6 Essential Onsite Improvements to Make in 2020

6 Essential Onsite Improvements to Make in 2020

According to Search Engine Journal, 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. From there, around a third of users click on the top result on Google results page. Additionally, websites that find themselves on page two won’t even be seen by 75% of people. You don’t want to be in that position. So, how do you avoid it and reach page one status? In this article, we take a look at 6 Essential Onsite Improvements to Make in 2020

It’s all about making the right on-site improvements. This will not only move your website higher up in search results but also improve the experience users have when they reach your website.

After all, user experience is key to turning prospects into customers and ensuring that they come back for more.

Here are six essential on-site improvements to make in 2020.

White Space

At first, white space may seem like a waste of real estate that could be used for content or to serve ads. However, white space is essential to the readability of your content and helps users focus on the elements around the text.

It also helps your website feel more fresh, open and modern.

Loading Speeds

If your website takes too long to load, your prospects will leave and Google will penalise your ranking. In fact, 40% of users will abandon a website that takes over three seconds to load, while 80% won’t return.

Compress your files, optimise your CSS, Javascript and HTML code, reduce redirects and use a good hosting company to improve load times.

SEO Agency

If you’ve tried to perform SEO work on your website in the past, you probably know how complicated and time-consuming it can be.

SEO evolves at a rapid pace and keeping up with current trends can be difficult when you have a business to run.

That’s why it pays to find a reliable marketing agency who can take care of it for you. Ideally, you’ll want to work with someone that offers a comprehensive set of services.

For instance, the Bristol agency Caffeine Marketing offers on-site improvements, keyword research, social media promotion, link building, interactive content and more – this is exactly what you should be looking out for when selecting your marketing agency.

They also offer analysis and reporting tools to help you track your progress.

Logo Design

Is something as simple as a logo design really that important? It sure is.

A well-designed logo makes a good first impression and grabs your customers’ attention. Not only that, but it serves as the foundation for your brand identity and gives people something to remember your business by.

It also helps your website look more complete and professional.

Outbound Links

Outbound links to high-quality sources help improve your website’s ranking and improve your authority. Be sure to make both internal and external links clearly visible to your users.


There are numerous benefits to optimizing the images on your website. For instance, their format and size influences your loading speeds and subsequently, your SEO.

You can also sneak keywords into your images to improve SEO. Choosing the right images can improve the readability of your blog posts and the overall impression made on your users.


A successful website is not only well-optimised. It also provides a satisfying user experience that keeps people coming back for more.

Focus on this and you’ll quickly see the difference.

We hope these 6 Essential Onsite Improvements to Make in 2020 have been useful, so be sure to leave your comments below.

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