful infographics or images that give you a brief (or even detailed) demonstration of your searched object or term.

This, of course, is a strategy used by Google and other search engines to provide convenience to users and keep them on their webpage instead. Then how can you use them to your advantage? Well, here comes the trick.

There are several ways to get your targeted audience to end up on your website, as long as you understand their pain-staking spots. That being said, you must create engaging titles that fully reflect the user’s intent, with snippets containing information that provides value.

Remember, you are dealing with your audience personally, where building trust is the first rule.

Once the trust is secured, the next step is to lead them to your website. You can do this by making a relevant how-to list that leaves the bottom points slightly unclear, something that compels them to click on the link to quench their thirst.

Since a no-click search already puts your content on display, all you need is a content strategy that ensures that they end up clicking on your title. An experienced copywriter is of great help here.

It’s one of the most critical tricks that digital marketers use today.

2.  Use of Explainer Videos

The use of explainer videos for marketing has been there for ages and remains an integral part of every brand’s marketing strategy. This is because of its highly flexible and compelling nature that continually evolves according to different trends and tastes.

In the past few years, the use of explainer videos has witnessed a massive surge in usage in marketing campaigns. 6 out of 10 people would watch a video rather than going through the text as per statistics. Moreover, it will make up for more than 82% of consumer traffic by the start of 2022.

Explainer videos can be in many forms as per their use and the tastes and interests of the targeted audience. For example, if a company is using it for explanatory purposes on a landing page, it will likely be an animation.

However, if the main motive is to create an entertaining piece that conveys the company’s narrative interestingly, a motion picture is the best option.

Explainer videos are highly engaging, easily understandable, and contain a clear call to action that is more apt to generate conversions if the backstory complements it.

Besides, they also help in developing maximum traffic due to their role in SEO optimisation.

Various established and start-up businesses hire professional animation and video production companies to help them craft effective video content.

So if you aren’t availing of it, you are missing out on a lot. Just for a fact check, the following statistics will help you understand why you should be using explainers in your online marketing:

Source: Instancy.com

  • 52% of consumers say that watching explainer videos help them make their decisions.
  • 70% of consumers share explainer videos after watching, which helps brand advertising by a considerable margin.
  • 72% of businesses have shown confidence in explainer videos and said it helped increase their conversion rates.

6 Effective Digital Marketing Trends to Use in 2022

3.  Inclusivity and Sustainability

If I tell you marketing and psychology are two interrelated subjects, it shouldn’t come as a shock. In fact, every marketer has to be partially a psychologist.

This is because studying the changing behaviours of potential customers plays a huge role in drawing leads into a company’s sales funnel.

How? The answer’s more straightforward than you might think; by postulating a strategy with inclusiveness and sustainability among the key players.

Well, let me explain a bit more!

As mentioned before, the world has undergone a drastic cultural shift in the past few years, with the young audience being its significant subject.

The audience is more “biased” in terms of openness and encourages brands that endorse equality as far as sexuality, religion, and race are concerned.

According to statistics released by Accenture, 42% of ethnic minority shoppers would prefer a retailer committed to I&D (Inclusion and diversity), with 41% LGBTQ repeating the same behaviour.

Inclusivity and Sustainability

This provides you with significant psychological ground to play in. By reflecting support for the narrative in your brand marketing, you can use it as a major tool to increase leads, conversion, and, most importantly, retention of a loyal following.

Speaking of inclusivity, you can use Netflix as an example. According to statistics, Netflix garnered around 37 million subscribers last year by following the same strategy (although partially due to pandemics).

And blessed be environmentalism, another psychological factor at your disposal is the sustainability trend.

According to data, about 81% of consumers think companies should help improve the environment by packing biodegradable products and following a work ethic that ensures minimum pollution.

The percentage even increases when we move to a market specifically targeting a young audience.

To take full advantage of it, many companies have shifted towards an environment-friendly approach by producing products with minimal plastic material and presenting their services as “eco-friendly.”

You can endorse this narrative via social media or by displaying a permanent, predominantly visible banner on your site that endorses the factors mentioned earlier. The results will astonish you!

4.  Use of Interactive and Personalised Content

No! I don’t say it’s something new, but most businesses still ignore it despite its effectiveness in increasing user engagement to insane levels.

Brand marketing is now more about building a connection with the audience and providing a personalised experience that makes them feel important. Interactive content does that quite efficiently.

It keeps potential leads engaged through things like surveys, quizzes, giveaways, etc. Additionally, this also helps you stay relevant on SEO driven platforms.

Another type of such content is interactive animation.

It’s mostly an explainer video showcased on the company’s landing page. The viewer can click and explore amidst the video with showreels and sub-menus, making them constantly gripped throughout the video duration.

According to statistics, about 42% of the consumers find interactive content more valuable and engaging and help them understand the product or service more effectively. This, in turn, persuades them to consider it.

Speaking of personalised experience and the latest statistics, most businesses also make use of email newsletters.

According to consumer research carried out by Instapage, about 63% of the audience are fed up with generic advertising messages that don’t reflect nor relate to their needs.

On the contrary, about 80% of consumers prefer companies with a personalised experience, with about 90% of the audience regarding it as “really appealing”—no wonder it’s one of the biggest marketing trends these days.

5.  Local SEO

If you have a business mainly revolving around the needs of local consumers, emphasising local SEO in your marketing strategy can be one of your most powerful tools to increase conversions, as people searching for a specific product/service with reference to a geographical location are already intending to buy it.

Many businesses these days are frequently integrating local keywords into their SEO strategy to increase their visibility in a local competition.

The best thing is, it’s quite easy to rank on local keywords if your business site has good authority.

6.  Segmenting Customers

The idea is simple. Instead of spending on a small number of marketing campaigns targeting the general audience, more businesses are moving towards marketing campaigns focusing on a small audience.

The targeted audience is divided into different groups concerning their buying behaviours, interests, and other demographics, and then a personalised campaign is launched for each group.

This helps the company focus more on specific groups’ needs, lay hands on their tingling spots, and then convey its message, e.g. how the product or service from the company can solve their problems.

It not only helps in engagement but also increases the chances of conversion by 60%. As we have already discussed, it’s all about making a personal connection with your target audience. And attending to their specific behaviours and needs will help you achieve the most efficiently.

Final Thoughts

The consumer-brand relationship is now more close and personal than ever before. And perhaps it’s one of the key reasons why marketing trends keep shifting with every passing year.

And now more and more companies are introducing new tactics based on behavioural data to increase their conversions, with the above-given strategies among the most popular and effective ones.

I hope this article helped you gain good insights into modern marketing. If it did, don’t forget to mention it in the comments section. Also, what strategy are you going to apply to your upcoming campaign?

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