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Brand New Name by Jeremey Miller

Brand New Name by Jeremy Miller

You need a name to start a business create a product launch campaigns or sharing ideas, everything literally everything has a Name. Brand New Name is a proven, step by step process to create an Unforgettable brand name.

This book will help you solve one of the biggest problems in marketing today…this book has brand naming solved. Let’s dive into Brand New Name by Jeremy Miller.

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A Sales Process For Advanced Freelancer

A Sales Process For Advanced Freelancer

Like any entrepreneur, advanced freelancers should be working on their business, as well as in it. The sales process is the first thing I worked on, and optimised, because of the importance of it. This guide will take you through finding leads, discussing the project and closing the deal. A sales process for advanced freelancer should take up at least 20% of your time during engagements. And 100% of your time in a dry spell.

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