Is Outdoor Advertising Worth the Hype - The Main Benefits Listed

Is Outdoor Advertising Worth the Hype? The Main Benefits Listed

Unlike days when there were only a couple of ways to get your brand out there, today’s business world has countless ways to spread brand awareness to prospective customers. One of the oldest promotion methods still used today is outdoor advertising, such as posters, flyers, billboards, signs etc.

However, the rise of the digital age has caused advertisers to doubt the effectiveness of outdoor advertising and whether it’s still worth the investment.

In this article, we discuss the main benefits of outdoor advertising and provide insights into why this traditional form of advertising is still an effective tool for creating brand awareness and reaching consumers – keep reading to discover more.

It Helps Businesses Reach a Mass Market

If there’s anything advertisers can thank the horrific past few years for, it’s that Britons are spending more time outside of their homes, meaning they’re more likely to encounter more advertisements.

Unlike other advertising methods, whether driving along a busy road or using the Tube for their daily commute, outdoor marketing techniques can help businesses reach a mass market.

Not only can they be placed in locations with lots of traffic, but they are also more memorable than a tedious Facebook pop-up since they are – well – larger!

Plus, some OOH advertisements are mobile, so they can move to different locations depending on where a business’s target demographic might be, like the Advans from Monster Outdoor.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of outdoor advertising (or experience them first-hand!), consider visiting their website to browse their entire list of advertising methods, read case studies, and much more.

Or contact a team member directly to learn how their services could help your business’s advertising strategy today.

It’s Universally Accepted

In our digital age, it can be challenging to log into social media without seeing an advert for our favourite online store or the last item we looked at on Amazon.

But how is this possible? Online advertising is so popular because of the data that large technology companies like Google and Facebook collect on their users, making ads more targeted.

However, while some social media users might find this helpful, others find this data collection annoying, leading to problems.

On the other hand, outdoor marketing techniques like signs, posters, and billboards are universally accepted since they aren’t invasive, are everywhere, and are one of the oldest forms of advertising.

It Is More Cost-Effective

Another reason outdoor advertising remains so popular is that it offers a more cost-effective way to get your brand message out to potential customers.

Today, a digital advertisement can set companies back as much as £600 a fortnight, whereas an OOH alternative is much cheaper and produces similar results.

Not only are OOH advertising methods more affordable for businesses, but they also last longer than digital or print alternatives.

Companies will often choose how long they want their ad displayed for then renew it if they want it to be visible for longer, which commands much less capital than it would to keep renewing a television or radio advertisement in comparison.

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