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Leave You Myself - Logo & Brand Identity Design

Leave You Myself

Logo & Visual Identity for Clothing & Apparel Brand Leave You Myself

Leave You Myself is a clothing brand founded by Naomi Foster & Mark Mawson. The brand was inspired through tough times and positive influences that have helped them move forward in their lives.

These positive influences are what they focus on to grow their brand and inspire others.

As Mark & Naomi explained:

“Like a lot of people and lots of families we have faced lots of obstacles and a lot of people saying no. Some even try to put us down and make us believe that we can’t achieve anything. Then there have been other people who have made us believe in ourselves and have inspired us to push on and dream big.

We want to put it out there through our clothing brand that even when you are in those difficult times there is always a way to look at it from a positive point of view. Your biggest obstacle is you.

The memories that people and situations leave you, it’s up to you to make them into a positive and let them drive you forward. While we believe as people it’s up to us to leave as many positive memories as we can to people that we meet on a day to day basis.

The people we meet in life are the influences we have. They can make a path or help us to change our path. At Leave You Myself we want to spread a positive message through fashion and give people the confidence to spread a positive message or leave a positive memory to as many people as possible.”

The business will offer simple and unique style clothing, first starting off with a small range of products. But soon they want Leave You Myself to be a place where Mum, dad and kids can go for your everyday smart and casual clothing.

“We have always had a love for clothes, we enjoy going out and feeling good about what we are wearing, it gives people confidence and strength to be themselves. So we wanted our business to be about something that we enjoy doing and something we have a passion for.”

Designing a Logo and Brand Identity for a Clothing Brand – Research & Concepts

We started off by researching the clothing industry, including other brands and the client’s indirect and direct competitors.

We wanted Leave You Myself to not only stand out but also fit in within the clothing apparel market and appeal to a wider audience.

We started off with brand perception word-mapping, we did this by taking all the key words from the brief and building off those words to form some key words that perceive the brand.

We then formed the below outline statement that would help move the project forward.

The Brand should be perceived as fashionable, stylish and offer quality clothing products that appeal to a large audience of people. With an aim to spread positivity and confidence.

The clothing brand will differ through care, creativity and style within their products.

Defining the Logo Concept and Visual Appearance

After understanding the company, the client vision, goals, and the brand’s ideal customers and their position in the market, we moved onto the ideation stage to start developing concept ideas for the logo design and visual identity.

The main aim and style when designing the logo was as set forth in the goals.

Logo Style

“Positive, inspirational logo that is going to look good on items of clothing but also be a symbol for our brand and what we believe in.”

Logo Concept

With this concept I wanted to explore a mark that is not only unique in its style and visual appearance, but will stand the test of time while equally looking very stylish on clothes and merchandise.

The idea behind this concept was to be as minimalistic as possible while remaining stylish. I wanted to create an icon that represented the three letters “LYM” with a simple triangle shape. There is also meaning behind its formation.

In life we all have our ups and downs. Sometimes it’s a downward spiral and we fall, but we learn to pick ourselves up and rise. It can be an uphill struggle and grind to get to the top but we can get there.

The triangle that represents “Y” for the word “YOU” also represents balance within yourself as it sits evenly between the other shapes.

Refining the Logo Concept 

Once the initial rough concept sketches are complete we set out to refine them into more polished drawings for inking and vectorising digitally on the computer.

Out of the concepts I created this one stood out to me as the strongest direction, I even told the client I would be purchasing clothing items at launch, as I would love to wear something with this mark on it, not just because I designed it, but because of its visual form and what it stands for I myself can relate to it.

It’s also really modern and eye catching and very iconic. I can visualise this on everything!

The client agreed I was over the moon with their response:

The Final Logo Design – What We Accomplished

Leave You Myself - Black & White Logo Design

Leave You Myself Store Sign

Leave You Myself Logo In Lights

“Oh my goodness we absolutely love this concept. The meaning of it is perfect and we really feel that you understand the message that we want to portray.”

Naomi Foster – Leave You Myself

Leave You Myself T-Shirt_Fluid Pattern

Fluid Background stickers - Leave You Myself

Hanging T-Shirt - Leave You Myself

Cap & Box - Leave You Myself

Leave You Myself Coffee Mug

Identity Style Guide

The colour set out for the logo was black and white with a grey scale version. We also created a gradient consisting of black to grey. The logo works in any colour applied to it, and displays well against any colour.

Client Feedback

“Andrew explained every process of the design and how long it would take.

