Why Your Business Should Use an Employee Holiday Tracker

Why Your Business Should Use an Employee Holiday Tracker

Tracking and managing employee holidays can be challenging, especially for businesses that still use outdated methods like spreadsheets for this task.

Some employees might also feel like they are being micromanaged because they do not want their employers always checking up on them when on holiday. However, there are several good reasons why a business should adopt modern employee holiday trackers.

It Eliminates Payroll Errors

There are cases where employees are docked pay for days the management thinks they were away when they were actually in the office. These errors and disputes arise due to manual errors when entering data in sheets used to track employee holidays.

Instead of risking such disputes, businesses can use an employee holiday tracker that is much more accurate. They can easily set when the employee will go on holiday and when they return.

By doing so, they have records they can produce in the future to show when an employee was or was not at work.

Modern software options also allow businesses to integrate these trackers with their payroll systems. These integrations allow accurate salary and compensation calculations without managers going through all the data and working it all out.

It Makes Employees Responsible for Time Off

Instead of the management deciding when an employee should be available or unavailable, an employee can request time off as they wish. However, this is on the condition that they have days available to take off.

By making employees responsible for this, managers are left with the task of checking the software, seeing who else is unavailable and approving or denying the request.

It Helps Businesses Avoid Staffing Shortages

If managers are not careful, they may approve too many holiday requests and not have enough people in the office when they need them. With an employee holiday tracker, they can easily see who is unavailable so they can decide where to approve holiday requests.

These trackers are also flexible enough to allow employers to dig deeper to get much better insights. For example, they can see who is coming back soon so they can tell employees who have requested a holiday when they can go on one.

It Provides Data Transparency

Some employees have difficulty calculating and tracking their time off. They may not know how many days they have accrued and how many they have available for their holiday.

Instead of wondering, they can check the holiday tracker and have this information easily.

They can also more easily plan their holidays around important times, such as their favourite holiday if they have enough days to go away for a while.

It Eliminates Micromanaging

Many people are unhappy when employers constantly ask them when they will return to the office. This happens when the business does not have proper records they can check to get this information.

An employee holiday tracker provides this information easily so that managers do not have to interrupt their employees’ holidays.

Managing employee holidays can be complicated if a business does not use the right tools to do so. Fortunately, the right employee holiday tracker makes it easy for them to approve holidays, see who is available, approve or disapprove time off, and even remind employees when they should be back in the office.

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