How To Increase Brand Awareness Through SMS Marketing

SMS marketing, also known as short message service advertising, is an innovative method that allows companies to send short texts to consumers to increase sales and enhance brand awareness. In this article we discuss How To Increase Brand Awareness Through SMS Marketing.

It’s fast, cost-effective, and, most importantly, it works!  However, its efficacy may largely depend on the processes put into this marketing campaign.

Hence, here are five ways to use this marketing technique to help increase brand awareness:

Consistency Is Key

How To Increase Brand Awareness Through SMS Marketing

What many people don’t realize about SMS marketing is that it requires consistency. Otherwise, your marketing campaign would be ‘dead in the water.’ 

First, send only one message at a time. If you’re sending out multiple text messages, make sure that the texts are from the same phone number. This act helps your company stay organized by collecting data from one source.

Also, send follow-up messages at the same time you sent your initial text blast. You can use a text message marketing software to schedule these messages so you won’t forget about doing it. 

Keep in mind that it might take some trials-and-errors before you can find the most appropriate time to send your texts. For example, if you acquire a response rate of 80% when you send a text blast at noon.

However, if you decide to send marketing messages at 5 AM, you might only get a response rate of 10% or lower. 

Consistency will help you find and stay on the path to an increase in brand awareness. Stray off that path, and you might find it challenging to recover lost resources used for the campaign.  

Provide Valuable Content

It’s quite safe to say that no one wants to read spam messages. Perhaps, that notion is one of the reasons why the spam folder exists in the first place. 

Hence, you need to provide valuable content in your texts to entice potential and existing customers to proceed to the next step.

For instance, you might state that you have a new shipment of products coming in next week. Use text message marketing software to blast messages onto a targeted contact list to inform individuals about the news. 

Also, don’t forget to add a call-to-action at the end of the message. You can’t say something like, “A new shipment will be arriving soon,” without providing information about what your audience will do next.

Hence, add a phrase or statement, like, “Click on the following link to know more.”  That way, your potential and existing consumers will know how to pre-order and reserve the upcoming stocks.

Prioritize Consumer Engagement

If you’re considering using SMS marketing to promote your products and services, one critical factor that you may not immediately consider is customer engagement.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t disregard the importance of proper consumer engagement, especially with SMS marketing. 

When people are interacting with your company, they’re more likely to recommend your brand to their friends and family. Therefore, it’s important that your customers and potential buyers positively respond to your marketing communications.

You can achieve this particular goal by providing high-quality customer engagement through excellent consumer service. You want to ensure that your customers are happy with the service you’re providing.

Good communication, easy-to-use tools, and a positive experience will help you achieve positive results from customer engagement, which leads to excellent customer service. 

Note that excellent customer service will create a positive, long-lasting impression. This particular outcome is what you want for your brand.

Also, a timely response will help ‘cement’ a good relationship between your organization and its consumers.

As a rule of thumb, don’t wait more than 48 hours to send a reply. Otherwise, your audience might become annoyed or forget about your offer. 

Keep It Short And Sweet

Try to put your feet in the shoes of your target market. Now, ask yourself the following question: “Do you want to read long-winded text messages?  Perhaps, the apparent answer to that question is ‘No.’

Hence, don’t send long essays as your marketing messages. Instead, keep it concise, yet direct to the point. Tell your potential and existing buyers about the offer using a few words or sentences. Furthermore, using the ‘keep it short and sweet’ principle can help spark curiosity for the receivers of your texts.

For example, your SMS blast might read something like, “Up to 50% discounts on excellent deals coming soon!  Click here to learn more about this promotion.”

Upon reading that text, your readers’ minds might wonder about this promotion and will proceed to click on the link you placed.

But, if you send out text messages that contain over 500 characters, your audience might not bother reading the SMS and will proceed to click on the delete button. 

Provide Enticing Offers

Offering attractive promotions through SMS marketing is a relatively straightforward endeavor. Provide deals that your customers can’t seem to refuse, like a 75% discount on items or a 3+1 promo for your restaurant. 

Remember, SMS-based promotions work off of the principle of reciprocity, which means that if someone purchases from your business, that individual will likely buy more of your products or services in the future.

Keep in mind that many people will read your texts, so you must capture their attention and interests within a few seconds of opening them.

In turn, you can get additional text message sales from customers who like the promotions you have sent them through text messages.

Remember, be creative in delivering your message that it’ll get the desired response from your target audience. Also, you should make sure that you follow the law regarding sending unsolicited text messages so that you don’t get in trouble.

Once you get the hang of how to send out marketing messages to your customers, you’ll soon start to see an increase in sales.

Final Words

Use SMS marketing to increase your brand’s reach. But, don’t forget to use this marketing technique properly. Otherwise, you might be wasting your business’s time, money, and effort.

Take advantage of the guidelines mentioned above, and you should be one step closer in achieving marketing success. 

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