How Good Design Empowers Your Brand

How Good Design Empowers Your Brand

What does a store that sells power tools and one that sells scented candles have in common? None of them can survive in the current world order without a strong online presence! In this article we discuss How Good Design Empowers Your Brand.

As of July 2020, 59% of the world population was actively using the internet. This means that at least half of your potential customers are online, searching for what they need. Are you prepared to let them go? 

If your answer is “no”, the first step to success is to build a strong brand that’s well-represented in the online environment. And, you can’t do anything worthwhile without a well-designed website (regardless of type & size).  

We know that web design and branding are two general terms that include lots of nuances. So, to make your journey a bit easier, we’ll talk about how the quality of design can impact all business aspects. 

First Impression Matters

Your audience’s attention is a precious commodity and one that is very difficult to grab hold on. People used with the online world, and younger generations are desensitized to ads and clever marketing strategies. Furthermore, they can (and will) assess the quality of your services or products in the first three to five seconds of visiting your site. 

If the pages don’t load fast enough or the design is not responsive, they’ll leave and never return. They are also influenced by the visual aspect of the website or page. So yes, the first impression matters!

As such, whether you’re building a new site or thinking about redesigning an existing one, it’s best to work with professionals. In addition, according to your needs and brand vision, you may want to work with professionals who are knowledgeable in implementing modern technologies (like Parachute Design based in Toronto). Such professionals can help companies attract younger generations through a bold design and marketing strategy.  

The Importance of Design Elements 

Headers, buttons, logos, contact forms, navigation areas, and others are design elements used to create a website. But this is not what matters. 

What matters is how they are combined to create a smooth and visually appealing experience for the user. Also known as the perfect harmony between UI and UX, a well-designed website is an important element of a solid branding strategy. 

Logo and branding are important elements for your business’s overall image, as they also influence your SEO strategies. An easy to identify logo will support a strong brand image, which will boost lead acquisition and conversions. 

Wrap Up

In short, the design of your website is the image of your business in the online world. After all, you wouldn’t go to a business meeting in your PJs, right? The same happens with your website – bad design sends a horrible message to your target audience!   

Furthermore, given that more and more people opt for online purchases (for convenience and safety reasons), the face of retail is quickly changing. So, your business’s livelihood may end up completely dependant on your online presence. It may be scary to think about it, but it’s also exciting as you have the opportunity to explore new communication channels with the audience. 

Overall, change is happening, whether you like it or not. So, the future success of your business depends on the steps you take today.

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