The Dangers Of Not Consistently Building Links For Your Website

The Dangers Of Not Consistently Building Links For Your Website

Building links is an essential part of any SEO strategy if you want your website to rank higher in search results. It’s not enough to create a website with relevant content and improve page speed. In this article we discuss The Dangers Of Not Consistently Building Links For Your Website

Your website needs powerful links that connect to other relevant sites. 

The more backlinks you have, the better the site authority and the more relevant your page becomes on Google, which leads to a stream of traffic.

The dangers of not building enough links could prevent your website from being discovered, as the web crawler indexes new pages through relevant links found on web pages. 

Unless your website is in a rare niche where you only need two or three links a month to hit the top search results, the rest need a consistent number of links to merit a higher ranking.

What is Link Building?

The main purpose of link building is to create a network of links through web pages to drive traffic to your website and increase the site’s authority – which helps Google rank your page higher in search results.

Links are portholes to other sites that you may not have found through a search engine.

For these links to help you in your quest for site popularity, these anchor links must be appropriate for the publishing page and yours for Google’s algorithm to consider the link relevant.

Google also evaluates links in other ways – with relevance scores and whether the link improves the user experience by providing additional information. As a rule of thumb, the more relevant links you have on high authority sites, the better chance you have of Google listing your website in its chosen field.

Why Are Consistently Building Links Important?

Links are connections for web users to navigate between page content, files, websites, or media, and Google and other search engines use this link structure to determine website ranking. 

That’s why consistently building links will get you ranked higher and quicker. 

However, simply creating loads of links is not enough! The quality and diversity of the page matters, just like the keywords need to be relevant to the content and the website’s popularity.

So if your website is falling behind in Google SERPs, it is probably time you got in touch with a link building agency like Link City to create a piece of SEO-optimised content with a backlink that will help your website get indexed faster.

What Building Links Do For Your Website

The constant flow of links to your website will not just help it rank higher on the SERP, but it will help in many other ways like building new relationships, referral traffic, and building brand awareness.

Brand recognition

A few quality links on a popular website is all it takes to gain recognition from people. 

They don’t even need to click on the link – only notice the brand name because that link is showcased on a high authority site, which in turn makes your site of high authority. 

Plus, a high authority site has more relevant content for its users. This gives them the confidence to click on the link with your services or goods relating to them and what they’re looking for.

New relations

The danger of not link building is that you don’t have any relationships with other websites. 

A vital part of link building involves creating new relationships with other sites to promote your page through links.

The more your webpage links relate to other popular websites, the better your relationship will be, and this also brings the chance for other websites to see your link and want to use it on their website, which creates more relationships.

More traffic

The beauty of link building with other sites in your field is that the incoming traffic is already interested in the goods or services you are selling on the website.

For example: if I go to a popular flower website and see an article about exotic flowers with a link, I am more likely to click on it and potentially purchase some exotic flowers because it is relevant information on a trusted site.

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