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Douglas Davis Designer Interview

Designer Interview With Douglas Davis

Designer Interview With Douglas Davis

Brooklyn-based Douglas Davis enjoys being one of the variety of voices needed in front of and behind the concept, marketing plan, or digital strategy. His approach to creativity combines right-brained creative problem-solving with left-brained strategic thinking. The unique mix of creative strategy, integrated marketing, and art direction is what Douglas brings into the classroom. Douglas began his teaching career as an adjunct in tandem with his professional career, following in the footsteps of his mentors at Pratt Institute who worked during the day and taught at night.

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Instagram Ad Stories The Guide That Will Make You A Rock Star

Instagram Ad Stories: The Guide That Will Make You A Rock Star

Over the past few years, Instagram has proven itself as a great channel for social media marketing. In fact, the Instagram engagement rate makes up 4.21% that is 58 times higher than Facebook, and Instagram is hard to ignore if you are a marketer or an advertiser. At the same time, this platform reaches more than 800 million users and 80% of them are already following at least one business.

One of the most acclaimed features that were released in the past few years the platform, Instagram Stories, is becoming more and more attractive for marketers and advertisers as they realize people are digging it.

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Lance Wyman Designer Interview

Designer Interview With Lance Wyman

Designer Interview With Lance Wyman

Lance Wyman was born in newark, new jersey in 1937. he graduated from pratt institute, brooklyn, new york in 1960 with a degree in industrial design. early in his career he worked at general motors before moving to william schmidt and then onto the office of george nelson. he moved to mexico city in 1967 to design the graphics for the 1968 olympic games and subsequently the identities for mexico city metro and the 1970 world cup. upon returning to new york in 1971 he opened an office together with bill cannan (wyman & cannan) before establishing his own studio, lance wyman ltd. in 1979. lance also teaches corporate and wayfinding design at parsons school of design in new york and has done so since 1973.

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Branding The Difference between IS and WHAT

Branding… The Difference between “IS” and “WHAT”

Branding is one of the most misunderstood, misused and overly-simplified words in the English language.  To most people, “brand” is a logo, or a company, or a product, and is used as a colloquial catch-all phrase to mean anything and everything.

To the average person, it isn’t any more complex than Brand X = Y.

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Designer Interview With Jeremie Fesson & Mathias Rabiot - Grapheine

Designer Interview With Jérémie Fesson & Mathias Rabiot – Graphéine

Designer Interview With Jeremie Fesson & Mathias Rabiot - Graphéine

Today a Designer Interview With Jérémie Fesson & Mathias Rabiot – Graphéine who is a French Graphic Design agency created in 2002 by like-minded and lively designers from various professional walks of life, all addicted to design.

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