Write a Successful Email for a Work Application

Write a Successful Email for a Work Application

Imagine that you have finally found a suitable vacancy for you with great working conditions. Now, you are thinking that the position is almost in your pocket, but that is not as easy as it seems to be at first glance. In this article we share some tips to Write a Successful Email for a Work Application.

Some people may think that everything required from them is to send a quick application email, and that is going to be it.

However, in reality, an application email – is your major tool to arouse the interest in your employer and prove to him that you are the appropriate candidate for this particular job position. Quite frequently, people are careless about the application letter.

The problem they face is that the employer would not even respond to the letter. To avoid this unpleasant issue, we have compiled a list of useful tips on how to write an application email that will increase the chances of getting the job.

Useful pieces of advice for an excellent application email

1. Come up with a detailed plan

It all starts with a well-developed plan for your application email. There is a misconception that writing takes a significant amount of time when it’s all about planning. With an aforethought plan, it is possible to cope with the writing process in less than half an hour.

Make sure to lay out all your weak and strong sides, necessarily mention why you are the one who has to take this position.

Also, do not try to show yourself as the perfect person without any downsides because recruiters do value honesty in their future employees.

2. Be Precise & Clear

It is important to understand that an application email is not an essay or poem, which you can buy on essay writing service, it can be useful for college or university. An application email is more of a CV that you can send over to the HR manager.

Consequently, keep your email precise and clear.

3. Use the Following Checklist

Here is a brief checklist of the things every application email should include:

  • Your name and surname
  • The position you want to apply for
  • How you found the vacancy (Internet resources, recommendations, social media)
  • The reason you decided to apply (why you are applying. For instance, you previously worked on the analogical job, etc.)
  • What you can offer the recruiter (why the company should choose exactly you);
  • Links to your social media profiles

4. It is all About Structure

A well-structured application letter significantly helps to beat the odds and take the get desired job.

This is the exemplary structure you should follow:

  • Subject line: “Application for Logistician – Michael Jefferson”

The subject line clarifies what position you are applying for, and having your name in it will help them find your email faster.

  • In the opening line of the application email, briefly introduce yourself and mention once more the vacancy you are writing about.
  • Next, continue with the main body of the email. Keep it short and include 2 to 3 major points and write about your advantages over other candidates.
  • Moreover, do not forget to thank the HR manager for the time spent reading your application email.
  • Wrap it up with something like: “Best Regards” or “Sincerely Yours”, etc., and add your name.

5. Don’t Use Slang

Keep in mind that the application letters should be written in a formal style. Slang and vague language would be absolutely inappropriate. Avoid opening lines such as “Hello, what’s up, etc.”

6. Keep Your Email Clean & Avoid Mistakes

Even though there are no professors to grade your email, it should be empty of mistakes. Pay attention to punctuation, grammar, and spelling, as illiterate writing will scare the recruiter off, and he will be less likely to accept you to the position. A competent essay writer with extensive experience can help you in this matter.

7. Don’t Bother the Recruiter Too Much

As a rule, HR managers daily get tons of application letters and CVs. Thus, do not worry if they do not answer you immediately. Avoid disturbing recruiters and do not spam them with your emails on a daily basis.

It may not be read yet. So do not start panicking, be confident in yourself, and let your stunning letter speak for yourself.

To sum up, use these tips and increase the chances of getting your dream job!

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