7 Tips to Write Your Personal Brand Statement

7 Tips to Write Your Personal Brand Statement

Striking personal brand statement examples impress and stick to our memory. They ensure a simple way to strengthen your public image, superimpose your future partners, and even forward your professional activities on the right course. It is crucial to pay special attention to your online self-presentation. In this article, we give you 7 Tips to Write Your Personal Brand Statement.

7 Tips to Write Your Personal Brand Statement

Think about it: before inviting you for an interview, your future employers will definitely try to find your Facebook page, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. This is a quick and sound way to learn who you are. At this point, personal branding techniques enter the stage.

You might want to take control over your personal pages, clean them up, and make them look faultless. Another step is to include a strong personal branding statement to make these pages work for you to the fullest. Let’s discuss some efficient and simple ways to do so.

Mind your language

Make sure that your style is charismatic but not too imaginative. When writing a statement, you might be tempted to use playful language, especially if you are a young professional. However, you need to be careful at this point. It is not necessary to imagine yourself as a character of a fictional story or superhero movie.

If you want to use creative language and images to impress the audience, you need to think twice and be critical to yourself. While this might be pleasing for you, your potential partners might find it a bit weird. Don’t overplay!

  • Never say that you are “a ninja of social media marketing” or “copywriting superman.” Chances are that you are not one yet.
  • Avoid using sarcasm and tough self-irony. Some employers can take it in the wrong way.
  • Avoid memes and emoji. You can use them only if you are 100% assured that they are relevant and your target audience will meet them with approval.

Imagine that you are talking to a real person

Try not to make your personal branding too formal. It is much better to use a conversational tone, demonstrating your openness and readiness to cooperate. Be friendly and positive!

You should avoid over-complicated sentences, concepts, and technical language. Keep it straightforward and try to resonate with the audience instead of demonstrating your authority. Imagine that you are talking to a friend. You can even try reading the statement aloud to make sure that it sounds appealing and naturally.

Don’t use clichés

The word “personal” is key here. Your task is to reveal your personality, not to hide it at the back of clichéd phrases. Don’t describe yourself using such words as “results-oriented,” “active,” “positive,” and “organized.” You should avoid clichés because they say nothing about you.

Instead of including clichés in your statement, think about synonyms and unobvious traits of your character. Avoid overused phrases and go into more detail instead of being too broad. Ask yourself if the chosen word/phrase describes you or any other person. Your partners won’t remember any of clichéd phrases and as such – they won’t remember you.

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Make it flexible

Think about your personal statement as a changeable text. You will need it for various purposes, such as social media, email signature, and resume branding statement. All these mediums are different, and you should think about the way to adapt parts of your text to make them fit.

Don’t be a perfectionist here. You will come back to your statement over time to improve and bring it up to date. To make your future edits easier, you should break your entire piece into smaller parts. While you reinvent them, you improve the whole piece. Small parts of the text can be revisable and matching for different platforms and purposes.

Differentiate yourself

Look through a couple of the best personal websites. Then take a look at large brands as well. Pay special attention to the most competitive niches, like custom writing or design. Let’s take same day essay service or DesignCrowd. Both platforms work in a highly-competitive environment, so they have no other option but to differentiate themselves from others, using graphic elements and compelling texts.

Check the content people create, analyze it, and make yours different! Your research is not only a source of inspiration and ideas but also a guide. Review examples and think about ways to make yourself stand out of the crowd. When writing a statement, think about one crucial thing: can this piece describe anyone else but you?

If it can, then your piece lacks life and individuality. This makes you replaceable and unmemorable. As you can understand, such approach ruins the entire idea of writing a personal brand statement. Each person has unique traits that differentiate them from all the rest. Think about your life principles, values, and everything that makes you excited. How do these things describe you as a person?

You need to know what makes you unique and remember about that. This is something that encourages people to communicate and cooperate with you.

Don’t be shy to tell more about your worldview

Words that reveal your worldview connect with other people better than any professional achievements and well-thought self-descriptions. Make it sound in a way that it is not only about your personality, but something more significant.

Ideals, values, and beliefs make people connect on a deep level even if they don’t know each other. Think about things that inspire you and present them. You may start your personal brand statement with words that demonstrate your mindset. This would be a powerful starting point!

Add a call-to-action statement

You may want to show your eagerness to start cooperation right away. To do so, don’t forget to include a call-to-action sentence. In the competitive job market, people may choose an exaggerated tone to connect to customers or employers. However, you don’t need to be aggressive or desperate. The best option is to be tactful here.

Making your final words too persistent can spoil the whole picture. Just show that you are ready to work and don’t forget to leave your contact information.


The personal brand statement is all about revealing your individuality. Professional skills and experience are essential, but your unique worldview and values will show another part of you. This is precisely the part people will communicate on a personal level.

Show that you are an individual and use appropriate language to support this. Don’t include any overused phrases and broad statements because they won’t make your text appealing and memorable. And the last thing: don’t expect an immediate reaction. As a rule, employers need time to review several candidates before choosing one. They will come back to you later if you have managed to impress them. We hope these 7 Tips to Write Your Personal Brand Statement has been helpful, and be sure to leave your comments below.

So be creative, stay positive, and good luck!

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