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The designer’s guide to Brand Tone of Voice

The Designer’s Guide to Brand Tone of Voice

Designers and Art Directors (the good ones at least) know how to handle words.

I know one excellent Graphic Designer who can’t spell for toffee, but he really gets how important words are in his design process. I’m not saying I’d trust him to craft a 5,000-word brochure or come up with the next ‘Just Do It’, but his headline ideas and creative rationale really bring everything to life. In this article, we discuss The designer’s guide to Brand Tone of Voice

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Branding The Difference between IS and WHAT

Branding… The Difference between “IS” and “WHAT”

Branding is one of the most misunderstood, misused and overly-simplified words in the English language.  To most people, “brand” is a logo, or a company, or a product, and is used as a colloquial catch-all phrase to mean anything and everything.

To the average person, it isn’t any more complex than Brand X = Y.

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How Strong is the X Factor Brand

How Strong is the X Factor Brand

It’s safe to say that the ITV singing contest The X Factor has cemented its status as a cultural phenomenon. Since its debut back in 2004 up until today, it continues to draw fans from all parts of the nation. And because of technological mediums, many other countries from different corners of the globe now have access to the reality show – it is in fact broadcasted in over 140 countries. But for a show to experience success for over 13 years makes it a special case, especially considering that reality shows come and go.

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A Great Business Name Is Worth Its Weight In Gold

A Great Business Name Is Worth Its Weight In Gold

How do you wrap your mind around the return on investment, ROI, of a Naming Project? The exact value of a productive brand name is impossible to calculate. There are far too many variables involved to run any true and accurate A/B testing. Therefore, the logic behind investing in a great name for your company, brand, product, app, etc., has always been a bit nebulous. However, many marketers and entrepreneurs intuitively grasp the power of a great name based on the simple fact that your name is the most used aspect of your brand, and the cornerstone of your communication. At the end of the day, your business name is a priceless asset.

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