4 Things Your Freelancer Wants You to Know

4 Things Your Freelancer Wants You to Know

In recent years, the internet has given rise to what is now known as the gig-based economy. From copywriters, designers and even virtual assistants, the gig-based economy has enabled even the humblest startup to access a much wider talent pool. In this article we discuss 4 Things Your Freelancer Wants You to Know.

For a new generation, freelancing is set to be a viable source of employment for those seeking an alternative to the corporate lifestyle.

Oftentimes, freelance workers are taken on for a variety of projects where their specialized skills allow them to stand out. This form of non-traditional employment is extremely attractive for organizations looking to hire short-term workers for certain projects.

Regardless of your field, chances are good that you’ve worked with freelance workers in the past. It is estimated that by 2020, approximately 40% of the American workforce will consist of freelancers. Thus, to get the best out of your team of freelancers, a paradigm shift is necessary.

Having spoken with several top freelancers, we bring you the lowdown on how you can get the best out of your freelance team.

“You pay for what you get”

Being business owners ourselves, it’s perfectly understandable that you’d like to keep costs low. Given the competitive environment of the freelance industry, you could be tempted to hire the lowest bidder.

After all, how bad could his/her work be? Well, it can be downright awful.

Usually, the lowest bidding freelancers produce subpar work which is why they’re able to offer such ridiculously low prices. What may seem like a good deal could result in you having to hire another professional to complete the first job.

While you may save on hiring a more expensive freelancer initially, the damage he/she could do is priceless.

Moral of the story: Forget the low ballers. Look for freelancers with higher rates who typically have a much better track record.

Be upfront about your expectations

When discussing the details of a project it’s vital that you’re upfront about your expectations for the project. This allows the freelancer to better manage the project in order to ensure that your expectations are met.

All too often, freelancers have their fair share of horror stories about clients who agree with everything initially but throw a fit when the final project is revealed. Consequently, this wastes time and money for all parties involved.

While more experienced freelancers will arrange for a session to discuss your expectations, this is not necessarily the norm. Instead, take the initiative to reach you out to your freelance partner,

Moral of the story: Always be clear and honest about your expectations. Ensure that your freelance partner understands what is expected of them.

Respect your freelancers work hours

Freelancers are human, just like you and me. While your freelancer may not have the typical 9 to 5 work schedule, this does not give you the license to demand their attention at all hours of the day.

All too often, many clients make the mistake of assuming that their freelancers are at their every beck and call. While you are paying them for their work and time, this doesn’t entitle you to dominate all 24 hours of their day.

Failing to respect their working hours will only serve to make things difficult for both of you. Instead, schedule meetings where both parties are able to amicably discuss any pressing matters.

Moral of the story: Don’t forget that freelancers have regular hours. Always respect the fact that they don’t work 24 hours a day.

Pay your freelancers on time

As anyone can tell you, having your payment delayed is a major downer. It doesn’t matter if you are a bartender, a doctor or an athlete running for NFL MVP 2019: you need that paycheck.

What’s even worse is not getting paid at all for your hard work. Just like any other employee, freelancers work for their money.

However, many clients often take advantage of the vulnerability of freelancers and choose to delay their payments for extended periods of time. Not only does this make you look cheap, but it could also put a serious damper on the freelancer’s financial standing.

There have been countless horror stories of freelancers getting stiffed by unscrupulous clients looking to get away with free work. It would seem that the anonymity of the internet not only breeds trolls but it also apparently encourages grifters.

Besides being absolutely unprofessional and dishonest, cheating freelancers will only serve to damage your organization’s reputation.

Moral of the story: Don’t be a cheapskate. Always ensure that your freelancers are paid on time and never cheat them out of a payment.

The freelance economy is on the rise and as businesses further streamline their operations, it’s only a matter of time before the gig-based economy becomes the new norm. Keep checking this space for more news on design and freelance work.

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