How a Cryptocurrency Landing Page Needs to Look Like

How a Cryptocurrency Landing Page Needs to Look Like

As you browse and maneuver around the internet, you visit several landing pages. Now, just imagine some of the landing pages that actually caught your attention and convinced you to spend some time on the page. In this article we look at How a Cryptocurrency Landing Page Needs to Look Like.

From the very start of the article, we have been talking about landing pages. What exactly are these landing pages?

If we go with the conventional definition, a landing page is a designated page you are taken to when you click an ad. It can also be the website’s homepage, product page, service page, or just a page with a clear call to action button.

Regardless of how you land on a website’s landing page, the ultimate is to bring in relevant traffic that converts itself into sales.

Hence, you can say that the design of a landing page plays an important role in boosting the conversion rate.

How Is the Success of Crypto Business Directly Related to Their Landing Pages?

Like any other market, Cryptocurrency does not have a physical market. Everything happens online. Whether you are trading, staking, investing, Hodling, or doing anything with Cryptocurrencies, you are doing it online.

For instance, you need to visit a trading platform if you want to trade. And as we know that all the Crypto trading platforms are online. This is where a website’s design and landing page matter a lot.

According to the bitcoin era, having a clean website encourages users to use them. This is perhaps because of the fact that Cryptocurrency is itself a complex concept, and to use a complex platform is only discouraging, to say the least.

That being said, one thing is certain: a good landing page design is important for the success of a business related to Cryptocurrencies.

How Does A Cryptocurrency Landing Page Look Like?

Every marketer will agree that an effective landing page is a cornerstone for any business.

Yes, your offer may be stellar, or the ad campaign is optimized perfectly. But, without a good landing page, nothing will work.

Below are a few things you must consider while creating a Cryptocurrency landing page.

1. Go Minimalistic

Today, when almost every business is online, users sometimes get overwhelmed by different and creative landing page designs. Well, those are not wrong in any way. But sometimes, users simply want some simple, clean and functional landing pages.

This is where going minimalistic with your design can help you. The minimalistic design allows the Crypto business to maintain a simple approach with only the most important element on the screen.

2. Use Header To Broadcast Offer Value

Do you know what makes a good landing page?

It is its offer that is clear and explains why to go for this offer. People usually don’t have enough time to think about themselves. So, when they come across an offer, they need something along with it that compares different offers.

If you can give what the audience needs, the chances of conversion increase by 50%.

3. Trust Signals

A good landing page radiates a trust signal!

What do we mean by a trust signal? Well, a few things can be implemented on the landing page that increases the trust of the audiences on your offer.

For instance, it can be a customer’s testimony. You can add some of the comments about your services and highlight them to the visitors on the landing page.

4. Make Your Page Mobile Friendly

More than 70% of searches and internet access are happening via mobile phones. That means out of 10 visitors on your landing page are accessing your page via mobile.

Hence, not having a mobile-friendly website will limit your audience count and decrease the conversion rate.

What’s more, mobile-friendliness is one of the requirements to rank higher on search engines.

Keep It Clean & Organized!

The look, feel, and overall structure of the page need to be simple, clean, and well organized. The easier for the users to understand, the better you can engage with your audiences.

Remember, the primary goal of the landing page is not to attract audiences but to attract audiences with the highest chances of conversion.

So, no matter what element you use to design your landing page, everything needs to be so with the conversion in mind.

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