How Can You Secure IoT Using Blockchain

How Can You Secure IoT Using Blockchain

In this article we look at answering the question of How Can You Secure IoT Using Blockchain.

Today everything is smart –

  • Smart cities.
  • Smart homes.
  • Smart shopping malls.
  • Smart cars.

No matter what you can think of, it is either smart or has the potential to become smart. This is because of all the smart devices available in the market.

Today, every device comes with a connectivity feature that can be used to connect with different devices and the internet.

When all these devices are connected together, they can share information among themselves. Hence, make things easier for the user.

However, despite offering an effective way to share information, there is one major flaw – it is prone to external attacks and damages. And with all the devices connected together, if one device is compromised, you can expect the whole network to be affected.

This is where Blockchain provides its expertise. Blockchain works on the principle of the public ledger, and hence even a small change is notified to all the members of the network. This gives experts a ray of hope where Blockchain can offer security to IoT devices and services.

Why Do IoT Networks Need Blockchain?

Before we jump onto Blockchain technology and how it will secure IoTs, you must understand what IoT is all about.

IoT stands for Internet of Things. This concept encompasses everything you see that is connected to the internet. This technology is mostly used in workplaces, streets, public places, smart cars, smart home systems, and smart city infrastructure.

Wireless connections make IoT networks easier to communicate with each other. But at the same time, it leaves plenty of room for data breaches and hacking. To know more about IoT and Blockchain, visit news spy.

Here are a few IoT vulnerabilities that Blockchain can help you fix.

  • Insecure communication.
  • Outdated firmware.
  • Weak authentication.
  • Lack of device management.
  • Risk of service interpretations.

Benefits Of IoT and Blockchain Integration

We have seen how Blockchain technology can help secure IoT. The real question is, what are the areas where developers can actually leverage Blockchain technology.

Perhaps the following will give you an idea.

1. Improved Data Management

IoT devices have to transfer a large amount of data via a network in real-time; this makes it hard to manage the data properly.

However, with the Blockchain network, IoT devices can communicate effectively without the involvement of servers.

Besides, there are no intermediaries in the network. That means every device communicates directly with the other devices through encrypted identities and P2P communication.

2. Improved System Scalability

Not only does decentralization help secure IoT, but it also helps the organization with scalability. The centralized trait of the Blockchain network divides the processing power to all the available systems in the network. This provides the devices with more computing power.

Right now, the current IoT network lacks additional storage and support when a new device is connected to the network. But this problem can be solved with the integration of Blockchain technology.

3. Enhanced Privacy and Security

Another benefit of using Blockchain in securing IoT devices and networks is because of its cyber security feature. IoT devices are connected to the internet network, exposing them to hackers.

The Blockchain network can offer security to the communication by storing data in transactions and validating with nodes. This ensures traceability and accountability.

4. Stronger Authentication

When you are using the Blockchain network, every single device present in the network can be identified. Moreover, a Blockchain network ensures authentication and authorization of the smart devices.

Most Blockchain platforms use a decentralized approach to register devices on the network. The registration process starts with generating keys: public and private keys.

The private key remains with the user to access the network, while the public key is used to connect different devices together.


The core Blockchain technology can offer both security and performance by providing data immutability, smart contracts, and decentralization.

Both Blockchain and IoT technologies are developing. Hence, their convergence will help the organization with strong data encryption and solve scalability issues.

With this, we conclude our article. If there is something that you find missing here, you can directly reach out to us. We will be more than happy to help you out with your queries.

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