The Future Of Work - How To Work From Anywhere

The Future Of Work: How To Work From Anywhere

Recently, the topic of remote work has become especially relevant, especially among employees who are tired of commuting to the office day after day through busy rush hour traffic jams. There are also many conflicts, primarily among employers. In this article we discuss The Future Of Work: How To Work From Anywhere.

Here I will try to explain how to work from anywhere and why, despite all the disadvantages, remote work is our future. As a person in the IT industry, I mean this sector primarily, but many of these observations are general.

Who Can Work Remotely?

Almost any specialist related to intellectual activity can work remotely: from a website developer, illustrator, and SMM manager to a consultant for online sales of goods and services. Habitual office professionals can also work remotely: lawyers, accountants, personnel officers, and personal assistant leaders.

You can work with anyone if you need the Internet for work and communication. Popular professions include:

  • Graphic designer; Web Designer;
  • Illustrator, artist;
  • Copywriter, editor, proofreader;
  • Developer and programmer;
  • Freelance Medical Writer
  • Support specialist;
  • Teachers and Translators;
  • Call center operator, online consultant, sales manager.

Remote Benefits For Workers

To avoid making a list too long, I will give an example of the main arguments in defense of remote work. And I will add personal impressions from myself:

  • There is more time to live. First, the cost of transportation, clothing, shoes, and meals is reduced if there is no food in the office. Secondly, I don’t remember the last time I was seriously ill. This means that the exchange of viruses is excluded. Third, commuting time to work turns into a time to live.
  • The realities of the local market. Here, too, everything is simple: an employee from a region with an undeveloped IT industry can work for a company from the big city, or even from Europe / USA if he speaks English very well. There is space here for increasing income, finding more exciting projects, and applying highly specialized knowledge that local companies do not demand.
  • Comfortable space. For me, the issue of respecting personal space is critical, and this applies not only at home but in general, any place where I am comfortable to be. For example, there are several workrooms in Los Angeles coworking spaces – large rooms with different seating arrangements. There are a couple of large meeting rooms and telephone booths, a kitchen with simple delicacies, and a gym. After all, it’s just an excellent place to work, making sure everything works.
  • It would seem that here you can argue: at home, you have a bed, a refrigerator, children, and a wife. Everything appears to be created in order not to let you work in peace. The same coworking spaces in Los Angeles against this background may seem like just a working paradise. This opinion is prevalent among those who tried to work remotely but failed to organize everything correctly and returned to the office.

Benefits For The Employer

The benefits for the employer are, to some extent, the flip side of the benefits for the employee.

  • Savings in the office. Seriously, the office as a workspace in the current environment is becoming completely optional, and therefore the money you spent on it, you can now invest in business development. In the context of the economic crisis, you have a great chance to bypass competitors. All of them are still living in the realities of the past.
  • Access to the best specialists. Are there no specialists in your region? This is not a problem today. Hire the workers you need anywhere in the world.
  • Satisfied employees. Employees who work in a relaxed mode, not exhausted by the daily journey and the delights of an eight-hour stay in a cramped office, will be grateful to you. This is more likely to ensure their loyalty to you than all other methods combined.

Where and How to Find Remote Work?

Review your work experience and consider if you can do the same responsibilities from home. Look for vacancies on job search sites, in thematic publics in social networks and messengers, on freelance platforms, or through friends and acquaintances.

If you have no experience or are not suitable for working remotely, learn a newly qualified profession for working outside the office. So, there are English-language freelance platforms for different specialties.

On English-speaking platforms, income can be higher. But you need English to work. The most demanded specialists are programmers and developers.

How Can I Work From Anywhere?

Let’s say everything is evident with the advantage of remote work. Now you need special services and programs to use. Some record working hours, others – completed tasks.

Employees can work via a remote desktop: connect from a personal computer to a common server and work in a single system with all documents and access.

The remote team communicates through messengers, mail, or Skype. If you need a laptop, special equipment, or software for work, the employer provides it or helps to install it.

Remote work today is easier than ever, and can also be done working from home. The good news is that with the capabilities of the great and mighty Internet, with hundreds of its tools, nothing is more accessible than working remotely. You have to take advantage of all its benefits.

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