11 Video Creation Tools Designers Should Have

11 Video Creation Tools Designers Should Have

In this article we share 11 Video Creation Tools Designers Should Have.

There’s a lot of video work for designers these days as they have become an integral part of designing, especially when it comes to marketing. This is because landing pages with videos convert better and also videos generate more engagement on social media than text posts and images. 

If you want to generate some extra revenue as a designer, you should offer social media video creation and editing services. It will be a nice upsell. 

Video creation can seem like a complicated step, but it is actually pretty easy if you already understand designing principles. Another factor that will help you create better videos is using the right tools. This is why we have created a list of tools designers should obtain to offer the best services to clients. 

A Good Camera

Smartphone cameras have come a long way, but if you want to differentiate yourself from the videos that people are already putting out there, you should get yourself a top-quality video camera.

Make sure you invest as much as you can. On the lower end, you will have regular photo cameras that also take videos and on the higher end, you will have video cameras.

Regular cameras will do a better job than smartphones, but they won’t be as advanced as video cameras. So, make a list of features you require, and the services you want to offer clients, and then choose a camera that would suit your needs and budget 

A video Editor

There are so many different types of video editors and creators available right now. These include software like Screenflow and Camtasia that you can download on your computer to edit videos and online editors like Animoto that let you edit videos online. 

Tools like Animoto are also known as video makers as they let you create videos from scratch. You get access to libraries brimming with video clips, music, stock photos, and overlays that you can assemble with the video editor instead of recording any videos by yourself. These are better suited for people who are just starting out with video creation. 

The video editor you pick should mainly depend on your experience. If you are an experienced editor, you can get a very advanced tool like Adobe Audition. Otherwise, you can get a simpler one for now and slowly upgrade to something more sophisticated. 

Background Remover

A video editor usually has a background remover and even green screens built into it. But using it requires some level of expertise. If you lack this, you can simply use a video background remover.

These make it easy to remove video backgrounds. You simply upload the video and they will automatically remove the background for you. After that, you can add your own background.

A lot of these background removers are available for free online. So, you might want to do a lot of research to find the right one. 


If you don’t want to worry about replacing backgrounds, just keep a bunch of backgrounds at your design studio. These could be styrofoam boards or blankets of different colors. You can buy them in bulk for cheap online. 

Design Assets

Design assets aren’t exactly a tool, but you might want to keep them as they quicken the design process. You can create a folder on your computer or on online file storage like Dropbox and upload them there.

Design assets can include your logo, clipart, icons, and so many other things. You can make these assets yourself or purchase them from sites like Creative Market and DesignCuts.

Other assets that can help you design better videos are presets and templates. You can get many of these for free. These won’t just be useful for creating video content, but also for creating thumbnails for videos on networks like YouTube


Your camera will have a built-in mic. But if you want to record the best audio, you should get a separate microphone. The mic should not only record good audio, but it should also be very portable so you can carry it easily. Brands like Blue Yeti and Sennheiser make some of the best mics.


You probably won’t require headphones while recording the audio, but you will need them while editing. So, make sure you invest in a good pair. They should be noise-canceling headphones that you should be comfortable with, as editing can take up a lot of time. 


Natural lighting can do the job during the day, but you might also require a three-point light when you record at night time or in dark areas. You should also get a portable light that you can carry with you when traveling. 


A tripod will make it easy for you to record your videos when you’re alone. So, make sure you invest in a highly extendable and portable tripod. It will also help if it is light.

You can get tripods for very cheap these days, some of them are compatible with both cameras and smartphones. You could also look into getting a selfie stick if you plan to record some videos with a camera. 

Video Hosting

This isn’t exactly a necessity, as your clients will get their own hosting from companies like Vimeo and Wistia, but many of these hosting companies also offer agency packages where you can buy hosting for very cheap and offer it to them at a premium fee. You might want to offer this to clients who aren’t very technical. 

Make sure you choose the best host available if you want to offer this service, because how quickly the video loads will affect the conversion rate of your clients. 

Writing Tools

Writing isn’t exactly a part of video creation, but you will need to write video descriptions and text for thumbnails. This is why it is important to get an AI writing tool or at least a Grammar checker. Even if you have wonderful copywriting and content writing skills, these tools will still make your life easier. 

Now Start Making Some Quality Videos

These are some of the video tools that designers should have. They will help you create better videos for your clients. You can skip some of the tools that were discussed in this post, but remember that this will only mean that you will spend more time doing the work manually. So, if time is an issue get all the tools you need. 

Now go create some videos for your clients. 

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