How Important is Branding in Advertising

The vast majority of people still don’t fully understand what branding is, they think it’s all visual elements such as a logo, business card letterhead design and it’s far more than that. In this article, we discuss How Important is Branding in Advertising?

Branding is far more than visual design elements branding gives your audience a clear sense of purpose, direction, and a credible and trustworthy voice they want to listen to. It’s impossible to drive brand awareness and consideration if people don’t know who is sending the message.

What is branding?

Branding is a process in which a strong and positive perception of an organization is created in the mind of the customers. This impression can be created in many ways, like in the form of a design, mission statement, theme, etc. But the prime among these is the “Logo”. A brand is mainly known by its logos that can be identified easily, these logos are seen even on roads in the form of BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Ferrari, Bugatti and many more. The logos of these brands speak their name, even from a distance.

Every company wants to become a customer’s first choice. To attain this milestone, building and managing a good brand can make it easy to happen. A brand is the one that creates a difference in you and your competitors. Your brand is the one that can build an emotional attachment with your customers. In short words, you are selling your brand to your customers and not your product.

How Important is Branding in Advertising?

Effective branding in advertising is the one that can generate “WOW” expressions from customers. To achieve this there are some factors that further explain the importance of branding.

  • Branding boost conversions: In the world of advertisement, brand plays a crucial role in increasing conversion rates. A reputed brand can easily persuade potential customers to purchase their products and services.

This can be further explained with the help of an example from the world of education, in which the value of the brand is used in educating potential customers. In this process, the brand is used in the form of a solution to the customer’s problem that directly influences the decision of the customer to go with the brand. Here content marketing strategy is used that not only reaches customers but also educates them. This usually ends with a sale.

  • Branding gives a definitive meaning: Today the world of business is overwhelmed with marketing. Wherever you go, you are exposed to advertisements through multiple channels. But one thing that lacks in all these advertisements is their meaning. When word marketing comes into play ii doesn’t mean to win a share of a customer’s wallet. It means to win their minds and hearts along with money.

No customer is impressed by the features and price of the product, but by meaning.  Marketing with meaning helps to add value to people’s life without dependency on purchase. This eventually becomes more valuable than the product itself.

  • Branding creates an emotional connection: Emotion is considered to be a powerful energy that plays a crucial role in molding decisions taken by a person. Emotions can influence one’s behavior and are responsible for how and when the decision is to be made.

These emotions also play an important role in choosing brands. For this reason, Brand work is helpful in identifying the target customers. Through this, a detailed persona of a customer can be prepared that helps in understanding exactly what the customer is looking for. Then a brand promise is crafted and content is created, which ultimately triggers an emotional connection between a customer and a brand.

  • Helps create Loyalty: Customer loyalty is the backbone of every business as it plays a crucial role in meeting the sales target of a company. A brand name can literally change the mind of a customer. Moreover, a brand work that includes defining a customer’s promise further inspires loyalty. Brand loyalty has less to do with price but acts as an important factor in how a customer perceives your brand.

This perception is based on the previous experiences of the customer with the brand. The better the experience of a customer, the better will be the reputation of the brand in the eyes of the customer, which ultimately leads to better sales.

  • Elevate advertising efforts: A good brand makes the jobs of marketing employees easier. A clear message and name of the company supports the efforts of the marketing team and aids them in drawing customers, on a tag of a company itself. This further helps in driving higher price points for a service or a product. One of the best examples, in this case, is of APPLE. The products and services offered by Apple are priced higher in comparison to its competitors. Still, it rules the market on the name of the brand alone.
  • Create Employee advocates: Whenever a customer attaches itself to the company by purchasing a product or services from the company, a customer wants to feel proud of using that brand. When such a feeling is generated in the mind of the customer, then a customer is converted into an employee of the company who works hard to spread a positive message. This positive message will be in the form of word-of-mouth recommendations to others.

Having in mind a clear brand and supporting messages, these newly generated employees will eagerly share content and become brand advocates which further benefits in boosting overall sales of the company.


Building a brand is not an easy task to perform, it requires a lot of effort, proper dedication and time along with constancy in purpose to deliver the best to customers. There are some key areas to consider a company name, website, slogan, logo, premises, products, and services. If all of these points are adequately taken care of the chances of building a solid brand increase.

In the world of advertisement, if this “solid brand” task is accomplished it generates a memorable impression in the mind of customers that helps to fetch more sales on day to day basis. Moreover, once the reputation of a brand is built in the market, it becomes difficult for competitors to beat it easily.

I hope you have enjoyed this article about How Important is Branding in Advertising? If you’re looking to learn more about Brand Strategy, we highly recommend Brand Master Secrets as it is a great course with a tone of value.

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