Effective Methods to Boost Your Brand Recognition

Effective Methods to Boost Your Brand Recognition

Branding is a beautiful process, one that marks the difference between a no-name business and a fairly recognized one. If you want to go big in business, branding is a must. In this article we discuss Effective Methods to Boost Your Brand Recognition.

I tend to “split” branding into four distinct categories:

Brand recognition = the consumer’s ability to identify and recognize a product/service from its specific values, mottos, advertisements, symbols, etc.) This is one of the most common marketing goals, one that’s understandably hard to achieve.

When you hear “I’m loving it” – what comes to your mind?

What about “Just Do It!”. Does it ring a bell?

Both McDonalds and Nike have successfully managed to boost their brand recognition across the entire world. Their products and services are now both popular and fairly expensive, especially because the competition is often coming up with better value propositions and prices.

However, that doesn’t matter – as long as their brand is recognized, people will not even bother trying other options.

In today’s post, I’m sharing 8 effective methods to boost your brand recognition and skyrocket your business performance. Grab a piece of paper and a pen, pay attention, and take action!

Aim for Branding, Not for Transactions

If you seek brand recognition, you should stop focusing on closing quick sales and start giving your best to leave better first impressions. For example, a transactional based marketing approach will ask people to buy something even if those people have never heard about the brand.

A branding-based marketing approach will create an initial rapport with the target audience, the purpose being to lay the foundations of a potentially long-lasting relationship.

In simpler words, instead of asking for people to buy your products, offer them something valuable for free. An eBook, an opportunity, a discount, an opportunity to get in touch, and so on. If you do that, the first impression you leave will positively impact your brand’s recognition.

Overdeliver on Quality

When you think of quality, try to include everything: your website, your products, services, customer support, advertisements, etc.

You should never sacrifice quality because you’re scared to invest. For example, I used to be a fresh entrepreneur a few years ago. One day, I decided to raise my brand’s quality standards and simply do much better.

The first part was the content, though I knew that my writing skills simply won’t be enough. Even so, I chose to write the content on my own, thinking that I’ll save my budget for “more important” things.

After two months of content development and almost no satisfying results, I decided to let a professional do it. I talked to a custom essay writing service and found a great writer (for my niche) that did more than I could have ever done in ten years. The results? Approximatively 75% traffic increase in a matter of one month.

This story is basic, though very common.  To sum it up: focus on improving quality and do not be afraid to risk and invest in it.

Showcase Your Brand’s Mission

People don’t usually remember businesses. They remember brands. A brand is not just a business – it is a symbol, a representation, and also a feeling.

To help your audience recognize your name, show them that you are worth remarking. That’s what remarkable brands do – they play with the person’s principles, attitudes, and feelings. The purpose is to align the brand’s principles and mission with the target audience’s mission, so a strong rapport can be made.

When that rapport/connection is made in a customer’s mind, that customer will always be able to recognize your name, logo, and offers.

Care About Your Customers

Care about them and then they’ll care about you. This is simpler than you can imagine. If you actually care about your target audience, wanting them to grow and progress in life, striving to assist them with their problems and needs, your brand recognition will suddenly start to grow.

When you show genuine interest in helping someone fix a problem, that person will almost always remain grateful.

You see, that gratefulness can manifest in many positive effects. A person you help can be a person who brings other people to your business helps to promote your brand, and remains loyal throughout time. Start caring about your customers in a genuine way and show them that as soon as possible!

Be Different

By different I’m not necessarily talking about original. You can try to be original, of course, but as a wise one said – “There’s nothing new under the sun”. My suggestion is, instead of being original, try to be unique.

That means – you can basically “steal” ideas from others as long as you don’t copy-paste them. The real trick is to add your own twists. You can gain inspiration from your competitor’s strategies, actions, content, and marketing ads.

Being different in business brings more advantages than disadvantages, but only as long as the quality of your products and offers are satisfying and above-average.

Leverage Influencers

Influencer marketing is somehow underrated for its amazing potential benefits. You can leverage “small” social influencers (5k-15k followers), whose page engagement can be much higher than of big influencers (15k-100k followers).

You can simply reach every influential blog, social media page, or individual who speaks to the same people you speak to.

The idea is to negotiate a fair price for their promotion services. Make sure you do your homework first and craft content that is targeted towards your influencer’s specific target audience. Again, I highly suggest you aim for quality!

Associate Your Brand with Charitable Causes

If your brand’s mission is to save the forests while producing eco-friendly products, your odds of becoming a highly recognized brand totally increase.

When people spend money on products, they often need to justify that spending or else they’ll feel irresponsible and they’ll put themselves down. That, or they won’t even buy in the first place.

If your brand offers them a “charitable justification”, they’ll immediately assess your brand, products, and services without staying in defensive mode. Their “need of contribution” will activate and they might simply make emotional buying decisions.

Be Everywhere

If you want to become a recognized brand, you need to plan a mass-marketing strategy. This is very simple. You need to define your marketing channels and decide the priority for the moment. For example:

  • Facebook marketing
  • Instagram marketing
  • SEO
  • Forum Marketing
  • Network marketing
  • Media buy (paid ads on niche blogs)

To improve your brand’s recognition, you must put your name in front of many people’s eyes. If a person interacts with your brand on Facebook through a news feed ad and then hears your YouTube advertisement, their subconscious mind will recognize the pattern and mark the pattern. The next time your brand is showcased, it will be even easier for them to recognize it properly.


Boosting your brand’s recognition is not easy and you probably know why. Nowadays, we’re experiencing the “era of entrepreneurship, a time when even homeless people can build digital empires and become millionaires.

We’re living in an era where the business marketplace and the competition worldwide is intense in every niche and industry. The only way you’ll be able to thrive and grow faster than your competitors is to boost your brand recognition and to stay consistent no matter what!

Author Bio
Michael Gorman is a math teacher and a freelance writer from who currently travels all across the world. While he was in college, Michael managed to become one of the most recognized British essay writers, winning all the possible essay contests in his final graduation year.