How to Improve Your Site's Reach in the Gaming Niche

How to Improve Your Site’s Reach in the Gaming Niche

There’s a popular opinion that if you have a website that covers a broad range of topics, you will reach a bigger audience, and if you fit into a very specific niche, you will have a more devoted audience. However, there’s a sweet spot: How about a topic that is specific, but has hundreds of millions of fans. Enter: gaming. In this article we discuss How to Improve Your Site’s Reach in the Gaming Niche.

But this doesn’t mean that writing about gaming is an easy way to reach an audience – because now you have a lot of competition, all writing about similar things.

So how can you make your website stand out and improve its ranking in the gaming niche?

Stay Relevant

The most important thing to remember is when people search for information, it’s most often relevant information.

They will search for new releases, information about games that are currently trending, and any big gaming conventions or conferences.

Writing about this will keep you relevant in the search results, and the sooner you can get to new information and put it out to the public, the more valuable it will be to your readers.

Nobody cares to read about a game that had come out ten years ago and has never reached wide popularity unless you’re able to offer an amazing new angle of analysis.

Give Recommendations

Gaming is where a lot of other topics come together. Most gamers are also interested in similar things, like computers or art.

This is a great way to add some variety – this website has a great option where it calculates the perfect gaming laptop for your unique budget, which gamers absolutely appreciate.

How to Improve Your Site's Reach in the Gaming Niche_

You can give recommendations for PC parts, do reviews of graphics cards, or create a tier list of the best budget gaming mice.

Think about all the things gamers would be interested in and write about that to spice things up.

Dive Deep

Giving basic information is fine, but if you really want to get their readers’ respect, you need to know what you’re talking about, and you can achieve that by doing a deep dive into an interesting topic.

It can be a specific mechanic in a game, a balancing issue you figured out, a backstory that the developers talked about at some conference, or simply your theory about the Easter eggs that appear throughout the game.

A perfect example of this is the puzzle game Witness. There have been so many articles and theories about the game, the videos, everything that makes the hours of walking and solving puzzles worth it.


The second most common thing gamers will search for is tutorials.

Depending on the game, this can be the best build for a specific champion in a MOBA, a hack for reaching a secret area in the game or an Easter egg.

It can also be a simple basic guide to the game for the ones that don’t do the job of explaining all that well (Looking at you, Dead Cells).

How to Improve Your Site’s Reach in the Gaming Niche.

Most players struggle with the same things, so if you play a game, struggle with something, and find a way to overcome it – write about it and share.

You can bet your bottom dollar that there’s someone else who is searching for how to solve that exact problem.

Allow People to Speak Up

Gamers are often very opinionated people. They like to say what they think about a game, an update, to talk about a studio that ruined their favorite game or how they could have done it better.

This means a sure-fire way to get people to come to your website is to give people a platform to speak, either through guest posts or through a forum.

You can even connect to some chat-rooms for live conversations about various topics.

Make sure you moderate the conversation and have rules, because things can get heated, and you don’t want to get a reputation for a place where people go to fight – there’s enough toxicity in the gaming world as it is.

You’ll surely notice that the biggest gaming websites on the internet all have something they focus on, whether it’s the industry, current happenings, or purely speaking about games.

This is because the gaming niche is so broad that it’s nearly impossible to cover everything – so don’t waste your time trying.

Find something you like writing about because no matter what it is, there will be people who want to read about it.

And remember – gamers are passionate people, and if they can identify with what you’re saying, they will be your biggest megaphone and bring people to your site by word of mouth.

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