Things to Avoid While Guest Posting

Things to Avoid While Guest Posting

In this article we share some tips and Things to Avoid While Guest Posting.

According to recent data by Optinmonster, more than 79% of editors feel guest post content is mostly promotional. Unfortunately, it is one of the most common reasons why several guest posts get frequently rejected by high-quality websites.

Knowing the right tips for guest posting and not repeating the mistakes of others can help you get your guest blogs published on credible websites.

Unlike advertising, where you invest a lot of money to enhance your visibility, in guest posting, you can simply get your article published on another website with a link to your official website. Through this process, you can come in front of a whole bunch of new audiences.

However, when it comes to guest posting, many people commit mistakes that badly impact their overall guest posting strategy.

You can stay safe by following these simple tips and tricks to better execute your guest posting plan.

Don’t Make It Overly Promotional

People read news, articles, and blogs to learn something new. They don’t like to read advertorials or advertisements. Therefore, your guest post must look professional and complete. Readers shouldn’t feel as if they are reading an article written by a novice.

You shouldn’t discuss too much about what you do or what you sell. Instead, make it interesting by adding relevant statistics and the latest information.

You can also take help from a guest posting services agency. They have a professional team of writers who can help write relevant guest posts and get them published on top-notch, relevant websites and blog sites.

Your Website Doesn’t Have Enough Content

You need not write blog posts when your own website doesn’t have enough content. Unfortunately, many business owners instantly start opting for guest posting without putting enough information on their business websites. For readers, it can be a big turn-off.

If you’ve just launched your business, you must complete your website 100%. Here content plays a key role. First, you have to decide on the number of pages, images, infographics, and other information you want on your business site.

You can go for guest blogging when the site has enough content. It’ll help you reach out to new readers and audiences, and you may get qualified leads, too.

Not Following Necessary SEO Rules

Many business firms and marketers often send guest posts without following SEO rules. Though it is hard to understand Google algorithms and other SEO best practices, professional guest blogging service providers can help.

In order to make sure that your guest post does well, you’ve to ensure that it’s 100% unique, at least 700 words, keyword-focused, and contains a link back to your site. Ignoring any of these aspects won’t serve the purpose for which you are submitting your guest post.

Selecting An Inappropriate Site

Writing a guest post means you’re putting lots of effort into it. So, research well before submitting it to any generic site or a blog site with low DA.

You are doing guest posting for a specific purpose. The site where you submit your guest post should be popular and receive plenty of website traffic throughout the year.

Not Focusing on Long-term Relationships

Many business firms submit guest posts to a site and forget. But it’s not appropriate. Your guest posting strategy may never click if your only focus is to get an article published on the guest site.

Guest posting also has a hidden connotation of relationship building.

It means you have to regularly post your guest blog on the site. Become its regular contributor and get an author’s profile. In the author bio, you can present yourself as an influencer or expert in your business niche.

Regular guest posting allows you to create a small niche community of readers or users on that site. You may also receive several questions or leads in due course of time.

Wrapping Up

Guest posting is an essential part of content marketing. Almost all types of businesses go for guest blogging to reach out to new users and enhance their online visibility.

However, it won’t work if you don’t do it correctly. Therefore, you need to treat guest blogging as seriously as you consider other aspects of digital marketing—email marketing, SEO, social media, PPC, and others.

Submitting incomplete, ungrammatical and non-factual guest posts to a blogging site can tarnish your reputation. So, be cautious while writing guest posts and avoid the above-mentioned mistakes before submitting them.

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