Our logo will be very much at the forefront of our business and we wanted it to look perfect. 

I was very impressed with the process and the time taken to understand what we wanted our logo and the whole image of our business to resemble.

We are very happy with the end product and we will be using Andrew again with any further design work we need.

Would definitely recommend!”

Naomi & Mark – Leave You Myself

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Ruby Kitchens Logo Design - The Logo Creative

Ruby Kitchens

Logo & Visual Identity Design for Ruby Kitchens Ltd

Ruby Kitchens Ltd was founded by Dimitri Pulev and his wife, who are both acting directors of the company.

The company specialises in the design, supply and installation of quality German kitchen furniture. Their premises will be in the vicinity of Swindon, on the border with Oxfordshire.

They stand out by offering a complete service where the project management, warranty and responsibility comes from one place.

They differ by their intuitive and creative design solutions that lead to the best possible outcome for their customers.

Ruby Kitchens is different by design, by specialising in a single manufacturer they utilise their catalogue/options knowledge to create a Kitchen with a great feel and look, one that is refined and luxurious.

Unlike other kitchen design companies, Ruby Kitchens aims to fill and satisfy the gap in the market as a complete service covering all areas of project management all under one roof by designing, supplying and installing your dream kitchen and its equipment.

The business idea was born from Dimitri and his wife’s disappointment from the kitchen market.

They were looking for a kitchen for their own house project and essentially saw a huge opportunity – the offerings were mediocre, fragmented and did not serve the customer well.

Virtually nobody offered an actual design. They relied on our drawings/sketches and were not creative at all.

Customers are in the dark as to what the system capabilities are. Ruby Kitchens will work solely with Schuller and have become a dealer for them.

High quality service, specialist in an extremely versatile system that is high functional, practical with clear lines.

Company Goals

Ruby Kitchens’ goal is to establish a good local and South, South-West footing in the design, supply and installation sector of high quality kitchens.

The idea is to be competitive at every level. The natural aim is for mid to high-end earners in work, family oriented, 35-65 years of age.Customers who love home cooking are organised in their lives and are well informed.

Designing a Logo and Brand Identity for a Kitchens Company – Research & Concepts

We started by creating a list of oriented goals that we and the client agreed to for the direction of the project. We then started the research process with brand perception and competitor differentiation to position Ruby Kitchens within the kitchens market.

Through conducted research:

Most of the competition offers simply a quick and easy placement of units.Ruby Kitchens will offer a fully managed service – starting with a real design service that is thought out and planned to fit the customer and their kitchen space, right through to a fully working kitchen.

The target demographic and natural aim for the business is for mid- to high-end earners in work, family oriented, and 35-65 years of age.

Customers who love home cooking, are organised in their lives and are well informed.

Defining the Logo Concept and Visual Appearance

After we understood the company, the clients vision, the brands ideal customers and their position in the market we moved onto the ideation stage to start developing concept ideas.

The main aim and style when designing the logo was as set forth in the goals.

Logo Style

“Looking for a clean, minimalistic style logo that is unique and resembles quality and a premium company that is solid and professional.”

We did a range of rough sketches and initial ideas to get the  ideas out of mind and down on paper, this also separates the weaker ideas and highlights the stronger ideas to move forward with.

As shown below when we arrive with a winning solution.

Logo Concept

I wanted to further explore the letter “R” and “k” as a monogram with the integration of the ruby stone. The idea behind this was to join the letters together in a wrap formation signifying a strong  and professional unity and bond with its clients.

The ruby stone is also being presented from the interlockings of the letters as a prestigious outcome from a strong connection. It’s elegant and professional, while remaining fun and welcoming.

Refining the Logo Concept 

We then set out to refine the concept with a neater sketch for inking so we could then take this in to illustrator to vectorise and bring together a digital version.


The Final Logo Design – What We Accomplished

Ruby Kitchens Logo Design - B&W - The Logo Creative


“Thank you, the wait was worth it! All the designs are very good and we like them all. Colouring is also perfect, and grey and red are a fantastic combination.”

Dimitri Pulev – Ruby Kitchens Ltd


Stationary & Packaging Design

Ruby Kitchens Business Card Design

Ruby Kitchens Tube with Label - Kitchen Layout Plans

Identity Style Guide and Colour Treatment

For colour I focused on different shades of red from a ruby stone as a gradient. The shades go outwards from dark to light. The colour of a dark grey complements the shades of red.

When used on a darker background, the gradient effectively works; the ruby stone appears more prominent this way.

