How To Build A Product Design Team

How To Build A Product Design Team

In this article we discuss How To Build A Product Design Team.

The design industry is constantly chasing who works better or faster, who is more productive or creative.  It is undoubtedly important to have smart developers, designers or thinkers on your team. 

But the myth of a genius who works alone, is isolated in a room for months and then comes up with a perfect solution, it’s just … a myth.  Doing great work means bringing together groups of talented people and finding ways to make them shine as a team.

Therefore, today we will figure out how to create an ideal development team, such as digital product design studio Fireart.

Develop communication within the team, as well as build relationships with other teams

There are probably quite a few disciplines on your team that you, as a designer, work with on a daily basis: research, engineering, marketing, UX design, copywriting, analytics, and many more.  To make a great product, it’s important to interact with all of these disciplines.  But for now, let’s look at the two main drivers of growth: engineering and product.

Work well With Development

Good development work means almost never hearing, “I’m never going to be able to do this.  Create something different! ”  If you want to hear these words for sure – act like a “lone genius”: think over the problem and come up with a design solution on your own or only with other designers.

  • When a designer starts a new project, he meets with the developer to agree on the goals of the project.  They discussed major project scenarios and important technical constraints.
  • As the designer begins to create different options, he shares them with the developer.  Designers usually add a design document to their work that outlines the pros and cons of each option.
  • The designer also invites the developer for a critical review so that they can think about the ideas they are exploring for the project.

Communicating with developers throughout the process definitely helps to reduce inconsistencies.  But it also helps us perform better because:

  • Developers bring unique technical expertise to product thinking.  They point out edge cases that affect design and help shape an informed design decision.
  • An open dialogue with the engineer helps us determine the quality of the experiment.  By talking to engineers, we can make sure that the design tradeoffs we make do not affect the knowledge we want to experiment with.
  • Working on a design problem and forming a solution, developers invest in the project and are inspired to create it.

Working With the Product

It is very important to ensure that the design is conducive to product planning.  There are two main areas where designers support a product.  First, designers are involved in the development of high-end products.  Secondly, then comes the stage of individual experiments.

To think through high-level products, designers suggest new areas in which to experiment.

When it comes to individual experiments, designers help set goals for the experiments.  Sharing work early is very important because design can influence or even change the goals that are set for a particular project.

This way, designers working closely with the product will help ensure that:

  • The experiments that are carried out are aimed at solving real problems of users.
  • Designers will never receive product specifications without understanding the meaning of the experiments we are working on.
  • When we start working on a project and gather new information during the design process, we adapt our experimental goals accordingly.

As a designer, it’s important to work well with other disciplines on your team, but that’s not enough.  A unique challenge faced by the development department is that it does not have an area in which it has its own experience. 

This means that the development department must develop relationships with the teams in which they are experimenting.

There is also another way to implement the desired project.  You can simply contact the team of professionals, who will be able to complete the tasks at the highest level. 

However, it’s up to you on how to proceed.

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