Planning To Build A Traffic Generation Course - Here Are A Few Things To Keep In Mind.

Planning To Build A Traffic Generation Course? Here Are A Few Things To Keep In Mind

Generating more leads and converting them into sales is perhaps the most popular topic of discussion amongst marketers. It is important to understand the significance of attracting the right audience and generating leads in order to fulfill the purpose of running a business. In this article we discuss Planning To Build A Traffic Generation Course? Here Are A Few Things To Keep In Mind.

Traffic generation in itself can often get a little tricky and twisted to understand. Educating fellow marketers and other business owners can surely be overwhelming. 

There are traffic generation tactics are now being scattered over the internet. Hence, it is important for you to offer your audience just the right information.  

While it’s true that designing an e-learning course is not rocket science today. However, it is still crucial to create a course that is interesting and engaging enough for learners to click and stay on your website. 

To help you with the same, here are a few things that you should have at your fingertips when creating an e-learning course. 

Things to keep in mind when building an e-learning course 

  • Use an LMS

The first thing that can really make a difference is the user experience. When learners have easy access to relevant and well-designed content, they often tend to stick to that course. 

This is where a learning management system aka LMS can do wonders. It is a cloud-based program that not only helps you to design and execute an e-learning course. It also helps users to track their performance and set the right course of action for themselves or their trainees. 

One such LMS is Mindflash. With grading scales as well as certifications as Mindflash LMS features, you can offer your learners with a relevant certification as and when they complete your course. Certifications can surely make your course seem more legit. 

  • Create a storyboard 

The storyboard is nothing short of your golden ticket. If you do not wish to get off track in the middle of your course construction, it is best to have an outline beforehand. 

If you are working with a team of people, a storyboard can make it easier for everyone to stay on the same page. It helps you create a traffic generation course more effectively. 

As discussed, traffic generation is a wide topic with countless branches rooting out. When you have an outline of your course, you can easily decide on which information is needed. It helps you ensure a proper sequence and avoid adding unnecessary slides to your course. 

  • Use characters and real-life scenarios 

For any content to be a success, it is important that the audience resonates with it. If your learners are not able to connect with what you are offering, your efforts can go in vain. 

Thus, you can consider using characters and realistic scenarios for your online training. With characters, it makes it easier for users to build an emotional connection and a story around that character. 

These characters will keep your learners engaged and allow you to present your content in a fun and creative way. 

  • Induce content chunking 

When a learner is using your course, the information that they consume will be directed towards their short-term memory space. The short-term capacity of humans is limited. Hence, using content chunking can turn out to be truly helpful. 

Content chunking is grouped together, breaking up material into bites or chunks of content that makes it easier to manage and to remember. This technique also makes storyboarding a cakewalk. 

Moreover, when you offer smaller pieces of information to your learner at a time, they won’t feel like you are jumping ahead. It will help in keeping them motivated and engaged. 


Creating a course is something that many can do. But creating a course that learners enjoy and connect with is something that only some can do.

If you wish to build a traffic generation course that fits the latter definition, ensure that you have an outline of your course beforehand.

Also, consider investing in an LMS to build a course that learners will find difficult to get away from. 

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