A pattern was created using the ruby stone which will be used on marketing collateral and business stationary.


Client Feedback

After the project was complete Dimitri was kind enough to send us this testimonial on their newly created letterhead design which really made our day. It was a fantastic project we thoroughly enjoyed working on.

Dear Andrew,

I am writing to express our gratitude for the design services you offered us. It was a pleasure to communicate with you, you were engaged, dedicated and i have a strong sense that you are very much enjoying what you do.

We will use your services in the future as well as recommend you to anyone looking for a professional design service.

Your talent for design is obvious, we loved all three suggested designs and felt spoilt for choice.

Best wishes for the future.

D. Pulev
Ruby Kitchens Ltd

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Carlos - Logo Design - The Logo Creative | International Brand Identity Design Studio


A New Logo & Identity for Carlos, a High-end Retail Store in Zambia

“Carlos” was founded by Carlos Chapasuka mother. It was her first business venture that she started in 1998. She named the business after her only child.

Carlos is a high-end retail store in Zambia, and one of the leading retail stores for health and beauty care products in the Copperbelt region.

Since the first shop opened in 1998 the brand has built a strong reputation for quality and consistency with their clients; both in the products they sell and their customer service.

The brand sells health care and beauty products over the counter such as skin lightening and brightening lotion, face creams, soap, and serums. Carlos has skincare specialists that carefully advise and recommend the best-suited products for the clients. Both men and women are able to help clients.

Carlos brand also sells perfumes and deodorants, and they also recommend and help customers choose the best-suited scents for them – whether its something mild, strong and also within their budget.

Currently, Carlos has 8 employees in their store, that work on a part-time basis. Their ages range from 20 to 30. The younger group is hoping to go to university, whilst the oldest and more settled ones are aiming to do further education in skincare.

The Carlos brand has future plans for expanding its store and opening another store in Lusaka the capital of Zambia. Carlos hopes to open the store in a high end, high traffic shopping complex.

Their long term vision is to have various stores open across the country, with ambitions expand into neighboring countries such as Congo, Zimbabwe.

Carlos also has a clothing department for men’s clothing such as shirts, t-shirts, trousers, neckties, and underwear.

In the department of skincare

Skincare is poorly understood and appreciated in Zambia. Not many schools adequately teach students about how the skin works and the importance of taking care of the skin. Many people, as a result, try to brighten and improve their skin complexion but end up using harsh products as a result of a friend’s recommendation or something that they found off the internet for instance. This leads to severely bleached and damaged skin.

Carlos brand goal is to help people take care of their skin. As soon as a client walks into their store, Carlos wants to gain their trust, in order for them to begin to help them by walking them through the different types of products that they have. While at the same time, coming up with a skincare regime for them to use and follow.

To help Carlos achieve this, they have study material to constantly stay up to date with the latest products, ingredients, and ways in which they work. So that the staff members are fully aware and are able to help their customers.

Carlos has a wave of repeat clients that come and show them the results of the skincare products that they have recommended for them. Carlos aims to be involved with their customer’s skincare routine.

Carlos makes sure they import a wide range of high quality and affordable products from different regions around the world. Regions such as South Africa, Thailand, Hong Kong, South Korea, Dubai, United Kingdom.

In the department of clothes

Carlos currently has its own brand of trousers that are manufactured for them by a manufacturer with labels on them. They also have clothing tags for their clothes with barcode labels on them. Each individual piece of clothing wear has the store name tagged on it.

Carlos carefully recommends attires for their clients to wear. Whether it’s for a weekend, job interview, work attire or something to add to their wardrobe. Their customers really depend on their assistance as it all adds to the buying experience. Their clients are given a range of clothes to try on, different sizes and fits. We help them decide which one fits best and looks great.

Every time a client walks in the doors, The Carlos staff always express and reassure their clients that they will help them in every way they can. Whether it’s picking out clothes to wear, improving the condition of their own skin; or finding new and unique scents customer service is key for them.

Carlos as a brand always seeks to go an extra mile for all our clients. For example, they offer a chair for them to sit on, an extra bag for their belongings (even though they haven’t bought anything from the store).

The Carlos brand is about ensuring their customers, employees, and suppliers or anyone else that comes in contact with the brand are taken care of.
They strongly believe that it is their duty to make a positive difference in peoples lives


Create a new logo / visual identity for Carlos’s brand.

