Trust Funnel by Brian G. Johnson

Trust Funnel by Brian G. Johnson

Trust Funnel by Brian G. Johnson is a great book that you need to check out. Similar to Crush It! by Gary Vaynerchuk it’s one of those books that has assisted in helping me in putting myself out there online with social media and building an online presence.

I have followed Brian online for quite a while years before he wrote the book Trust Funnel which was released February 3rd, 2015 and when he announced that he was writing the book I knew it was one I had to pre-order. Read on for our book review of Trust Funnel by Brian G. Johnson.

Brian is a very interesting person and what you’re going to see when you look at him is?… Brian is… Well here’s a picture of him.

Trust Funnel by Brian G. Johnson

As you can see he’s got crazy hair and a crazy looking guy that’s what’s awesome about Brian he’s being himself he’s being authentic This is not a character he’s come up with in fact when he started online he tried to look all button-down just like everyone else while trying to sound all smooth and the look really did nothing for him.

It’s more than just looks Brian is a very successful Internet entrepreneur he’s been successful in a number of places, has a lot of Kindle books online and lots of physical products that he sold and affiliate marketing sites he made a tone of money from the whole shebang!

The main thing Brian is really well known for is the fact that he has helped literally hundreds of people become successful online through his coaching and what he’s done is he’s taken all of what he knows about being authentic online and using social media for how it’s supposed to be used which is being social and how to use that all to create traffic and send it to whatever it is you’re trying to sell by becoming more engaged with the people who follow you by being authentic and by building trust and that’s what the name is about Trust Funnel.

I’ve learned a lot of stuff just from what I’ve read in the book and that’s not including the hours of videos he has put out online but that’s a different story!

It is a very solid book that is well made and nice to hold. The pages are packed full of insightful knowledge, tips and tricks you can implement and this is the real deal here

I put what I learned in this book into practice a few years back and it is paying off. I think it will help anyone looking to grow their presence online. Just to make it clear this is not one of those books that promise you everything such as instantly get success online with these few pointers and methods, no it’s not that at all it takes time and dedication and above all hard work and commitment.

Trust Funnel is one part memoir, three parts “How-to” manual for anyone seeking the freedom to work when and where they want as they build an internet marketing business on a shoestring budget.

It examines how the web and online success revolve around trust and the acts of

  • Listening
  • Liking
  • Trusting
  • Buying

Trust can be found in many places online. It can be found among site visitors who decide to like a page or post. It can be found in another selfie that appears on someone’s social news feed. And it can be found in the complex algorithms that power Google rankings and various other social media platforms.

Gone are the days of links, google page ranks, and facebook’s edge ran. Today online currency that powers the web and online success is trust. In Trust Funnel Brian provides detailed formulas and rituals that enable anyone to leverage the exact same strategies, tactics, and philosophies that have allowed him to drive traffic, build trust and earn a comfortable living. It tells the story of his mind-boggling success and can be the springboard to yours.

I recommend this book to anyone so defiantly check out Trust Funnel by Brian G. Johnson

when people come up with a book everyone says this belongs on everyone’s bookshelf this does not belong on your bookshelf this belongs open in your hands being read and being used and you really should start using it now! Trust Funnel by Brian G. Johnson get it today.

Trust funnel by Brian G. Johnson

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