Branded Merchandise - How These Items Help Your Brand

Branded Merchandise: How These Items Help Your Brand

Social media, search engine optimization (SEO), and email marketing often steal the conversation whenever branding is brought up. Physical marketing is not talked about as much, but its effectiveness is underrated. In this article we discuss Branded Merchandise: How These Items Help Your Brand.

You’ve probably seen people walking around with branded t-shirts, mugs, or even electronics. Well, this is physical marketing at its best, and you can implement it to strengthen your brand. But first, what does branded merchandise mean?

It refers to any product that bears your company’s name and logo. They are usually not part of your main products since their main purpose is to market the brand.

Many marketing professionals consider branded products a sure-fire way of luring potential customers. But how exactly do they help your brand? Let’s have a look! 

1. Reduces Your Advertisement Costs

One of the costly aspects in a business, especially a new one, is advertisement. If you have a new product, you might not get enough sales until you advertise it to the public.

However, posting on billboards or subscribing to social media ads can significantly affect your budget. Although you cannot do away with advertisement costs, you can implement strategies to reduce the amount of money channelled towards that direction. 

Branded merchandise offers you this avenue, and it could even be more effective. For instance, consider purchasing stock branded merchandise, which ranges from t-shirts, hoodies, gadgets, pens, and even kitchenware.

The advantage of this is that you might need less money compared billboards, but you’ll reach more people. Take for example a t-shirt—which can cost you a few dollars, but it can go a long way in advertising your brand.

In addition, you could choose to sell these products instead of giving them out for free, and the money can be reused in more advertisements. 

2. Increases Direct Sales

Merchandise driving growth through direct sales is one reason why you should try out this technique. The total sales per customer went up significantly.

As you might already know, most consumers are usually driven by emotions. Therefore, if they like your branded products when they see them, there is a very high chance of them getting attracted to your business.

If you encourage impulsive purchases, you’ll also be opening doors for up-selling and cross-selling. Up-selling is where one decides to buy the premium versions of their favourite products.

On the other hand, cross-selling involves buying other compatible products from a different department within the company. In the long run, the number of sales made within a given period of time will increase considerably.

3. Increases Brand Recognition 

This is, without a doubt, the main reason for employing branded products. Whether you’ve been in business for long or just starting up, building brand identity will always be key to the number of sales you make.

The more people you reach, the higher your chances of success. Branded merchandise can help you build your company’s image and attract more consumers.

A smart tactic is to pick items that are used daily, such as t-shirts and hoodies. 

Of course, the best way to make sure these products reach many people is to give them out as gifts. The recipient of this gift will be seeing your branded merchandise every day.

Their friends and families will get attracted to the same, and the network will gradually increase. At the end of the day, your brand will grow stronger due to an increased number of potential long-term clients.

4. Builds Loyalty 

One thing that you should work towards in a business is having loyal customers. Research shows that consumers are most likely to buy products from a new company if they receive free gifts.

Marketers use branded merchandise as gifts to strategically win customer loyalty. Those who take these gifts home often turn out to be attached to the brand. As such, they’ll go back and buy more of the same or upgrade to premium versions of these items.

But that’s not all—they also promote your brand through word-of-mouth. As such, they might bring one of their friends when making their next purchase. next purchase. 


Branding has become part of every company, and rightly so. For one, using such products ensures that the resources used on advertisements are reduced significantly.

Your company will also make more sales since more people can be reached every day. An advantage of branded merchandise over other advertisement techniques is the fact that it builds customer loyalty.

At the end of the campaign, you’ll not only have more customers, but also those who stick around for a very long time.

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