How to choose an SEO-Friendly WordPress Theme for your business website

How to choose an SEO-Friendly WordPress Theme for your business website

WordPress has been used as an open-source framework by many people across the world. This framework has some benefits over the other website developing frameworks. The most important thing is that WordPress is completely free to use for everyone. In this article we take a look at How to choose an SEO-Friendly WordPress Theme for your business website.

You can easily install it on your web server and start building your blogging website or business websites with ease. There are a lot of things that business owners have to understand. The most crucial thing is to understand the usage of this framework. Nevertheless, other aspects of WordPress should be learned to make a seamless as well as a robust blogging platform.

How to choose an SEO-Friendly WordPress Theme for your business website

Benefits of Using WordPress for Creating Websites

As stated, WordPress comes with certain benefits in offering an open source website developing platform. Mainly it is beneficial for its seamlessness. It adds convenience in the process of business website development.

Even novice users can simply get a basic website platform ready where you can enter all the essential contents as well as a product page. As an e-commerce platform, it could show some drawbacks. Adding an unlimited number of pages could be difficult. But, apart from that, there is no other scope for facing errors. The various benefits of WordPress have been listed below.

  • WordPress comes with a high number of themes so that users do not have to face any issues in creating the basic structure of the website.
  • It also comes with an unlimited number of plug-ins for the purpose of adding various functional aspects to the websites. WordPress compared to Wix is an absolute winner in this battle. For example, with WordPress plug-in, you can add social media widget on your site with ease.
  • The third significant benefit is that user-friendliness. Working with WordPress is the most convenient experience for the website developers.
  • Cost-effectiveness is the biggest virtue of WordPress. You can have your website without really spending a single penny.

Using the Most Powerful WordPress SEO Themes

WordPress has been recognized incredibly powerful platform for the purpose of website designing. This robust framework gives you absolute convenience for designing as well as personalizing the website that you have created. To create a site, the first step is to select a theme.

Choosing the best portfolio theme for your website is essential. If the theme does not go well with your business domain, you could face many issues. Your website would lose some sorts of credibility as it does not possess a perfect theme that represents the core functional areas of the businesses.

To make things simple for the novice WordPress users, here is a guide to all the most powerful and effective WP themes that they can simply choose for their blogging website or business website. All WordPress themes are SEO-friendly, but a few themes are handpicked by us, as they possess all those things that make a website highly SEO-friendly.

MH Magazine

If your site has to post contents on a regular basis, this is the right WP theme for you. This theme is suggested or recommend for those who want WordPress based blogging platform.

Instead of a regular or conventional blog website, if you intend to share information with visitors on a regular basis through publishing various content pages, you can definitely use this software. More than 12 demos are there available with this website, featuring flexibility in its interface pr appearance.

Since this is an SEO-friendly theme, it can fetch you a lot of visitors. You shall be immensely benefitted with that as every website owner wants exposure. Unless your content has been read and seen by others, your website will not get popular.

When your site struggles to get visitors, it becomes difficult to run the website. Business owners always want their website to be visited or explored by others. It will enhance the number of clients or customers for the business. Eventually, the business will be able to reach its desired level of profitability.

SEO Crawler

As the name suggests, this WordPress theme has been exclusively developed to assist a website in its search engine optimization campaign. The theme is simplistic and minimal in nature. It does not focus on heavy graphics or images on the website interface.

It intends to give simple yet contemporary text-based contents to the users. SEO Crawler theme comes with a lot of unique as well as advanced features. It provides 19 unique header design layouts, Google font integration, amazing thematic interfaces, etc.

The theme is recommended for those who want to run a business web platform which seeks exposure for its products. This theme is quite convenient to be used and simplistic in nature. The overall appearance of this theme is quite amazing.

The Gem

At the third position of our list of SEO-friendly themes on WordPress, we have The Gem which is a robust and quite convenient tool for providing SEO support to the WordPress based website that you have designed.

Apart from SEO friendliness, this theme has several other benefits in offering. It is to be reminded that the theme is not free, though it is highly affordable even for small-scale businesses.

The major highlighting part is that this website comes with over 100 choices for the right interface. Choosing a perfect interface is essential for making the site seamlessly functional in nature.


If you are seeking a feature-rich search engine friendly WP theme, Pofo can be another good choice. You can find around 200 pre-built demos for this theme. Hence, it is not difficult to find a suitable theme demo that matches your business domain or website perfectly.

Not just casual bloggers, this theme is applicable for e-commerce businesses. This multipurpose theme comes with many advanced features that would eventually help e-commerce businesses with perfection.

Theme customization is also quite hassling free and with minimal technical knowledge, theme customization can be done with ease.

I have shared the benefits of choosing WordPress above along with some popular and powerful WordPress SEO themes. If you already have a website in place and you are trying to increase your website traffic you may find this article written by The Logo Creative very helpful “Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website” it includes some tips and tricks you can implement within your own website to help increase your website traffic.

Alex Reed another web design specialist also wrote a post which includes “Five Pointers to Help You Grow Your Website’s Traffic”  I hope this article has been helpful and be sure to check out our blog over at Big Drop Inc

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