6 Tips for Designing a Great Logo

6 Tips for Designing a Great Logo

In this article, we share 6 Tips for Designing a Great Logo.

A great logo should describe your identity, distinguish you from your competition, and promote brand loyalty. It should serve as signage and as a marketing tool to promote your business or personal brand. In this article, we’ll outline six tips for designing a great logo.

1. Identify Your Brand Identity

Your logo is your first impression. You need to understand what your brand’s identity is and its central personality. Ensure that the target audience is able to understand your logo and what your brand stands for, so you can easily edge out the competitors.

2. Pay Attention to Colour

Colours have different meanings, each evoking different emotions in your audience. Colour is one of the most valuable tools a designer has in their toolbox, and is critical in designing a great logo.

Use bright colours with some contrast in the background to highlight your business proficiencies and grab people’s attention. You can add a little splash of colour so your design doesn’t feel too flat.

You don’t have to be a professional to create a great logo with a unique colour scheme; you can utilize a free logo maker to design one for your business.

3. Engage Your Audience

Your logo should be engaging and be able to speak to your clients authoritatively.  Consider using shapes, images, or a design style that has captivating typography and aligns with the nature of the business.

Make it as modern as possible, making it easily scalable on every branding platform to ensure that it will be easy to update and keep up with the new trends.

Use a tagline that aligns too to create harmony.

4. Know Your Competition

A great logo should be able to offer brand differentiation from the competition. Look at what your competitors are offering for strategic insights so that you can aim for simplicity and add to your recognition. Examine your competitors’ logos and the fonts and colours they use to guide you.

5. Make it Memorable

Your logo should be able to tell a memorable story about your business. The logo should tell your potential clients who you are as a brand, what you do, and what benefits they can get from you. This will have your clients remember your brand and your values.

6. Pick Fonts Carefully

Many logo designers fail to pay attention to the typefaces they select, but it’s important to do so, as they communicate your brand personality.

For instance, a logo for a toy company is likely to be handwritten, since its target market is children and they would want to portray the brand as child-friendly.

Similarly, a logo for a rock band should have bold fonts to convey a strong, loud and confident brand personality.


A well-designed and effective logo and brand identity design is a validation of your professionalism that builds trust with your audience.

It should be a timeless masterpiece that reflects your brand’s personality and tells potential clients with no prior knowledge of your business that you are great at what you do.

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