How to Keep Your Brand Design Files Neat and Organized

How to Keep Your Brand Design Files Neat and Organized

In this article we discuss How to Keep Your Brand Design Files Neat and Organized.

When you have many documents, finding the right thing at the right time can be tricky, especially if you need help remembering where you put the files. As such, you must keep your design files neat and organised. This way, you’ll be able to keep track of all your ideas and designs easily. 

Here are two ways to organise your brand design files: 

1. Leverage Document Scanning Software 

A great way to keep your files organised is by using document scanning software. This technology allows you to scan all sorts of documents into one file that your team can easily access on any device.  

When looking for document scanning software, you can look at the brand’s reputation by reading customer reviews online. You may also want to look at the features offered by each product.

These may include simple integration, exporting and editing capabilities, and advanced customisation options. 

By checking what they can offer, you’ll be able to find one that meets your needs and fits within your budget while still being effective in managing your brand design files. 

2. Create Structured Folders 

When organising your brand design files, you may create structured folders to keep all of your files in order. This will help you find them much easier when you need to look at them.  

Here are five ways to create structured folders: 

  • Store Folders in One Location: One of the easiest ways to keep your brand design files neat and organised is by storing them in one main folder. This will make it easier to find what you need when working on a new project.
  • Sort Files by Type: Once all files are inside one main folder, sort them by type. This could be anything from font families to branding guides and references for colours used in your designs. 
  • Name Files Correctly: It’s also important to name your files correctly so they don’t get mixed up with other files. Make sure each file has a unique name, and consider adding the month and year when it’s created. This will help you keep everything organised, especially if you share access to the files with others.  

In addition, be sure to check permissions before sharing any files with others. This way, the files can only be downloaded by those who have been given access, not unauthorised users. 

  • Use Colour Coding: Colour coding is an excellent way to keep your branding files organised. One way you can do this is by using a unique colour-coded icon for each type of file.
  • Create Subfolders Inside the Main Folder: Another great way to keep your brand design files neat and organised is by using subfolders within each folder. This allows you to categorise each type of file and keep your file repository from becoming cluttered. 

If you can create and manage these structured folders, you can easily find files when you need them.  

Make Sure To Back Up Files 

You never know when your computer will fail or break down or if someone will steal your logo and use it for their website.

This can happen anytime, especially if you’ve lost a storage drive containing valuable information, like your logo design, fonts, and other images.

So, ensure you have a good backup plan in case of emergencies to keep everything safe. 

You can store duplicates of design files on an external hard drive so you can always access them when needed. You may also use secure and reliable cloud storage, which gives you access to files from anywhere at any time with an internet connection.

This way, you can ensure that no one gets access to your files without your permission and that they’re secure from being stolen.

In addition to backing up your design files on an external hard drive and secure cloud storage, regularly update your backups.

This can be done by setting up automatic backups so your files are saved periodically without requiring you to remember to do it manually.

Key Takeaway 

Keeping your brand design files neat and organised is vital in branding strategies because it helps ensure the smooth flow of your processes and helps you stay on track. You’ll be able to find files when you need them. Staying organised also helps keep your designs from getting corrupted or lost. 

An excellent way to do this is by using document scanning software and a file-folder system developed for this purpose. The system may include using colour coding, creating folders and subfolders, and using cloud storage to keep your files secure.

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