Copywriting For Instagram - Quick Tips to Follow

Copywriting For Instagram: Quick Tips to Follow

Since its inception in 2010, Instagram has come up the ranks very swiftly and steadily. From its initial stages where it was just a social media platform for sharing pictures, it has now developed into a full-fledged marketing and e-commerce platform. It boasts an active user base of 1 billion users a month and is third on the user base list only after Facebook and YouTube. In this article, we look at Copywriting For Instagram: Quick Tips to Follow.

A call for the marketers!

Such a huge number of active members certainly calls for some marketing attraction. As a result, Instagram is now used as a business marketing platform by several businesses to reach new consumers globally. Not only that, but it is also home to thousands of small e-commerce pages that use Instagram as their primary commercial platform. Instagram is well aware of the fact and thus, from time to time it introduces features that if used efficiently can-do wonders for a business.

It’s not just about images

To work around on Instagram, one needs to deal with images. Here, images shall be the primary content. But that is not all. There are several secondary considerations when copywriting an Instagram account. So, to get well versed on what are those considerations, let us dive into it and bring up the spark that an Instagram profile needs.

We shall prefer the sequence in which a typical post on Instagram is done. Now let us what needs to be done:

  1. A profile that grabs attention

While creating an account, a username has to be selected and this is the name by which everyone shall know the page on Instagram. It has to be such that it easily fits into people’s mind and also relates to the user’s business. After that, the most important thing is Instagram bio. It needs to have 4 ingredients.

  • Precision
  • Presentation
  • Innovation
  • Direction

A bio is limited to 150 characters; hence, it has to be very precise and clear about what it wants to convey. Anything to merely fill in space will prove to be a bad view for the visitors. There are usually multiple things to convey and the order has to be such that it presents a flow of thoughts. The overall presentation shall be very important in the impression building process.

Don’t forget to add a little creativity!

To make a bio more pleasing, a little innovation is needed. Innovation relating to the use of words that relate to your business or such expressions that leave a mark on its readers. Suggestions can be sought from the internet to find quotes that relate to the culture of business or audience it intends to serve.

Lastly, the bio must provide a direction for the readers so that it grows the follower count. The main purpose of having a bio is to help people understand and relate to a business and its products or services. Thus, a bio shall always direct people to check the profile and turn them into your valuable IG followers.

  1. The picture theory

The major part of marketing success is good content. Instagram is a mixture of content and efficient marketing strategies and the marketing plans has to be curated keeping this mixture in mind. On Instagram, the primary content is a picture. It can be of the product itself or one that relates to your service. For example, a jewellery business shall put up a picture of one of its jewelry items. On the other hand, an air-conditioner servicing company can put up a picture of a service person doing his job.

Play it fair and to-the-point!

The crux behind choosing the picture is based on various aspects. First of all, it shall be able to directly inform the viewers on what they can expect from the business. It must show what customers are going to get or how they are going to get. Secondly, a picture has to be engaging enough to keep the user interested in what a post is trying to portray. For this, a picture needs to be visually appealing and shall not impart a dull feeling. After all, pictures are what Instagram is for.

The last thing to be sure of is not to fake pictures and use real and authentic pictures. It shall build a buyer’s faith in the content coming in the future.

  1. Captioning – the real deal

A great picture has to be backed by a great caption. We say that a picture speaks a thousand words. To convey those thousands of words, one can use the caption space. A perfect caption is the one that duly relates to the picture in the post and explains the message that you are trying to impart. it is also an opportunity to clear any ambiguity that may arise from the picture.

Create the right mix of Story and humour

The caption shall give proper details about the product which can convince a buyer to get the product. There is much more to a caption on Instagram though. When collaborating with an influencer or anyone else, a special mention of them in the caption can make a difference. Also add about the story behind the development of the product, the labour that went behind it or any incident which led to its formation. This can make users feel attached to the product.

Through captions, a user can engage with its audience that demands instant user attraction. For example, a caption that reads “share your story in the comments below” can result in people actually talking about their experience with the product or related to it in the comments. This can stimulate higher organic ranking of such posts in searches and suggestions on other feeds.

  1. Other nifty tricks up the sleeve

Instagram hosts some absolutely great features that would create an unmatchable marketing experience. Businesses can use these tricks to gain an edge:

  • Hashtags: It is the best bet to be discovered by the target audience. Using hashtags on the post will let users come across such posts that they might be searching for. However, hashtags must be chosen after an in-depth study of the target audience. All the hashtags will cumulatively help the post to reach the intended audience.
  • Instagram stories: This is another way to keep the audience updated with the latest offer. Such stories last for 24hrs. however, they can be highlighted on your profile for a regular visit by your users even after 24hrs. Stories are often a great way to connect with your audience on a human level. The best use of stories is to build a gradual impression of a product on the viewer highlighting the benefits and user reviews.

To sum it up:

Instagram is actually a promising marketing platform with an ample amount of opportunities. All it takes is crafting a competitive Instagram copy. It will undoubtedly cost you some time, but the results are worth every second invested.

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Kavita Paliwal is an Outreach Specialist cum Content writer at ViralChilly. When not glued to her laptop, she can be found making travel plans that rarely happen