10 Photoshop Tutorials & Ideas for Anything You're Trying to Accomplish

10 Photoshop Tutorials & Ideas for Anything You’re Trying to Accomplish

Graphic design and photo editing are essential elements or rather have turned out to be very important aspects of marketing. The ever-advancing technology in the two areas further increases both the complexity of their processes and the quality of works produced. One of the most powerful tools used in graphic design and photo editing is Photoshop. In this article we look at 10 Photoshop Tutorials & Ideas for Anything You’re Trying to Accomplish.

Photoshop also plays a significant role in the marketing industry as witnessed in its diverse applications by marketers. Like other elements of technology, Photoshop consists of many advanced features that aid in the development of quality graphic designs and photos.

The different settings, tools, and other features keep on changing and thus prompting users to constantly update their skills. Here are some of the current Photoshop tutorials that will help you in catching up with its emerging trends.

Photoshop Basics Tutorial – Adobe

Keeping up with the emerging trends or features in Photoshop gives the users a competitive advantage over others. It is important for both the skilled users and beginners to acquaint themselves with the changes in the skill. The Photoshop Basics Tutorial from the Adobe Photoshop team provides an excellent opportunity for such individuals.

Lasting only for 46 minutes, the tutorial allows for self-teaching on the skill of Photoshop, especially for the beginners. The tutorial is highly effective in introducing the basic elements of how the skill of Photoshop works using the Adobe Bridge.

Learners get to know the ten basic principles of Photoshop upon which they can start and build their skill. It is one of the best photoshop tutorials as it introduces the basic skills such as cropping, editing photos to remove some parts, and editing the colors of an image.

Photoshop Painting Tutorial – PiXimperfect

There are different ways of using Photoshop digital paintbrushes. The digital paintbrushes account for some of the best works of Photoshop witnessed across various brands. However, using the “painting” Photoshop tool may not be as easy as it sounds.

Fortunately, the Photoshop painting tutorial from PiXimperfect provides a helping hand to carry out the tasks. The tutorial gives recommendations to the users on which Photoshop tools to use in developing the photos. The use of a Stylus, for instance, gives users the technical feel of the painting and allows them to control the process of changing the photo into a painting.

The 31-minute session is integral to the enhancement and correction of images to acquire the appeal of paintings.

Photoshop Coloring Tutorial – PHLEARN

While recoloring an image may be a simple process, the addition of new colour to the same proves to be a challenging task. However, this 19-minute tutorial from Phlearn equips the users with the photoshop tricks to carry out the task with success.

The short learning course teaches how to isolate a specific part of an image and change its color using a Photoshop tool known as the Colorizer.

How to use the cropping tool – Lynda.com

The use of the cropping tool introduced during the basics of Photoshop from the first tutorial is elaborated further in this tutorial. Some of the best photoshop edits make use of this basic skill in Photoshop. The fact that the cropping tools in Photoshop keep on changing allows for the unique techniques employed by different users.

The tutorial takes this factor into consideration and teaches the learners on how to use the various cropping techniques available. The learner enjoys the freedom of choosing the cropping version they want to be using in their works.

How to Use the Undo/Redo Tool, Steps, and History – Sterling Teaches

One may think that the Undo/Redo feature in other computer programs serve the same purpose in Photoshop. It is, however, not the case in Photoshop as the feature only functions to undo a single step during the process.

Trying to go back a few steps in Photoshop is different from running other programs as it involves using a less flexible feature of the history panel. The 5-minute

tutorial takes learners through the steps in undoing or redoing steps in Photoshop.

How to use the Rotate View tool – Creative Bloq

As simple as it may sound, using the rotate view tool can prove challenging in Photoshop especially for beginners. Unlike in other programs such as Adobe readers for PDF documents, flipping images in photoshop may serve as photoshop design ideas.

Creative Bloq’s tutorial takes learners through the simple process in photoshop in a 2-minute session.

3D tutorial on Photoshop – Tutvid

Adding a third dimension to an image without such an element makes for one of the best photoshop ideas to enhance a photo. The 30-minute tutorial from Tutvid teaches learners how to make use of the 3D workspace in Photoshop.

The workspace provides elements such as letters, shapes, and numbers in 3-Dimensional forms. The tutorials take you through the requirements and factors to consider when using the elements of photoshop.

How to use the patterns of step and repetition – Phlearn

The fields of graphic design and photo editing make frequent use of patterns and their repetition for developing the desired effect. Creating such patterns and their repetitive use takes various forms in photoshop.

The tutorial from Phlearn provides yet another introduction of the basics in creating patterns and their use in photoshop. Among the elements provided for pattern creation and their use in photoshop is the use of the Lightroom.

Double Exposure Photoshop Tutorial — Adobe Creative Cloud

Another one of Adobe Creative Cloud tutorial highlights one of the best features to use in photoshop. The double exposure photoshop tool allows the users to blend two photos with different textures.

The texture of one of the photos fits into the other’s shape creating a different appeal on both. The 45-seconds tutorial teaches the simple process to users.

How to Sharpen Images — Kelvin Designs

Graphic designers have to know how to change the appearance of an image and create different perceptions or appeals on the same. Photoshop provides an excellent platform to carry out all the sharpening tasks on an image.

Kelvin Design’s tutorial provides the guidelines for performing such tasks for enhanced images.


Photoshop plays a significant role in graphic design and photo editing. Creating the best designs and edited images take a lot into consideration. Both require mastering of various skills and techniques in the use of photoshop tools and features for effectiveness.


The tutorials teach both the experienced users and beginners how to apply the use of such tools in carrying out their tasks in photoshop.

We hope these 10 Photoshop Tutorials & Ideas for Anything You’re Trying to Accomplish have been helpful and be sure to leave your comments below.

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