Top Three Pocket Friendly Project Management Software For 2020

Top Three Pocket Friendly Project Management Software For 2020

As projects become more complex, project management has also become a complex undertaking. Things have become especially confusing for project managers that are handling multiple projects at the same time. In this article we share the Top Three Pocket Friendly Project Management Software for 2020.

Collaborating with team members, delegating tasks, setting up objects, keeping track of project progress, staying on top of client communications, taking care of the many moving parts of a project can easily turn out to be an administrative nightmare.

This is where project management software becomes relevant. The right project management software can enable you to streamline all the aforementioned tasks, while also giving you access to a wealth of data that can potentially improve the efficiency with which you execute projects.

With that said, there is a common misconception among people that project management software is an expensive investment. While that may be true for some products that offer advanced features, there are plenty of pocket-friendly options available  on the market.

Here’s a list of our top picks of affordable and free project management software for this year: 

Project Open

Project Open is an open source project management software that offers all the basic tools required by project managers. The product, which has been downloaded over a million times, offers enterprise level project management solutions and also boasts features that are relevant to IT service management and professional service automation.

The best part is, there is a ‘community’ version of Project Open that is absolutely free to use. Sure, it comes with a limited number of features but in most cases, these limited features are enough to get one started with basic project management. If you feel these features are not enough to fulfill your project management needs, you can always opt for the premium version of Project Open which starts at just $12 per user per month.


Ayoa is another little known but brilliant work management tool. It offers a variety of task management, project planning, and collaboration tools, making it perfect for medium to large distributed teams. The tool also offers some great mind mapping capabilities and comes loaded with a variety of task view styles including Kanban style boards, Gantt Timelines, and Canvas View.

Collaboration features offered by Ayoa allow project managers to invite people from outside the team to manage various aspects of their project. In fact, the collaboration features enable other users to take over the reins of the whole project, of course, after obtaining the right permissions.

There is a basic version of Ayoa that is available for free. The basic features are great for getting started with project management. As your business and projects grow, you can opt for the $12 per user per month premium version of Ayoa.


Freedcamp is perhaps the most well known tool on this list. Used by the likes of PayPal, Google, Apple, Deloitte and Getty Images, among many other similarly big names, Freedcamp is popular because it’s simple to use and offers all of its core project management features for absolutely free.

That’s right, Freedcamp is free to use (for the most part) and offers the ability to use unlimited storage, manage unlimited projects, and add unlimited teammates.

With that said, unless you are paying for Freedcamp, you will only be provided with basic support by the team behind the software. However, even the premium plans of Freedcamp are extremely affordable, starting at just $1.50 per user per month.


These were our picks of top three affordable and free to use project management software. Did we miss out on mentioning your favorite free project management software? Share it with us and everyone else in the comment section below.

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