How Your Website can Make a Great Impression

How Your Website can Make a Great Impression

Time, or rather the lack of it, is a website’s worst enemy. And it’s not just the long hours it takes to get it ready to launch. Too many visitors leave a site as soon as they have arrived. Current analysis indicates the average bounce rate can be 70% or more. Presenting an interesting landing page to prompt curiosity is more crucial than ever. In this article we take a look at How Your Website can Make a Great Impression.

The creatures presumed to have the lowest attention span used to be goldfish. An action or object will only hold their attention for a maximum of eight seconds. However, analysts have found that a person’s attention span has drastically reduced to just seven seconds. Could it be the intense volume of distractions on the internet that is to blame? Whatever the cause, it means your website has an incredibly short time to make such a memorable first impression that your visitors will choose to stay.

How Your Website can Make a Great Impression

Why do Visitors Leave a Website?

The internet is packed with constantly changing images and information. It’s hardly surprising if everyone sometimes feels overwhelmed. If your website has a similar effect it could prove a hard task to persuade visitors to stay. If they can’t instantly understand your particular message they’ll be confused. A complicated navigation can lead to frustration and prompt an early departure.

Even using too many colours or a mixture of fonts can have a detrimental effect with visitors considering your website amateurish. There won’t be sufficient trust in your products or services to encourage them to stay. Up to 35% of visitors who do decide to linger won’t follow through with any further action.

Another major problem is competition. There are many rival websites catering for similar subject ranges or businesses. Potential customers can often be tempted away by another website with a clearer identity.

Visitors are inevitably drawn to originality but a successful website needs to combine it with a simplistic style that’s user-friendly.

Building an Appealing Website

Whenever visitors land on your website they need to feel instantly comfortable. Your opening message should be easy to understand and written in clear, plain language. A simplified navigation can help visitors to enjoy using your website.

According to analytics experts, an easy to use navigation will encourage up to 18% of your visitors to take further action. This could include sharing your website with their friends, making a purchase or leaving a comment.

Consider using the Shopify advice on minimalist style. An increasing amount of online activity is taking place through mobile devices. Using a simplified website design that could include two-dimensional lettering can integrate between platforms much easier than three-dimensional.

Building an attractive website that combines trust, curiosity and practical navigation requires a well-balanced structure. Creating an interesting landing page doesn’t necessarily mean overloading it with excessive information or elaborate graphic design. The philosophy of using less can actually encourage your visitors to spend more time on your website.

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