Important information points gathered from the Logo design meeting and brief

  • Carlos is named after the founder’s son
  • The company was founded in 1998, and based on the Copperbelt region of Zambia
  • The business is expanding and currently has 8 employees in the age range of 20 to 30
  • The majority of their clients are working professionals. Some of which include, bankers, doctors, nurses, lawyers, farmers, mechanics. They also have university students.
  • Aiming to open another store in Lusaka the capital of Zambia with aims to have various stores open across the country to explore wider markets in neighboring cities.
  • Some of these employees will be further their education in specializing in skincare as the brand has its own range of skincare products with specialist advice.
  • It also sells perfumes and deodorants, skin lightening and brightening lotions, face creams, soap, and serums.
  • Carlos has a clothing department with its own brand of clothing. They also sell big brand names such as Chanel, Dior, Burberry
  • The type of music played in-store is jazz, swing, and country. Some artists include Michael Buble, Robbie Williams, Andrea Bocelli, Norah Jones, Melody Gadot, Frank Sinatra, Queen. They want to create something calming, classy, and relaxing. An environment that makes people feel comfortable and appreciated. But also an environment that allows Carlos to connect with its clients.

Project Scope

Main Goals

The main goal for this project was to create a logo and visual identity design that represent the brand visually moving forward as the brand expands.

The Company & Challenge

How I arrived at the concept from reading the initial brief I learned that the business was founded by Carlos’s mother in 1998 and named after her only son “Carlos”. The brand already had a good loyal customer base that was high end and of quality service and products.

I wanted to focus on the heritage aspect of the brand symbolising prestige but in a professional and friendly way.

The concept of a crown came to be as a symbol of what Carlos means to his mother a “king” “prince” everything wonderful in her life and the most important person to her. A crown is very valuable and prestigious just as a child is to their parents.

As Carlos is a high-end retail store and one of the leading retail stores for health and beauty care products as well as having its own high-end clothing range and also selling top brand names the symbol of a crown also represents a high end feel supporting the brand’s strong reputation of high quality and consistency it provides its clients not only with the products it provides but the service it gives to its clients, and Carlos is fit for a king.

Opportunity & Process

As Carlos was rebranding as they plan to open up more stores we had the opportunity to work with a growing brand in another country which is always exciting to learn about different cultures. It also makes a project more challenging and a challenge is always good as the end result is more rewarding.

Even though the client was in a different county and in a different time zone we made communication a priority as good communication is key to solving a problem and in this case, it was a design issue that needed solving.

Research & Concepts

Once we fully understood the client’s goals and the direction they were heading we needed to get a feel for the brand. We started with a keyword discovery session to put together a list of keywords and come up with a sentence to describe the brand.

We then needed to understand Carlos’s customers to make sure we designed for the correct audience. Creating a buyer persona allows us to prioritise the focus on creating a real-life person who influences the buying decisions for the brand we are designing for in a more effective strategic way. This process will also help when we are in the ideation stage helping to generate and develop concepts that will be visually appealing to the target audience.

We then moved on to the ideation stage to create concepts for the logo design. We did a tone of rough sketches narrowing it down to a few directions to take further for digital development. Below are the final sketches created for digital development.

Carlos - Logo Design Sketches

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What We Accomplished

Carlos Black and White Logo - The Logo Creative

Carlos Logo Lockups | The Logo Creative - International Brand Identity Design Studio

Carlos - Logo Design - The Logo Creative | International Brand Identity Design Studio

Carlos Logo - The Logo Creative

Carlos Tshirt Carlos Logo - The Logo Creative Carlos Logo - The Logo Creative

Carlos Tshirt Carlos Logo - The Logo Creative

Carlos is a high-end retail store in Zambia - Logo and Branding - The Logo Creative-min

Carlos is a high-end retail store in Zambia - Logo and Branding - The Logo Creative-min

Carlos Tshirt Carlos Logo - The Logo Creative

Carlos Brand Identity Design by The Logo Creative

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Client Feedback

I came to Andrew with nothing more than a description of the business. And I have to say, Andrew has produced something remarkable. Our new logo has added great value to our business and has surely made it stand out as something truly unique.

In the past we have worn t-shirt with the logo of Carlos printed on it, and it didn’t get much notice. But now our customers really appreciate our new logo and t shirts, many are demanding for a t shirt while others even go the extra mile to want to buy them. The chosen corporate colors fit into our business really well, giving it a great high-end feel.

I feel proud and honored to work for Carlos and stand behind a brand with an amazing face to it, and I aim to live up to the expectations of the crown. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Andrew and would certainly work with him again given the opportunity.

Thank you for bringing our vision to life.

