Beamer Your Websites Notification System - Review

Beamer Your Websites Notification System – Review

You’re running a website it’s your passion, you love creating content and have a popular blog that your readers love to read, you’re working day and night on fresh content! Wouldn’t it be great if you had some sort of easy to use notification system to keep your readers in the loop, we have the solution for you! – Beamer Your Website Notification System – Review

We don’t normally review products but when something has made a positive impact on what we do like Beamer has it deserves attention.

Beamer is a great solution that allows you to set up a notification system on our website to announce important news, and show readers your latest articles right from the home page of your website without them having to click through to your blog page.

Beamer Your Websites Notification System - Review

It’s simple to get started with Beamer and it only takes 5 minutes to set up and install on your website with options of copying and pasting a custom script into the HTML body of your site or you can use the WordPress plugin if you’re using WordPress.

Make it easy for your readers and increase user engagement. You can also send notifications with images, videos and gifs. Use feedback and reactions to see what users really think of your announcements if you like.

I have been using Beamer for quite some time now and I love it! It has worked really well for us at The Logo Creative as our blog continues to grow.

I feel I need to share it with you and the benefits it can have for your website/blog.

Spreading good vibes and positivity about things that will help freelancers and businesses succeed is what we are all about.

Beamer is like an announcement bar/popup that alerts visitors to the website about new articles and announcements on the site.

What I like about Beamer is the fact that it shows individual users a number of articles / announcements they have not seen without having to click a thing.


For instance, if Joe Blogs for example is a regular reader who visits the site daily to read daily articles it will show him 1 new alert if only articles have been published.

If another user called John Smith only visits every few days it will show him 3, 4 or several new alerts (as shown in the screenshot below). It’s personal and works for each individual reader which is great as we appreciate every single person who enjoys our content so it fits well with what we do!


Once the user clicks the little alert icon a popup bar will appear with a list of all your latest articles and announcements showing the user which ones are new to them with a red highlighted “NEW” without the user having to go through to your dedicated blog page.

The user can scroll through and click the “Read More” to be directed to the relevant article.

Keep Your Website Visitors Informed

Besides being able to show all the latest articles on your website right from the home page with Beamer, you can also add Coming Soon, Announcements, Improvements and Fixes to keep your readers in the loop about other things happening on your site.


If you’re a regular reader you will have noticed we utilise the “Coming Soon” to let readers know that a new Designer Interview is coming!


The announcement feature is very handy, for instance this can be used for a variety of things we use to announce new content we are working on from time to time, including our community articles that we feature other designers in keeping our readers involved and interested in future content.

It could also be used to announce events you are holding, important news, latest products, and special offers or perhaps a live stream you are doing on YouTube or Instagram to remind people to tune-in.

Or maybe something has been fixed on your site that readers have made you aware of so you can put a fixed post up letting them know the issue has been resolved showing them you listen and care about the experience they have on your site.

The improvements section is also handy in fact just recently we upgraded our server for our website and put an improvement post on to let people know about it.


Beamer allows you to do all of this very simply!

Beamer also has a range of features you can use including:

  • Push notifications to bring users back to your site and increase retention.
  • Targeted notifications to send custom messages to specific groups based on user behavior, preferences, geography, what page they are on and more.
  • Beamer also has a feedback and reaction feature you can enable allowing users to rate what they think of your latest news and notifications.
  • You can fully track views with the backend analytics.
  • Your overall appearance can be customised to match your site or app design

How Can Beamer Help You?

  • Beamer can help increase user engagement by keeping users informed of all the latest updates and content on your website, including the little things that go unnoticed and are not big enough to include in your email newsletter. (Our Server Update for Example)
  • Get 10x more user engagement and help users learn new updates 3x faster on your website. (We announce upcoming designer interviews and community articles)
  • Increases user retention and converts more views/sales.
  • Would work well for e-Commerce sites as users clicking on announcements are more likely to make purchases.
  • Announcements made in context make viewers more likely to be willing to sign-up and try new features, click through to read your articles, or click on an offer you are promoting.

We love Beamer and only have positive things to say about it! We highly recommend giving it a try. It’s worth it!

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