7 Surefire ways to sell out your event

7 Surefire ways to sell out your event

In this article we share 7 Surefire ways to sell out your event.

If you are a business owner or an event organizer, selling your event will be your top priority. If your events are already sold well, you would like to sell faster. Whether you are selling a product or services or event, there are plenty of challenges in selling. For example, your marketing budget may be low or competition may be tough. However, there are plenty of ways using which you can boost the ticket sales for your event.

In this post, we will tell you some of the best-selling techniques to sell out your event in a short time. These techniques will show you how to get people spend money to attend your event.

Create FOMO

People love to do the things which they see others doing. While advertising your event through any medium, tell them how many people are attending your event and tell them if any big name or famous people are coming.  Moreover, instead of telling the benefits of coming, tell people what they will miss by not coming. Also, include positive testimonials from previous attendees in your advertisements and marketing materials.

Create Scarcity by Early Bird Pricing

Create scarcity to make sure all the tickets of your event tickets are sold within a given time frame. You can have regular as well as early bird pricing. Offer people an early bird discount for a short period of time. Tell them if they buy on a specific two days, they will get a 20 percent discount. A sense of urgency will encourage them to buy sooner, but make sure you don’t extend your discount period. After that, sell your tickets at regular prices.

Give Before You Take

It is important to provide to your potential attendees before you charge them for your event. Offer them some discount if they are attending your event for the first time. You can also provide gifts or some other benefit so that they can buy your tickets. The idea is to give people some free benefit to encourage them to attend your event or buy your products or services afterward.

Cultivate Authority

Always try to bring big names and senior people to your event. If they attend your event, they will bring more people with them due to their influence. Find such influencers related to your industry and make sure to provide them a good experience. Offer them VIP experience and flatter them with your hospitality. There are two types of influencers: senior people like CEOs and people who have a wide social network.

Promote the Location of Your Event

The location of your event also impacts people’s decision of attending it. People interested in your event also want to know about its location. Nobody wants to miss an opportunity to attend an interesting event to be organized in a beautiful and mesmerizing location. Tell about other attractions in the neighborhood of your event location. If you can offer some additional benefits like discounted tickets for those nearby attractions, it will definitely encourage people to attend your conference.

Use LinkedIn Promotions

LinkedIn is a great platform to find out people who may be interested to attend your conference. LinkedIn pages, events, and groups are a great way to contact professionals in your industry who might be interested in attending your event. At LinkedIn, you can target thousands of like-minded professionals in your industry.

Contests within Your Company

Don’t underestimate the giant network that is within the walls of your organization – your own employees. Ask your employees to promote your event to the customers and leads they deal with. You can also hold contests for ticket sales and offer prizes and gifts to those who make the highest sales. If possible, reward the entire team if they achieve the collective sales target.

Promote on Social Media

Use the paid advertising on social media to target the people in your industry. You can use targeted ads to advertise your event to people in your industry with direct links to the registration page. You can use Facebook ad campaigns or LinkedIn ad campaigns to promote your event to like-minded people. With millions of people using social media on their mobile phones, it is the best method to promote and sell your event and encourage people to register for it.

You could even think about using an app for the event, this way you can include relevant and updated information regarding the event that will update people in real time with notifications.

Leverage Event Sponsors

Ask your sponsors to promote your event because more the attendees at your event more will be the face time with people. Your sponsors may be busy but you can make the promotion easy for them by providing the required material such as email copy, discount codes, social media ads, and pamphlets. The more you make the promotion easier for your sponsors the more likely they will do it. Also, offer additional benefits to your sponsors to encourage them for promoting your event.

Sprinkle Call to Action

It’s good to advertise your event on the homepage of your company’s website. Moreover, your login page, your blog should display the banner mesh promoting your event. If you are planning a huge event, all the main pages of your company’s website should have links to your event page that contains registration form and necessary information of your event. You should publish all the essential and relevant information of your event on this page so that the attendees can read it.

Issue Different Types of Passes

It is better to issue different types of passes for your attendees as all the people may not have time to attend your full event. People like employees may not attend your full event due to lack of time and students may not afford the full cost of your tickets. So, it’s better to issue different types of passes to encourage and accommodate such people to attend your event.  You can offer student passes with discount and low-priced tickets for people who want to attend the event for the halftime.

Add Fun to Your Event

It’s better to add some fun to your event by organizing the small plays in-between conference. You can also organize a small dance party after the event. There are many ways you can add fun to your event as most people will decide to show up because of the fun part.  You can also tea, coffee, snacks and cold drinks in the break time in your event. Even professionals who have a busy lifestyle and work schedule, look for time to party and have fun to beat the stress.

Reward the Act of Promotion and Ticket Sales

It is a good idea to host contests and games in your network to promote your event and ticket sales. For example, during your webinars and social media promotions you can reward people with free tickets, who share your event ad or retweets about it highest number of times. Most people love a little competition and this will certainly lead to the free promotion of your event.

Reward the Attendees of Your Past Event

If you organize your event annually, you should announce it to your last year attendees first. Even if it is not an annual event, you should inform your past attendees about your present event as they are most likely to buy your tickets as they are familiar with the event. You can also offer them a loyalty discount or early bird discount to sign up early for the event.

Ask People to Write Blog Posts For Your Event

Your past attendees and people who registered early for your event can be your biggest supporters. Encourage them to write blog posts are they are the ones who are most interested and familiar with your event. Ask them to write good blog posts that can encourage the readers to know about and sign up for your event. Blog posts and third-party endorsements carry more weight than your own promotions. However, your team will need to review the blog posts before publishing them on your website to make sure they are the right posts to promote your event and drive ticket sales.

Join Hands with Local Organizations

Creating partnerships with local communities and nonprofit organizations helps you spread the news about your event and create trust in people. For startups and companies in their early phase, associating their brand with a large trusted name can improve people’s view of your company as well as your event.

Use an Online Vendor to Sell Tickets Online

It should be easy for people to buy the tickers to your event. Partner with an online vendor to sell the tickets. Online agencies take care of the delivery of tickets so that you can focus on the promotions of your event.

Moreover, when it is easy to buy tickets online it also results in increased sales. The alternative would be to use an events WordPress plugin and install it on your website.

Build Rapport

If people already trust your brand, they will register themselves without even asking for the details as they feel much rapport with your company. The meaning of building rapport is to build a connection with your audience and potential attendees. The decision to buy is much simpler when you purchase from someone you know better and have a good rapport. For example, when you think of buying any product you look for quality brands.

Sometimes even the grand events don’t sell out well. But if you follow these strategies, they can help you and your organization get closer to selling out as soon as possible. Moreover, these strategies will ensure that the news of your event is widely distributed which helps in generating more ticket sales.

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