5 Tools Every Successful Digital Marketer Needs

5 Tools Every Successful Digital Marketer Needs

Digital marketing is the present and future of marketing. In the technological age we live in now, tangible and concrete marketing is becoming futile. In this article we share 5 Tools Every Successful Digital Marketer Needs.

We have our phones in our hands at all times and studies suggest that we see up to 4000 ads per day. We see advertisements and marketing techniques being used on us so many times that we do not even realize it.

Each digital marketer needs a set of skills and tools in order to succeed in the online world. Without these tools, it will be difficult to succeed and advance in your market or rise above your competitors.

Read on to learn about the 4 tools every successful digital marketer needs.

Content Creation

Content creation is the first step you have to take before you continue using the actual tools. Content creation is basically what you need to have in order to create appealing subjects for your target audience. Of course, before you do so, you really need to know who you are sending this information to and why.

What is your age group and why would they want your product? What uses will they get out of your product that they cannot get from another brand?

Answering these questions will help get you on the map and allow your customers to engage with your brand and want to know more and eventually be loyal customers.

Social Media

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Social media in this time and age is the crème de la crème of digital marketing. About 79 percent of those who access the internet in the United States sort out some form of social media.

Applications such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are among the most common social media platforms available. People of all ages use these platforms as a way to get information and news.

Many companies also sponsor ads on social media and tailor them according to each user. For instance, for two different people, one who has searched for backpacks and one for laptop bags, a company that makes both will tailor different ads depending on previous searches.

Digital marketing experts at FreedomBoundBusiness.com suggest that social media can also be a source of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is when a business requests that an influencer, blogger, or anyone with a large following promote their business.

Social media can contribute to that as most if not all, influencers have Instagram and Facebook.

Email Marketing

5 Tools Every Successful Digital Marketer Needs - Email Marketing

Email marketing is also a fantastic tool you can use to reach your clients digitally. Similar to the offline world, there are both B2B and B2C clients. Email marketing is one of the ways you can reach both customers equally.

For instance, using the previous example, if you do happen to make bags, you can send emails to your customers (B2C) during school seasons and send them to outlet stores near schools (B2B) and get the most sales possible during that season.

You can also tailor laptop bags to university students and send emails to collaborate with the university to put their emblem or logo on them.

Anyone who has social media has an email, but not everyone who has an email has social media, so the ROI with email marketing will be larger given its popularity.

Analytical Tools

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You will not really be able to understand your sales merely from the income you are getting.

Having analytical tools will help you analyze which social media platforms are working best, which people are clicking on your sponsored ads, and to what extent your online paid ads are contributing to your income.

These analytical tools will help you learn more about your website traffic if there is one, the views you are getting, and the click rates.

You may be investing a lot in social media or email marketing but not really putting effort into the content itself.

So analyzing the number of people who click but do not purchase anything will tell you a lot about your business.


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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are practices used to analyze the relationship you have with the customers themselves.

Although analytical tools have been mentioned, this is extremely essential as knowing who clicked on your ads or page is important but shallow to some extent.

Rather than merely knowing their demographics, CRM helps you discover their psychographics as well.

You can tailor your message to your customers better when you know what they love or need at which moment or time of the year.

A combination of all these tools is excellent for your business and will truly help your business flourish.

Though it is important to know when you are throwing money into something that is not contributing to your business’s success.

Not because competitors use LinkedIn, for example, it means that you should too.

Knowing the demo and psychographics of your target audience and constructing a digital world accordingly will be enough guidance for your business’s present and future trajectories.

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