Basic Principles For Improving Web Design

Basic Principles For Improving Web Design

From the look of things now, it is evident that any website that isn’t providing users with the required aesthetic design feature and engaging experience that they require to remain on point will be potentially forfeiting many site visitors and also lose out on other great benefits. No doubt, the days of viewing websites with a broken and deficient design have been long gone. Now, everyone (website owners and web developers) are working hard to meet up with the aesthetic requirements of both mobile users and search engines. Now, it’s all about developing web pages and apps with original designs, effective functionality, and quick navigation.

These are what web owners need to attract users (conversion) and keep them (retention) coming for more. Attaining a perfect web design is as important as the development process itself. Web app designers will need to maintain a current and updated app system so as to be able to effectively win both the heart of the users and the attention of search engines.

The mobile app world is constantly evolving and only developers with a vision can be able to swim against the tide. Here are some basic principles mobile app developers can employ to improve their web design practices.

Work with SEO in mind

When working for the web, it is important not to avoid search engine optimization (SEO). Undoubtedly, it is essentially important for web designers and developers to ensure that they keep up with the current standards for page optimizations established by Google and other search engines. This is a highly acceptable practice that shouldn’t be relegated to the background as it plays a very significant role in helping to direct the maximum number of relevant users to your web app.

One of the most prominent features that can effectively distinguish a website or app from every other application on the internet is design. But there is more to it. Just so you know, having a good design on the web can be even more profitable if it adheres to the existing SEO rules. Ultimately, this alone can open the way for increased sales, greater conversion rates, and better visibility.

There are many sites and apps on the web that have been rewarded by search engines with improved search result rankings just for the sake of adopting good design. There are various criteria that Google employs to measure the design of a site which is also part of the SEO process. To this end, it is important for mobile app developers and development agencies to know these rules so as to effectively keep up with the trend.

Adopt an attractive call to action system

Web design, in general, requires more than displaying attractive features to prospects and customers. The utmost desire of every web developer is to reach their target audience, convert them, and retain them. Simply put, this is all about converting visitors into paying customers. However, more time, energy, and money will be required to achieve this. Integrating an efficient call-to-action (CTA) system into a website is just one of the most popular ways of converting visitors into paying customers.

With this feature, web app developers can easily get the email addresses of their users with which they can reach out to them with helpful information such as the periodic newsletter, follow-up calls, and support guides. App developers can make this happen by providing CTAs on every page of the site with understandable instructions to follow.

Implement a great user experience

Despite the increasing demand by users for more mobile experience, it is sad to know that many web apps are still defaulting in meeting this demand. Every website owner that is not looking to implement a great mobile website experience is not adopting the right user-oriented strategy. Web app developers need to enhance users with credible mobile website capabilities.

Currently, research has shown that more than half of searches made on Google are performed from various mobile devices, including smartphones. Also, there is an overwhelmingly increasing number of mobile phone users employing Alexa and Siri to make various searches on their smartphones. So, web owners would be potentially losing site visitors if they fail to implement a mobile-optimized portal.

This emphasizes the need to partner with and work with professional app development agencies that are focused on implementing a great user experience. Just so you know, mobile app developers are the hands that rock the cradle of both app and web development. With a just a little improvement and tweaks here and there, users would be able to enjoy a great user experience without having to pass through stress.

Less is more

Web design has since evolved with lots of improvements and upgrades adopted by several designers. However, it is important to understand that such wouldn’t have been achieved without the implementation of a strict organization, solid colors, and clean lines in the course of development. While there is certainly nothing wrong with wanting to deliver an efficient busy-looking website, the importance of adopting a crisp and simple-looking web app cannot be overemphasized.

These days, users are more interested in using apps that are moderately organized and that’s why it’s important for web app developers to ensure that they minimize the use of colors and images as this can deter users from using their app. While design is highly acceptable among users, it is good to note that people are more interested in what your app can offer them than just how it looks.

Along with site speed, simplification is key to improving web design. So, designers should ensure that in terms of design, users are provided with what they want. It is recommended that these professionals understand their customers’ needs and adopt the right customization skills to meet them without introducing over complexity. The regular use of short but inspiring content is just one way to incorporate a simple, minimalist feel.

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