Best wishes,


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Naya Jenson Potography - The Logo Creative

Naya Jenson Photography

New Logo & Identity For Professional Photographer Naya Jenson

Naya Jenson Photography is a photography studio run by Naya Jenson a professional photographer who holds a Bachelors degree, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography and a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) She has a wealth of experience working in a variety of photography specialisations. Naya has previously held high positions with creative agencies such as Studio manager and Creative director of photography managing large creative teams and projects.

As her name became more well known she wanted to increase her personal brand and studio and venture into running her own creative photography studio having a studio in London UK and opening a location in the states to meet the demand of longterm contract projects she is working on.


The project was to create a new visual identity for the rebrand of Naya Jenson’s photography studio.

Important information points gathered from the Logo design meeting and brief

  • Improve the overall image of the business with a classy and professional image.
  • Naya is traveling more and working further afield on larger scale contracted projects the rebrand needs to reflect a professional and more upmarket style.
  • Taking fewer bookings but working longer hours due to projects being bigger and further away.
  • Currently based in London UK, travels a lot to the states to work on larger contract projects.
  • Opening another studio within states as the contracted work is becoming a permanent deal.
  • The rebrand is not really a public move but to appeal to new contractors as a presentation of me as a professional and my personal brand.
  • As Naya is the heart and sole of the brand a personal initial based monogram using letters “N” “J” would be the focus.
  • Full creative control on design direction and branding, colour palette, etc.
  • Web UI design for the portfolio presentation site.

Project Scope

Main Goals

The main goal gathered from the initial brief and meeting points is to rebrand Naya Jenson Photography as a higher class photographer to appeal to a more upmarket clientele working more on a contractual basis.

The Company & Challenge

Naya is a professional photographer who is moving direction with her studio, working with bigger clients and on larger scale contract projects. Her working involves more travel to clients and shoot locations. The challenge is to rebrand Naya visually to appeal to a more upmarket clientele.

Opportunity & Process

Naya was a brilliant client who understood the importance of visual design, by giving us full creative control meant she fully trusted us to design her a visual identity that would represent her for years to come moving forward.

Naya was being given huge opportunities to further her studio and she needed to place her trust in us to raise the bar for her and to be given that trust meant a lot to us. We could relate as we are similar working with bigger clients and moving in a similar direction so we were used to this kind of pressure and challenge ahead.

We wanted to fully understand how Naya ran her studio and the process from interacting with clients, taking bookings and conducting a photo shoot to even photo editing and the final dealings with her clients. We went through the full typical scenario so we could visualise the process, interaction and client engagement.

Research & Concepts

The photography industry is so visual and a photographers brand needs to highlight them in a visual way as unique as reputation plays a key role and the brand’s identity design needed to add visual dimensions and a sense of fashion in a memorable symbol that will instantly connect with potential clients.

We stayed clear of the typical cliche logos that include cameras and lenses not entertaining the idea at all as her old logo included a camera and we strongly advised against it.

We needed to communicate Naya’s style and character within the new identity. As Naya’s business is so visual we needed to set her apart from other photographers make her look unique and memorable and highlight her studio qualities and express Naya artistically and also enhance the brand’s visual appeal.

Naya is the heart and sole of her business she is a skilled creative and without her talents, there is no Naya Jenson Photography, The mark needed to be Naya and a monogram design of her initials was a direction the monogram also needed to represent her as an individual, her personality and style we proposed at the very early stage and Naya agreed.

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The Concept & What We Accomplished

Naya Jenson Potography - The Logo Creative

Naya Jenson Potography - The Logo Creative

Naya Jenson Potography - The Logo Creative

Naya Jenson Potography - The Logo Creative


Naya Jenson Potography - The Logo Creative

Naya Jenson Potography - The Logo Creative

Naya Jenson Potography - The Logo Creative

Naya Jenson Potography - The Logo Creative

Naya Jenson Potography - The Logo Creative

Naya Jenson Potography - The Logo Creative

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Client Feedback

The first thing that stood out to me was Andrew’s portfolio of work and how it was presented, there was so much varied style I was blown away! Andrew was very prompt in replying to me and moving the project forward. He was very precise in gaining the information he needed from the initial brief to a more complex research process, and his enthusiasm to wanting to understand me as a person and my personal brand was phenomenal he really went above and beyond to deliver. The whole experience was very professional and a pleasure feeling very comfortable and confident the whole time.

Thanks again Andrew I will not hesitate in recommending you and using you again in the future. X

Naya Jenson 

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