5 Digital Marketing Trends To Watch In 2022

5 Digital Marketing Trends To Watch In 2022

The world of digital marketing is one that is constantly changing. Some trends come and go while others stay and become an integral part of digital marketing. In recent years especially, we have experienced a rapid digital transformation as a result of the global pandemic. Here are 5 Digital Marketing Trends To Watch In 2022.

Businesses now have to adapt to new circumstances and take into account the ever-changing customer interests. This is why every business owner and marketer should keep an eye on the latest trends in the industry. Hence, here are the 5 digital marketing trends to watch in 2022.

1. The Rise of  MetaVerse

By far one of the biggest events in the digital sphere is the launch of MetaVerse. But first, a little bit of backstory. Facebook (the company that owns Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp among other things) has now rebranded as Meta. Going forward, Meta will be taking a completely new approach and will most likely be leading the way for many others.

Even now after its launch, everyone has been talking about MetaVerse and what it means in the long term, but in 2022, more eyes will be focused on the project. But what exactly is MetaVerse? To put it simply, it is somewhat like cyberspace, a concept that has been around for a few decades now and has been widely used in fictional works.

Now, cyberspace is becoming a reality with the introduction of MetaVerse. MetaVerse uses Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies in combination with social media and video gaming, among other things, to create a digital world of its own. Nonetheless, this digital space is still connected to our world through AR.

Many ideas that have been proposed and discussed so far are mostly theoretical, but many experts already recognize just how many opportunities have been created with the introduction of MetaVerse. The possibilities are almost endless.

Companies like Google, Apple, and Facebook have been merging the physical and the digital worlds in different ways, and this is just another step in this journey. For businesses in different industries, MetaVerse could be a new space for digital marketing and advertising once it becomes more developed.

2. Interactive Content Marketing

Another trend that will definitely get more attention in the next year is interactive content marketing. Nowadays, most businesses aim to get to a more personal level of their relationship with their customers. To do this, there needs to be more engagement with the audience which can be achieved through interactivity.

Clifford Hobbs, an expert from the writing services reviews site Writing Judge, explains, “Brands interacting with their audiences is not something new. Of course, most ads you see are meant to be consumed passively, but when it comes to content, the situation is quite different. You don’t just watch a video – you want to comment on it, you want to share it. Now, businesses are taking interactivity to the next level with their new content strategies.”

Indeed, more and more companies choose to reevaluate their content strategies and focus more on quality over quantity while prioritizing engagement as one of their main goals. Thanks to the widespread use of social media, interacting with potential customers has never been easier – and brands are taking advantage of this.

However, interactive content marketing can’t be categorized as just a single digital marketing technique. There are numerous ways in which you can utilize content to create more immersive experiences for your audience and to connect with customers more effectively. Some of the types of content commonly used include:

  • Polls, Quizzes, Questionnaires, and Surveys
  • AR- and VR-based experiences
  • 360-degree virtual reality tours and videos

3. Hybrid Events and Live Streaming

As mentioned earlier, the pandemic has had a massive impact on the digital world. Many businesses were forced to close their physical stores and, in turn, had to transition to online selling. This has led to a greater focus on digital marketing above all else. Just as businesses focused their attention on the Internet, so did their audiences.

But even during such troubling times, there is still a great need for human connection which becomes challenging to achieve with the lack of social gatherings. This is why hybrid events became more popular and more companies turned to hosting such events instead of trying to organize something in-person.

Hybrid events have numerous advantages. In many cases, they can be organized with fewer resources and staff members. Moreover, you can reach much bigger audiences when an event is organized entirely or partially online. This is exactly why so many companies in all kinds of industries started opting for such events.

At the same time, live streaming content became more popular. Obviously, many different platforms have already offered a live streaming feature before (Instagram, YouTube, and others). In fact, Twitch is a platform entirely dedicated to live streaming that has been around for some time now. And yet, live streaming content has truly started gaining traction recently.

In the next year, it is likely that more businesses, especially smaller ones, will start using live streaming features to connect with their audience and increase engagement. Anything from hosting giveaways to announcing new product launches can be done through live streaming, which makes this type of content quite versatile and beloved by brands.

4. Messenger Apps and Chatbots

Just as businesses are now hyper-focused on engaging with their audiences, they are also interested in providing personalized, high-quality customer experiences. This means that customer service has become one of the top priorities even for brands that were more focused on other aspects of business before.

Marlene Joyce, an expert from the custom writing reviews site Best Writers Online, says, “Consumers are more demanding nowadays. They expect an individual, personal approach. And if you can’t give them that, they will be quick to find another brand that can provide them with what they are looking for. That’s why it’s so important to provide good customer service and support to your audience.”

Undoubtedly, messenger apps and chatbots are the ones doing the bulk of the work when customer support is concerned. Customers are so used to using messenger apps that receiving support through them feels natural and is always a very comfortable method of communication for both parties involved.

At the same time, chatbots are being developed and innovated every year. With the rise of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technologies, chatbots have been given more attention and have become smarter. This allows businesses to reduce their expenses and provide instant customer support to every single customer.

It’s also worth noting how social media fits into the picture. Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are by far some of the most widely used messenger apps. It’s no wonder that they are owned by the same company while Messenger is directly connected to a major social media platform. Perhaps that is the reason why so many brands are also offering customer support directly on social media.

5. A Focus on Micro Influencers

Last but not least, next year will likely see a much bigger focus on micro influencers compared to macro influencers. When influencer marketing first appeared on the scene, it was regarded as just another trend that would pass eventually. But as more and more brands started using the technique, it became an integral part of digital marketing.

One of the best things about influencer marketing is that it can be used on a variety of platforms and by businesses that may not possess enough resources to launch massive ad campaigns. This makes influencer marketing a popular choice for companies of different backgrounds in terms of experience, reputation, industry, and so on.

But why are micro influencers so important compared to macro influencers? Unlike macro influencers who have large follower bases, micro influencers have a much smaller reach. However, they also tend to have higher rates of engagement on the content they post. This means that they often have a much stronger connection with their audience.

In addition to that, micro influencers operate on a more niche level. They may not be influencing an entire industry, but they could be dominating their specific niche which makes them the most authoritative and influential figure you could turn to. That is precisely why many businesses choose to work with micro influencers as opposed to macro influencers.

If you own a small business and don’t have a very big budget, working with micro influencers could turn out to be more effective for you than working with a single macro influencer. This way, you will be reaching several different audiences that trust their respective influencers and are more willing to consider what they are promoting.


At the end of the day, figuring out what digital marketing is like is not a one-time event. It will likely take you years of experience to be able to predict new developments in this sphere before they happen.

Until then, it’s best to keep up with the latest trends by reading the news and reading insights about digital marketing. Use the information in this article to help you better understand what digital marketing is like today and which trends you should watch in the coming year.

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