What is Timeless Graphic Design

What is Timeless Graphic Design?

Classic designs are designs that were used over the years, perhaps with slight modifications, and are still relevant today also known as a timeless design. How do you recognize a graphic design that has this kind of potential? In this article, we give you some guidelines so you can predict if any of your graphic designs have the potential to be timeless. Read on to find out What is Timeless Graphic Design?

Impact on people

A great factor to consider is the impact that the design has on end-users. After all, as a designer, you design for your client, but more specifically for the user of the website, application, print advertising, etc. Based on the opinions of people, it can be considered that a design has or has not been successful.

We know that we are facing a design that has the opportunity to be great or to be a new trend when it has a positive impact on people. The design community’s consideration of a particular style is also important. That is, you must take into account both the comments of the design community (and pay special attention to experts in the field) and the comments of the end-users. You should not forget either of the two in the equation, only by considering the opinions of these two groups can you determine if the design is good and has the chance to become a trend or be timeless.

Companies that employ that style

Public opinion can change over time, it all depends on a good marketing campaign. Even recognized brands know that they have to make use of marketing to position themselves and stay in people’s minds. And these strategies are constant so that the brand maintains its positioning.

The same can be said for design styles. None of them became famous overnight. They might have become popular at the time, but they remained popular because people continued to use those styles and perhaps adapted them a bit.

So, when you determine if a style has the potential to be timeless, you should consider what type of advertising is being done. In this particular case, it would be to verify which companies are using it and if those companies are recognized for their design. Using a certain design style is a way to advertise it and make it popular, especially if recognized companies use it.

Current trends

The trends are another issue that must be taken into account. Many of these trends have some kind of foundation and have gained popularity over time. We can see many examples in the world of web and app design. Take the flat style as an example which became popular due to its use in the iOS interface. It also has a lot to do with what Apple started to use, a giant that not only relates to technology but also to design. That is, the mere fact that it was used by Apple already gave some prestige to this design style.

However, the flat style not only looks good but serves a purpose: due to its features, it is more suitable for mobile interface designs. Apple knew when they started using it. They knew that mobile devices would be a great point to consider in web design and application development.

So, a trend that has a foundation in between, that is, has a use and a rationale in design that goes beyond the aesthetic. It should not only look good but also be used for a specific reason. These types of trends have room to evolve as technology advances.

Take into account both points of view

With the theme of trends comes another issue of importance. Often when a trend is established and begins to be popular, two sides can be distinguished within the design community: those who like and those who don’t. On the one hand, we have designers who see it as a good design and on the other hand, those who do not think it is right to use this trend.

Each side has its valid arguments and point of view, but ultimately it comes down to a matter of taste. However, it is important to hear both sides of the discussion because you can see the positive and negative points of each trend and based on that try to find a balance. Thanks to these debates we can notice the advantages and disadvantages of trends and find a way to solve these problems.

Research on a classic design

Classic design does not necessarily have to be boring. Inevitably, each generation of designers is influenced by past generations, so choosing current references will not allow you to learn or develop a “good eye” to detect trends that will last over time.

You don’t need to be an expert in design history, but you should have a basic knowledge of the background of a certain style. Knowing more about design in the past can help you increase your resources so that at the time of making a sketch, you already have all this assimilated knowledge and you can create different options based on the same concept.

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