Incorporating These Elements Will Take Your Website UX to a Whole New Level – Here’s How

Incorporating These Elements Will Take Your Website UX to a Whole New Level – Here’s How

Today’s consumers are more tech-savvy and have higher expectations from brands they like most. They want brands to deliver unique and great experiences. This is why more and more marketers, designers and developers are putting their best efforts to create a great website user experience to fulfill the ever-increasing demands of consumers.

But creating a unique website UX is a bit trickier; you need to consider different UX factors to create a perfect website for your business. You can make your website more helpful and useful when you have an in-depth understanding of the pain points of your customers.

When it comes to creating a great website UX, you need to make sure your website is free from any technical issues and provide visitors with the right products or services.  Here are some important UX factors and elements you should keep in mind while creating or redesigning a website.

Speed Up Your Website

In this fast-paced world, users don’t have time to wait for your website to load. They expect exceptionally fast results for the information, product or service they want. Slow page load speed is frustrating for the users that can lead to abandoning your website and increasing your bounce rate.

So, make every possible effort to improve the load time of your website by compressing website images. Remember, loading speed is one of the most important UX factors, make sure your website loads quickly on every device to provide a great experience.

Navigation Matters Most

What’s the point of creating an aesthetically pleasing website, when your users can’t find the desired product or service? In order to create an out-of-the-box UX, it is important to provide users with an easy-to-use and simple navigation bar. When visitors land on your website, it helps them to move around the site.

A simple and intuitive navigation bar will not only help visitors to find the desired information, but it will also increase your conversion rate. To put it in a nutshell, you can design a better UX by using a creative navigation pattern that guides users to move from one page to another.

Images Play a Key Role

There is no denying the fact that humans are visual creatures. You can grab the attention of your prospective customers by using beautiful, relevant and professionally-captured images. Whether you are a service-based company or an ecommerce store, integrating imagery into your website design can create an awesome UX Design.

Compelling images have the real potential to pique users’ interest and can convey the message you are trying to get across. You can tell your brand story and create a strong visual experience by simply using large hero images in the background.

Use Feature Videos

In order to provide your visitors with a clear idea about your company, incorporating a short product or feature video is a great strategy. This video can help visitors to easily understand what your company is all about, what type of products or services you offer and how your products can solve their pain points. This type of video educates users about your brand and help them understand the USPs of your product or service. It is an amazing tactic to provide better UX that eventually persuade them to make the buying decision.

Use White Space

White space is indispensable to great design that makes your content, images and other design elements more legible. It makes your website look clean and fresh while helping you to communicate the right brand message to the users. Integrating white space to your website design can provide viewers some visual breaks, making it easier to focus on your brand story.

Adding too much information, without using white space can cause visual fatigue, making it difficult for users to digest the information. Make your website easier to understand and focus on adding whitespace to create a great sense of balance and sophistication.

Animation in Website Design

Animation is one of the cutting-edge web design trends of 2019 that can be used to build highly-interactive and catchy websites. Web designers are advised to use web page animation techniques to create features that attract more and more customers to their websites. Adding motion to your website will definitely attract viewers’ attention and encourage them to perform the desired action. From navigation to signup forms, CTA to scrolling, animations can be used in a number of creative ways to keep visitors engaged for a long period.

Besides catching the interest of your website visitors, you can also create a strong emotional connection with your brand and make the overall website experience more pleasant and interactive.

Key Takeaways

It’s not easy to come up with a website that works best and generate the desired results. But following the above UX design strategies will help brands to build websites that are understandable, simple and easily convey your brand message to the users.

When your website is visually comfortable, functional and intuitive, you can definitely provide your users with memorable user experience, and in turn, grow your website traffic. Getting help from a professional web design agency is a great idea to create a website that strictly follows all important UX design strategies and make your brand a huge success.

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Zubair Hassan is a Digital Content Producer at Branex web design agency and contributing author to TMetric Blog. He is passionate about writing and loves writing blogs and reading magazines.