Key Ways Instagram Is Helping Businesses Gain Leads

Key Ways Instagram Is Helping Businesses Gain Leads

Join us in this article as we discuss Key Ways Instagram Is Helping Businesses Gain Leads.

Instagram is undoubtedly a lead generation platform, although a lot of social media marketers believe that’s not true.

If you do everything right, Instagram can be incredibly useful for your marketing campaign, especially when you use the right content and research more about the best Instagram video length here.

All social media leads are potential customers that are interested in your business, and every social media marketer can use the bulk of this information to turn these leads into buying customers. Around 80% of all Instagram accounts are following various businesses on Instagram. That’s where digital marketers can tap in and make use of these numbers.

Why Are Instagram Leads Important For Your Business?

Key Ways Instagram Is Helping Businesses Gain Leads - The Logo Creative

Since June 2018, Instagram has reached a fantastic figure of 1 billion active users and over 25 million business profiles. Additionally, Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform today. It’s growing faster than Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that Instagram users prefer interacting with businesses through the platform.

In this article, you can see some of the main reasons why Instagram will help any business to gain leads:

1. Instagram Allows You To Optimize The Link Leading To Your Bio

Take advantage of the link space within your bio as much as possible (to see what it looks like, click here). The link on your Instagram page must direct your customers to whatever goals you wish to accomplish, like subscriptions, newsletters, a survey, or product sales.

It’s possible to change the link whenever you want. These are just some pointers on how to successfully optimize bio links on your Instagram profile:

  • When posting on Instagram, make sure to always promote the link with “Link in bio.”
  • Include your brand name in the Instagram link and keep the link as short as possible.
  • Place a CTA (call-to-action) button above the bio link on your Instagram page.
  • Make your link trackable by incorporating UTM parameters in the URL.

2. Instagram Supports Action Buttons On Your Page

Businesses that have active Instagram accounts can add action buttons to their Instagram profiles. Instagram supports the action buttons feature, and these buttons can have links to your company’s business address, phone number, or email.

By linking your company’s contact details to action buttons, you’ll allow potential customers to conveniently contact you.

The action buttons are an essential element for every business profile on Instagram. However, Instagram provides even better options for lead generation, like Get Tickets, Book, or Reserve action buttons.

Like OpenTable, Eventbrite, Resy, Appointy, and others, Instagram also provides various forms and asks people to fill out the forms when they click on your action button.

Instagram social media platform tends to follow up on trends that are essential for businesses. Call-to-action button is one of the trends along with swipe-up feature, and others.

According to the type of your business, you need to choose a button or a feature that’s appropriate.

3. Instagram Lead Ads

One of the most prominent methods that’ll help you gain more leads is using Instagram’s lead ads. These ads are designed to help businesses gather customer information, like job titles, emails, phone numbers, birth dates, etc.

These ads will also help companies exploit the collected information so they can better understand the customer’s behavioral and buying patterns. Additionally, this data will help businesses improve their direct marketing campaigns.

For any business to create lead ads, they must fulfill some requirements. First off, they need to have an Instagram business account. Having an Instagram business account requires them to have an active Facebook page. All this is necessary because Instagram ads are created through Facebook’s Ads Manager.

Creating an Instagram Lead ad requires you to select Lead Generation as your primary marketing objective. All customer information collected via Instagram ads will help you set up Instagram’s Lookalike Audiences or modify your Instagram ad targeting strategies.

The Lookalike Audience will help you target specific groups of people that have similar profiles, which will ultimately allow you to reach out to more prospects and boost your company’s exposure.

Instagram offers a great variety of advertising methods, and you should dig deeper into them. For example, if your business is looking to boost website visits, app downloads, or even if sales-related leads are your primary goal, you should think about implementing conversion ads.

4. Every Instagram Link Must Have a Deliverable Landing Page

Providing potential customers with relevant links to your Instagram page is essential. Without the initial post on your Instagram account, you wouldn’t have people visit your landing page.

The landing page is a critical element of every successful digital marketing strategy today. When someone clicks on your Instagram link, it’ll lead them to your landing page, and, ideally, you’d want them to be satisfied with what they can find there.

The landing page itself should provide visitors with a mesmerizing and seamless visual experience. Users won’t expect nothing less since they were led to this page straight from your Instagram account. It should also provide people with high-quality content, but most importantly – the page should be scannable.

Setting up a CTA button with a particular promise on your Instagram post requires your landing page to deliver on that promise.

5. Instagram Allows Businesses To Share Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is another element that can help businesses embed their links. If your business Instagram account has more than 10,000 followers, you must take advantage of this method and include this Instagram feature in your stories. It’s important to note that managing organic Instagram followers will help to increase value.

Instagram is a payoneer when it comes to Stories and the most-viewed Instagram Stories belong to business accounts. Additionally, brand-led Instagram Stories have a completion rate of more than 85%.

Insta Stories are also more effective than bio links since people swipe up on impulse. However, people who swipe on your business’ Instagram story shouldn’t regret doing so. Therefore, you’ll need to provide them with an excellent landing page here as well.

6. Shoppable Content Is A Game-Changer

People are very interested in Instagram Shopping, and what backs up this claim is that more than 130 million accounts tapped on product tags each month.

Information like this is incredibly useful for digital marketers because they’ll know how to turn these leads into buying customers.

Creating shoppable Instagram posts requires your business to create a Facebook catalog via Facebook Partner or the Catalog Manager. Once your catalog is connected, the next step is to sign up for the Instagram Shopping feature.

Once all this is set and done, you can begin by adding product tags to your stories and posts.

Instagram Insights allows you to track the number of views your products have, as well as the product button clicks. The latter will help you understand how many times have people clicked “purchase” on the product’s page.


Plenty of digital marketing strategies and methods involve the use of Instagram for promoting your business. Some of these methods have a more direct approach to potential customers, while others are passive.

We hope this article and the Key Ways Instagram Is Helping Businesses Gain Leads has been helpful. Each of them can help your business to gain more leads. For more details and information on how to achieve this, talk to professional digital marketers.


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