How to Customize Your Website for a Memorable Experience

How to Customize Your Website for a Memorable Experience

In this article we share some tips about How to Customize Your Website for a Memorable Experience.

The rise of online marketing with digitization requires businesses to have customized websites. As a business person, you will need to customize your website to make it relevant to your online audience.

This will make your website memorable and attract more traffic. However, the challenge is how to customize your website, as this may require the services of a web designer if you are unable to do it yourself. In this article, you will follow the simple steps to guide you in customizing your website to make it memorable.

Stick to Consistency to Maintain User Flow

According to web designers, it is imperative to ensure the consistency of your user flow to make your online audience have a memorable experience. To attain consistency means breaking down the website into simpler steps so that the user could flow through the journey without any hardships.

When enhancing the flow as a businessman you should major on the conversion goal. In times, when the consumers need services and products, they are readily available in the conversion time, at a certain point in the journey.

This means making work easier and much simpler for the consumer such that whatever the consumer needs are readily available and easy for them to find. In the end, after attaining consistency it is time to put down a pattern that will guide the user on how to use your website. By sticking to consistency, you would have customized your website for a memorable experience.

Call to Action

This is one of the essential features when customizing your website to bring a memorable experience. Call-to-action are like links you see that emphasize you to “learn more,” or “get started”. These links make your website more memorable since they help the user through the journey of his research or purchasing a certain good on the website.

It is normally a continuous process of creating CTAs that would contribute to a memorable web experience. The most important key factors to consider in the CTAs are size, color, website placement, and button style. We normally emphasize A/B methodology to test the CTAs if they are functioning well to improve conversions.

Don’t Avoid White Space

According to expert web designers, the white space will customize your website without costing anything. white space makes your website more attractive since it acts like buffers between content. It helps the user take time to interpret information since the white space helps in the display of work more clearly.

Some web designers think that white space is boring because it is a space. Although it is a space it helps in the display of content and makes it easy for the user to interpret addition, white space always creates a grand scheme layout of things making the web page more professional and memorable

Use of Punchlines on Your Website

For your website to be memorable, it has to be unique. This can be achieved by the use of punchlines on your website. The use of punch lines can be achieved in various ways, for example, the use of videos to display some concepts.

By doing this, you will make your website more attractive and more valuable. As a web designer, you ought to look for ways that will make your website more outstanding than the rest.

This also applies in business to beat your opponent in business you have to look for a way to outstand them. This is normally achieved by making your product more valuable and or by lowering your price slightly.

This case also applies to web designing for you to have more users your website must be on point and it has to be more attractive than your competitors’ website. By using a punch line, you would have made your website more memorable and valuable.

Attract Attention with Headlines

Attracting attention by headlines is one of the most important aspects of making your website memorable and more valuable. When you grab the attention of the user by giving an attractive headline this will make your website more interesting to use.

Most website users first view the headlines of the website before clicking on them. The headlines give us an overview of the website and what might be inside. If the headline seems shallow and not well presented then even the content inside might not be well written.

When you present your headlines well this means on your website the content inside is well written and well arranged. This will give your user a bigger picture of what is on your website and attract him to use it for his references.

Make Sure Your Website Has up-to-date information

At all times make sure that your website is up to date with fresh information this often motivates users to engage with it. Pages with old information never receive as much engagement since many people need up-to-date information or current affairs.

Updating your website will help it be more SEO friendly for search engines such as Google, in turn helping the website receive more traffic since it is memorable and reliable.

In most cases, many users always like to follow up on current affairs more than outdated events. Hence, if you feed your website with more up-to-date information, it will attract more users to use your website.

This is more like a business since most customers will come to your business if you have new goods in the market. No customer can buy an old fashion commodity when there is a new commodity in the market. In conclusion, you should make sure that your website is up to date for it to be memorable.


In summary, this article has shown us several ways in which we can customize our website to achieve a memorable experience for example:

  • Websites need to maintain consistency for user flow.
  • Include a call-to-action for the user to take action.
  • Don’t avoid using white space within the design, as it breaks up design elements.
  • The use of punch lines, and attracting attention with headlines.
  • Make sure your website has up-to-date information.
  • The goal is to make the user want to come back to your website.

Through this article, we have learned that we are supposed to make sure that our website is as unique as possible to attract large traffic. For this to be possible, we have to make sure that we have customized our websites and made it a memorable experience.

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