Generator Generator: The Random Graphic Design Challenge

In this article The Logo Creative spolights a design project – Generator: The Random Graphic Design Challenge

Do you feel like your in need of  sharpening your graphic design Skills? have you been stuck in what i call “the designers dip” as of late; maybe you have one of those long winded projects that’s just never ending and you have that feeling of “i just want this to be completed now and signed off? you may be either uninspired, or not motivated to start on new projects.
and need a fresh creative injection of something new and random to spend some hours on or keep your creative juices flowing!

Once a design exercise has been completed, you can send them a copy of your design work, you can also donate if you like and Buy Them a Beer!

Cool Side Projects to add To Your Portfolio

If you actually end up designing something really good that your proud of, there’s no reason at all why you can’t display this in your design portfolio.

Your design portfolio is all about showing potential clients what you are capable of, not just about how many ‘real’ clients you have worked will and designed for. So don’t ever be afraid to display a personal project from time to time.

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