Design Principles For Web3 and Bitcoin - What Experts Say

Design Principles For Web3 and Bitcoin: What Experts Say

The internet is an ever-changing phenomenon! In this article we discuss the Design Principles For Web3 and Bitcoin: What Experts Say.

Evolution ensues whenever there is something new over the internet—the designs and models of the changed internet help to support it.

So, what is Web3?

Now, when Blockchain technology is huge, and you are seeing almost every person speak about it, you cannot expert Web2 designs to tackle this new technology.

Why not?

What was so wrong with the Web2 design?

There was nothing wrong, but there were definitely a few drawbacks.

Hence Web3 Commenced!

In this excerpt below, we will be talking about the different ways Web2 worked.

How it would have never worked for Blockchain.&

What is the Web3 design, and how is it helping?

However, before we start discussing anything else, we have to give you an idea about Blockchain.

What is Blockchain, and why are we talking about it?

What Is Blockchain?

So, I am sure you have all heard about something called Bitcoin?

Now, Bitcoin is the OG digital currency, the first prodigy, to say the least. It is only through the hands of Bitcoin that this entire operation of digital currency commenced.

Now, why is Blockchain so important for sharing bitcoin code?

Because Blockchain became the safest technology that would be able to run this operation.

Through Blockchain technology, one can share information from one peer to another with just a decentralized domain.

Therefore, when it comes to Bitcoin-

Most of the transaction was independent, i.e., there is no central figure who is controlling the entire thing.

Every transaction is saved in this domain, and there is no way these could be manipulated with.

They are here to stay for a lifetime, and you cannot change or delete any Block.

This is why it is one of the safest since no hacker will be able to penetrate these Blocks and gather information or even alter it.

What Is Web3?

Web3 will help you access all the data on the internet in a much more decentralized for. This is one of the reasons why most people are rooting for this new internet evolution.

Although most domains work with the Web2 technology, it is much more controlled, and all of our data is susceptible to risks; whenever we are browsing over the internet.

How does Web3 Design Work?

Here are some of the common ways the Web3 design is helping the Bitcoin world.

1. It Helps In Establishing Security & Trust

Since most of your data is saved in the form of Blockchain in Web3, this information is less likely to be hacked.

When it comes to Bitcoin, a high level of security authentication goes through before new information is added to the Block.

Thus, with Web3, you are safe, so with the people you are exchanging with.

2. Show Don’t Tell

Web2 is a much more complicated technology, which focuses more on technology and not the human touch behind it.

Web3, on the other hand, focuses more on making people understand by deleting the technical jargon. This will only make the internet for almost everyone.

3. Enable Blockchain

Blockchain is a decentralized domain, and because Bitcoin also works under the same technology-

Having Web3 design principles will make it easier for the Cryptocurrency world to reach out to its investors.

Hence, make it more mainstream.

4. No Data Under Higher Authorities

The biggest drawback of the Web2 design is being centralized.

Which means every higher authority. Whether it is data collectors and analytics creators or the government, they all have access to the data which you are sharing over the internet.

This authentic information will be protected from higher authorities with Web3.

5. Marketing Made Easy

Marketing is much easier since you will be able to target better.

Plus, since it is decentralized, you will be able to reach out to your potential customers much exclusively and even create a better bond with your customers.

Best customer marketer relationship with the help of Web3.

Investing Made Easy!

If you are investing in Bitcoin, you will not have to learn a whole bunch of technical jargon.

With Web2, you might have to.

However, now that people are more likely inclined to Web3, the day isn’t far when everything is going to be decentralized.

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