Design with visual ranking in mind

Design with visual ranking in mind

The design of the website of yours is vital, especially for conversion. Even though you can apply any tactic to boost your conversion it won’t be much of help if it doesn’t look good. We all know that humans are pretty much visual oriented.  For example, the information is transported to the brain and 90% of that is visual. Visuals are way faster than the text (60,000x faster) in the brain. In fact, among the learners, 60% of them are visual learners. Read on to discover all about Design with visual ranking in mind.

The best way to deliver a message is through visual representation. We can receive and process the information very easily just by seeing. So creating a web design considering visual ranking in mind helps the website. As a result of using visual perception, the brand equity of the businesses website goes up. It also influences the bounce rate, rates for conversation, duration of the average session on the website and many more.

Importance of Strong Visual Hierarchies:

As we all know that squeaky wheels get the grease and prominent visuals get the attention it’s very important to have the correct visual perception. According to studies we understand anything well after seeing that thing. One of the most important principles for the web design is the visual hierarchy. Plenty of efforts are needed in order to understand the visual representation and underlying psychology involved in making the look of the website attractable and good!

According to the visual hierarchy, there is a proper way to view any content visually in a hierarchical order. It means some of the content should be viewed first, some second and rests are arranged by following this order. As a user, you first look at the visual elements of the website which then guides you to the next stage. All the various elements of any site are arranged according to their importance. According to this model, the most important one resides at the top of the list.

The type of visual perception plays a very crucial role. The weak visual hierarchies provide very little to no idea about what’s important whereas a strong visual hierarchy shows visual & logical progressing by showing what’s more important.

In the case of a good homepage, a large image should be placed at the focal point of the website. The large image must be capable of capturing the attention of the viewer or the user easily.  After this, there will be a headline stating the offerings and then a CTA for visitors to click on. The CTA should be at a proper place.

Using an F shaped pattern.

According to several studies related to eye tracking using heat maps, there is a common way of viewing the content of the website among people. Eye movement of each and every person follows an F shaped pattern. According to studies the F shaped pattern is the most prominent one and catches the attention of the viewers most efficiently.

Importance of white space and clean design on the homepage:

White space is considered as a negative space in the area which lies between the objects. Basically, the white space defines the empty space that separates graphics, text, columns, headers etc. The white space plays an important role in the overall aesthetics of a site. It allows the objects to exist in the first place.  The clean design is the design that makes the best use of space provided. In order to make a clean design, you must know how to use the white space for proper communication.

Overloading the website with various with excessive stuff plays a negative role.  It makes the look of the website clunky as well as saturated.  It also distracts the visitor. So the websites which are simple one having the more presence of white space with the least amount of overloading are considered to be the best.

Importance of Correct contrast:

Importance of having the proper contrast is related to the presence of white space in a website. Creating a proper contrast will naturally grab your eyeballs. The Gestalt effect states the capability of our brain to generate whole forms. This is applicable especially regarding the visual recognition of global figures rather than just the collection of unrelated elements. The Gestalt’s principle is also applicable for closure, proximity, similarity, continuity, and multistability.

So generating a proper contrast allows the visitors to notice and identify the elements of the website properly!

Similarity aids in terms of content digestion:

As said earlier the Gestalt’s principle is applicable for similarity aids. According to Gestalt’s theory, the elements that share or have the same characteristics are considered as more related than the elements that don’t have the same characteristics. So if you arrange the elements that share the same properties in a group it will allow you to quickly differentiate them from the rest. It leads to the more seamless user experience.

The significance of proximity:

In order to make an effective web design, you must consider the elements that don’t share any similarities with one. So the objects that are close together are considered as more related than the objects that are placed further apart.

Divine proportions in aesthetics:

The divine proportion or golden ratio arranges all things proportioned to the ratio aesthetically pleasing. The value of the ratio is 1.618.

So you should consider the user experience while designing a website. Visual representation not only allows you to maximize the conversion it also increases the sales.

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