Corporate Software for Car Sharing

Corporate Software for Car Sharing

Car sharing is a type of short-term car rental that is becoming increasingly popular in many cities around the world. The increased demand for such services can be explained by several important reasons.

First of all, car sharing has become a convenient and economical alternative to personal transportation for many residents of major cities. Thanks to this type of rental, customers do not need to buy a personal car, spend time and money on its registration, insurance, regular maintenance, washing, and refueling. All of these responsibilities fall on the car sharing service.

Second, this model of car usage helps address several more global issues. Sharing a car among multiple customers contributes to improving the environmental situation and promoting more efficient resource consumption. It also partially helps address the problems of traffic congestion and lack of parking spaces in major cities.

Therefore, it is not surprising that there is an increasing number of companies providing car sharing services. This business requires relatively lower investments compared to many other sectors.

It allows setting tariffs based on the rental time and car model, which in turn enables adaptation to customer demands and maximizing revenue from each vehicle.

Using car sharing corporate software is one of the tools that help maximize the efficiency of this business. In this article, we will explain what this software represents, its advantages and disadvantages, and why many car sharing companies choose these systems.  

Corporate Car Sharing Software Definition

Car sharing corporate software is a set of specialized software tools designed to optimize the business of car sharing. With its help, it is possible to more effectively manage business processes, interact with customers, and the vehicle fleet.

Typically, software development companies can offer corporate clients both ready-made universal solutions and create software with a specific set of functionalities that meets the needs and requirements of the client. However, in most cases, the functional capabilities of a car sharing system include the following:

  1. Business process automation. Car sharing companies that use specialized software can automate the process of car reservation and time tracking, request processing, availability check for specific vehicles, reservation confirmation, notifications, email distribution, and many other routine business processes.
  1. Billing. Such software also provides fast and efficient invoicing and payment processing from service users, including integration with popular payment systems. Other financial operations such as insurance payment, contractor settlement, and tax payment are also optimized.
  1. Car management. Corporate software car sharing enables much greater control over the car fleet. You can keep a record of all car orders, schedules for maintenance and repairs, manage fuel cards, monitor the real-time location and technical condition of vehicles in the fleet management software.
  1. Statistics and reporting. Many developers include the functionality in the software to track and analyze various data and generate detailed reports based on them. This allows you to regularly receive analytics on consumer sentiment, market conditions, profitability of each vehicle, and other important indicators.
  1. Marketing activities. Car sharing system typically allow integration of the company’s marketing strategy into the software, including advertising campaigns, seasonal promotions, user surveys, tariff management, and other marketing activities.

These and other functional capabilities of car sharing software accelerate business development, which is why many car sharing services are already successfully using such software tools in their operations.

Corporate Software Advantages

You have already discovered that the functionality of specialized software is quite extensive. Undoubtedly, the use of such programs provides enterprises with many key advantages. Here are just a few of them:

  • Efficiency increase. Process automation allows increasing the efficiency of each employee’s work and the company as a whole. Thanks to optimization of booking, electronic document management, quick payment processing, setting up mailings and notifications, the execution of many routine operations is simplified.
  • Customer service quality. Automation allows improving the quality of customer service and enhancing the user experience. This increases the loyalty of existing customers and enables attracting even more new users.
  • Profit increase. By reducing the workload on employees, automating processes, and monitoring multiple parameters in real-time, it is also possible to reduce company expenses, optimize the budget, and thereby increase the profitability of the enterprise.
  • Fleet safety. Car sharing corporate software integrates functions that allow tracking the location of each vehicle, its technical condition, and fuel level. You can also keep track of vehicle repairs, manage fines, and utilize tools to prevent unauthorized entry into the cars.
  • Planning and scaling. Analyzing various indicators helps optimize the utilization of each vehicle, obtain up-to-date analytical data, forecast market changes and customer trends, and adjust the business strategy accordingly. As a result, corporate software car sharing gains more opportunities for business development and scaling.
  • Risk minimization. Process automation also helps avoid many errors and minimize risks associated with the human factor. This helps improve service quality, enhance the company’s reputation, and avoid unforeseen expenses.

Corporate Software Disadvantages

Before implementing a car sharing system, many entrepreneurs wonder if there are any disadvantages to using such software. Indeed, there are drawbacks, although most of them are rather insignificant:

  1. Expenses for development and maintenance. You will need to allocate a budget for the development and installation of car sharing corporate software. You can save by using a standard package of contractor services or order a customized solution with a specific set of features that meet the needs of your business. It is also necessary to include regular expenses for software maintenance in the budget. However, with a thoughtful approach, these expenses will quickly pay off.
  2. Installation and training time. The more personalized your software is, the more time will be required for its development, testing, and installation. Also, keep in mind that some software solutions require time for staff training, but in the future, it will help you use the car sharing system as efficiently as possible.
  3. Technical errors and malfunctions. Unfortunately, like in any other software solutions, car sharing software may experience technical issues and system failures. However, if you turn to experienced and reputable developers, such risks can be minimized. Moreover, contractors provide regular support services that can quickly and effectively address technical problems
  4. Confidentiality. Handling personal customer data and payment systems requires special attention to cybersecurity. Issues with it can lead not only to significant financial losses but also impact the company’s reputation, lowering consumer trust. Therefore, it is worth entrusting software development to true professionals in their field who will take care of data security.

Examples of Mobile Corporate Applications

The carsharing industry is rapidly developing each year, and so is the software for this sector. Many software development companies are entering the market, offering customers a wide range of functionality for specialized software.

The number of available features for corporate software car sharing is also constantly growing. In recent years, the following trends can be identified regarding the functionality of software business solutions:

  1. Increasing the diversity of parameters for creating analytics and reports.
  2. Expanding the toolkit for electronic document management.
  3. Keyless access to cars through the application.
  4. Utilizing the ability to upload photos of car damages and track damages using point-and-click technology.
  5. Implementation of IoT sensors.
  6. More flexibility in tariff management.
  7. Capability to connect software to cash registers and POS systems.
  8. Integration with electric vehicles and autonomous driving systems.
  9. Advancement of cloud solutions.
  10. Expansion of car-sharing payment methods, including cryptocurrency.

Due to the abundance of companies offering car sharing corporate software development services, business owners may face difficulties in choosing a reliable contractor.

RentSyst is one of those companies that you can consider when selecting software developers for car sharing. RentSyst offers cloud solutions that allow clients to manage orders and vehicle fleets in real-time from anywhere in the world.

An additional advantage is that you can use both a desktop solution and a mobile application to manage business processes, making business operations more efficient, flexible, and convenient.

Among the available features and services provided by RentSyst are automated booking and other workflow processes, integration with payment systems, vehicle fleet control using modern telematics, secure access settings, electronic document management, and much more.

In any case, when choosing a company for collaboration, it is important to pay attention to its pricing policy, flexibility, developers’ experience, and, of course, the quality of services provided.


The car sharing system provides many benefits to the business owner. Such software significantly improves the efficiency of the company’s operations by automating numerous processes related to fleet management, reservations, and payments.

Software solutions also help optimize the utilization of each vehicle, reduce expenses, and minimize risks. As a result, the use of car sharing software contributes to enhancing the quality of customer service and the dynamic development of the company.

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