Updating Your Logo Around Social Developments - Should You Consider It

Updating Your Logo Around Social Developments: Should You Consider It?

For businesses and individuals around the world, 2020 has been a whirlwind of a year, and it’s only getting stranger.

From the current pandemic to the US elections and Black Lives Matter through to the ongoing Brexit debacle, something is happening every day that many individuals feel passionate about, and that is disrupting the world as we know it.

In response to these developments, many brands have updated their logos to reflect the topics that consumers are passionate about or affected by.

The question is, should your brand follow suit? Read on, and we’ll discuss why it could be the perfect way to show your support and connect with your target market.

You Can Show You Care

Many of the social developments and disruptions occurring right now affect millions of people, such as the pandemic outbreak and the Black Lives Matter movement. By adapting your logo, you are showing solidarity with members of these communities.

You can enlist the help of a digital agency who can come up with some creative ideas on how to incorporate it into your design. You’ll want to use a professional digital marketing agency to ensure it’s done tastefully, such as Creative Goldfish who have worked with a range of businesses on their branding.

One of their specialties is digital graphics which includes designing bespoke logos for specific target audiences. A marketing agency like this can help you to create a new logo and branding strategy that will show your clients that you care and are committed to supporting the causes that are important to them.

You Can Boost Brand Recognition

A redesigned logo that shows solidarity with others or promotes a cause might be picked up by news outlets and associations affiliated with that cause. As a result, your brand could spread further and become recognisable to an even more extensive range of potential customers.

It will also become more ingrained in the minds of those who’ve already heard of your brand. Your brand will become more recognisable and authoritative, helping your company to grow as an organisation.

You Can Show Your Support

Many of the developments that are occurring right now, particularly the Black Lives Matter protests, are vitally important for huge communities, which probably include members of your staff and customer base.

By adapting your logo design in solidarity with these cultural movements, you’ll be showing all of your stakeholders that you support these vital causes and are committed to making the world a better place for everyone who uses and works for your company.

You Can Use It To Generate Leads

Your logo redesign could prompt new leads to visit your website or check out your social media pages, and you can then funnel them through the sales process from an interested passer-by to a paying customer. As such, it should be a key consideration for any innovative and driven company looking to expand.

Your New Logo Design Could Go Viral

If your updated logo gets noticed for the right reasons, and your customers see it as a positive representation of what’s going on, then it could go viral.

A viral marketing campaign can catapult your brand to success, and many companies have achieved exceptional exposure thanks to viral advertising campaigns. So consider working alongside a creative and innovative agency that can give you a sensitive yet inventive new logo.

It Might Just Be Time For A Revamp

When you get your logo changed to reflect a new development, you might notice that your original design is tired and out of date. It could be the catalyst for a complete rebrand, or just a revamp of your logo that rejuvenates your brand and helps your business to grow and flourish during this challenging time.

When you work with a design agency to change your logo, you could consider asking them to mock-up new ideas for your logo to reinvigorate your brand and propel it towards even greater success in the future.

During these challenging and strange times, businesses need to be adapting around the latest developments and providing customers with evidence that they understand and appreciate their situation. Upgrading your logo is just one way your company can adapt and stay relevant.

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